Self-discipline is the best kind to yourself

I went to a gold shop with my friends and was attracted by a shiny and chic platinum necklace, because I only tortured an expensive necklace on my birthday not long ago. I hesitated to buy this one. Seeing my hesitation, the saleswoman told me in a sweet voice: “People must be kind to themselves and be willing to spend money for themselves so as not to die.” With her encouragement, I couldn’t help trying it on for a while, the more The more I like it. Seeing this, the salesman immediately took out a bracelet and said that it was a special match with this necklace. I muttered, “Isn’t it too luxurious?” “It’s not extravagant at all, so be nice to yourself. Besides this pair of necklaces and bracelets are so well-designed, you wear them so beautifully …” The salesperson continued to stir the flames.

I think she said that my heart was gone, so she gritted her teeth and took out the card, and with a look of pride, she took the necklace and bracelet into her pocket. I went home and opened the jewelry box, and looked at the several necklaces lying quietly, and I regretted it for the first time-this is not the first time I overrun and “buy” things, and each time it seriously affects my previous spending plan. . There may be many people like me who are used to living under the banner of being kind to themselves and comforting themselves, but the fact is that intemperate “kindness” will only bring consumption and burden.

A few days ago my colleague had a birthday. After the dinner, we went to K song. It was only a few minutes before the sister of the colleague got up and left because he was going home to bed at 9:30. Seeing us a little surprised, my colleague said after sending away his sister, many years ago, his sister suffered from severe bronchitis, so severe that he could not work properly. Seeing a doctor, giving an injection, and taking medicine became his sister’s daily routine. Later, a doctor explicitly told his sister that the best way to cure this disease is to strengthen his physique, insist on proper exercise, and maintain a good lifestyle. When people reach middle age, it is not easy to change their daily routine, but the sister of a colleague did it: get up early, run early, go to bed early at night, also report to tennis class, play tennis three times a week, and never stop. Slowly, her body became tough, her face turned rosy, and the medicine jar was thrown away. It has now been 9 years, and going to bed early and getting up early and exercising has become a normal part of her life. A colleague once advised her not to be so harsh on herself, but got the reply: “Self-discipline brings me health and gives me the ability to control my life. This is the best kind to me.”

Yes, being kind does not mean indulgence. Indulgence in yourself may lead to momentary happiness, but craving for superficial, superficial pleasures often loses more. To be kind to yourself is to learn to temper yourself, support yourself, and then achieve your goals. If we exercise self-discipline, we can go a longer way. Don’t use “treat yourself” as an excuse for condoning pleasure. If you want to lose weight, you have to control your mouth; if you want to get rich, you have to manage your money; if you want to succeed, you have to keep your original intention. Learning to discipline yourself is the best way to treat yourself.

With new crown pneumonia becoming a global epidemic, dozens of senior officials in many countries have also recruited. Iran ’s Vice President, the French Minister of Culture, the British Deputy Minister of Health, the Australian Minister of Home Affairs … the list of officials diagnosed has continued to grow. So far, at least 31 foreign dignitaries have been diagnosed, of which 5 have died. On the 12th, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife was diagnosed, and the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office said that Trudeau was currently segregating himself. Some Brazilian media said on the 13th that Brazilian President Bossonaro’s first nucleic acid test result was positive, but Bosonaro immediately rumored on social media that the test result was negative. The Associated Press said on the 13th that while the new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted the daily lives of the people, it also directly penetrated into the “center of power” of the world.

Senior political officials open home office model

According to the CNN reported on the 12th, dozens of government officials or heads of state around the world have taken preventive measures after being infected or in close contact with the infected people, and more and more senior officials in the political arena are working from home. . The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office said on the 12th that “Trudo will look at documents at home, answer work calls, and hold video work conferences.” In addition, nine U.S. congressmen are now in self-isolation, and they have previously been in contact with a person infected with the new crown virus. These lawmakers have met with US President Trump a few days ago.

At the same time, according to Rio de Janeiro’s “ODia” newspaper on the 13th, the first test result of Bosonaro New Coronavirus was positive, and the second test result is currently waiting. But this claim was denied by Bosonaro. However, Bosonaro cancelled his trip to Rio Grande do Norte on the morning of the 13th. The previous day, the head of the Social Communication Secretariat of the Presidential Palace, who accompanied Bosonaro to visit the United States, was confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus and is currently being quarantined at home. During his visit to the United States, Varkinga Kato had dinner with Trump. The Wall Street Journal said on the 13th that White House press secretary Grisham said Trump had little interaction with the Brazilian official and therefore did not need to be tested. But CNN quoted sources as saying Trump was actually worried about being infected by the new crown virus infection.

Senior European officials across the Americas have not been spared. Spain is the worst country in Europe after Italy, France, and Germany. After the Spanish Minister of Equality, Irena Montero, was confirmed on the 12th, all cabinet members and members of the royal family were tested. The results showed that Carolina San Sebastian, Spain’s Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Functions, confirmed infection with the new crown virus and became Spain’s second confirmed cabinet member. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said Spain is facing an unprecedented health crisis. At the same time, several members of the House of Representatives of the Spanish political party “Voice Party” also tested positive for the new crown virus. Fortunately, members of the Spanish royal family tested on the 13th that no one was infected with the new crown virus.

In the United Kingdom, Deputy Secretary of Health Doris has confirmed infection with the new crown virus. Prime Minister Johnson met with her before her diagnosis, but said he would not be tested. At the same time, a French MP, the Governor of Oise and the Minister of Culture were also diagnosed. CNN said that outsiders even doubt whether the French parliament can resume the meeting on the 23rd of this month.

Australia’s first senior official confirmed

On the 13th, senior officials in Australian politics far from the epidemic center of the world confirmed for the first time that they were infected with the new crown virus. According to the Australian newspaper, the Australian Home Office Darton said on the 13th that he felt painful and dry after getting up in the morning, and immediately notified the Queensland Hospital to conduct a test for him. As a result, the result of the nucleic acid test was positive. Dutton has been admitted to the hospital. treatment. He was the first Australian minister and federal politician to be diagnosed. Australian Prime Minister Morrison said he has received medical advice and he does not need to self-isolate or test for coronavirus because only close contacts within 24 hours before symptoms appear need to worry. But Agence France-Presse said on the 13th that New Zealand’s Home Secretary Martin, who had been in close contact with Dutton, has self-isolated and will undergo nucleic acid testing on the 14th.

More officials will deal with the virus

The Iranian government was severely affected by the new crown virus this time. In the Iranian cabinet, two vice presidents and three ministers were infected with the new crown virus. An adviser to the Iranian parliamentary speaker and an adviser to Supreme Leader Khamenei even died. Beginning this week’s cabinet meeting, all Iranian cabinet officials have put on masks. According to Iranian media, the high number of high-level infections in the Iranian government is partly because the Iranian government has been advertising that the new crown virus is lighter than the flu and does not need to wear a mask when the outbreak began, which has led many officials to take precautions when participating in the event. On the other hand, following the outbreak of the new crown in China, Iranian officials did not consider the virus to be transmitted abroad, so they did not take it seriously. After Iran’s first confirmed case of a new coronavirus was diagnosed, Iran also held parliamentary elections, and officials actively voted to cause infection. According to the Iranian Student News Agency on the 12th, Welayati, another consultant of Khamenei, has been diagnosed and is currently being isolated at his home in Tehran.

CNN analysis states that busy politicians are not always able to distance themselves from contacts. During the crisis, they need to shake hands with many people and even visit hospitals contaminated by the virus. It is foreseeable that as the epidemic spreads globally, more officials will deal with the virus. Cui Hongjian, director of the European Research Institute of the China Academy of International Studies, told the Global Times that the political culture of Europe and the United States is that there must be no distance between officials and the public, so they need to deliberately create an atmosphere of zero distance from the public. Objectively, the risk of infection is high. ; Another aspect is the problem of wearing masks. There are many complicated factors in Europe and the United States that do not allow wearing masks. In fact, European and American laws require that masks should not be worn in public places as much as possible. Moreover, wearing masks for the entire population requires amendments, so it is difficult for the government to say. It is recommended to wear masks for all people. In addition, masks involve the issue of medical supplies. The current strategy of Europe and the United States is to find a balance. If the people wear masks, they will panic, and everyone will flood into the hospital to test, causing cross infection.

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