Returning Father

Dad really ran away from home. First, I booked a train ticket back to my hometown, and packed up all my clothes. Mom hugged my daughter, Chan Chan, and ran with him from this house to that house. She almost pleaded, “What are you going to do with Huihui?”

“What should I do about love? After I was so busy and exhausted, she picked up and chooses. Does she treat me as my dad?” The angry dad couldn’t listen to any advice.

Maybe something was felt, and Chan Chan, who was under the age of one, started to cry. Dad stretched out his hands and squeezed Chan Chan’s face, and said, “Can Chan, Grandpa can’t hug you every day, Grandpa is going to return to his home.” Then he went out without looking back.

In this way, Dad was alone on the train from Beijing to Harbin while I was at work.

The cause of our quarrel is simple. When I came home from work that day, I found Chan Chan had a small rash around her mouth, and asked what was going on. Mom flashed her words, and Dad talked about him.

At night when I was packing up garbage, I found that a piece of kiwi peel was lying in a garbage bag, and I saw it with a spoon and thrown it away after eating. Prior to this, I emphasized to my parents more than once that Chan Chan was only 9 months old, and that complementary foods could not be fed at will, and were prone to allergies. Why do they take my word for it?

I tried to ask my parents in a calm tone, “Did you give Cancan a kiwi?” The parents first glanced, then looked at each other, acquiesced. “Fruited fruits are prone to allergies. You can see that Chan Chan’s mouth is like this.” Because of distressing my daughter, my voice increased unconsciously.

The silent dad suddenly lost his temper: “This is Chanchan, and we are also distressed. From her beginning, we have red spots. We wash her around the mouth with warm water every hour, just because you are afraid to come back and count us. Bring a child No, that wo n’t work either, we wo n’t work again, or we will make you bigger … ”

Every time he argues with Dad, he scares me with “Back to Home”. But in Beijing, he had no relatives except me, walking around the community at most. I didn’t expect that this time he moved the real thing and really returned to his hometown.

The night my dad left, my mom asked me, “Have you thought about why your dad was so angry?” I froze. If it weren’t for the mother’s question, I would never have considered the cause of their unhappiness.

Ever since I was pregnant, my parents have come to Beijing to take care of me from Harbin. They have changed their styles and prepared for me. They have endured leg pains to accompany me on a walk, and endured my bad temper during pregnancy and after giving birth. Mom said that after arguing with me, they closed the door and discussed why I was so angry, whether I was tired with my children at night, if I had any troubles in the company, or if I was unhappy with my husband.

At noon the day before yesterday, my parents took Chan Chan out of Wanwaner and saw that the fruit shop had newly imported kiwi. Although it cost 68 yuan per catty, my dad bought a few. At that time he told Chan Chan cheerfully: “Can’t lose the mouth of my granddaughter!”

I can’t imagine how they would be willing to buy such expensive fruits for Chanchan, which is an expression of their love.

It’s true that I don’t let my daughter eat allergy-prone things, and my dad wants to give Chanchan the best. It’s the way we communicate. In front of the closest ones, we tend to be brazen, knowing that they will never really care about it. Just like when Dad was leaving, he did not forget to boil the big bone soup in the refrigerator, and told his mother to remember to drink it, saying that I was weak after giving birth and needed calcium.

Without Dad, the family suddenly messed up. For dinner, my husband and I have to go home from work to do it again, because mom is so tired with Chanchan; when I get up in the morning, there is no soy milk and rice cereal that Dad made for us; the toys in the house are scattered on the ground. Dad is absent, and Mom has no time to take care of the health situation … My life has become a place of feathers.

Picking up the phone, I wanted to text my dad for mercy, but edited and deleted it several times. I want to call my dad to say sorry, but feel too blunt.

While having lunch at the company one day, I told my colleague about the family. A colleague asked me: “Have you noticed that if we were at home with our parents, we would be fine with them no matter how they are; and once our parents live with us, they will become sensitive and suspicious, and if they have a little dispute, they feel like they are leaving the fence and suffering. Grievance. ”

That’s the truth. When I first got married, I went back to my mother-in-law’s house with my husband. Didn’t I care for a long time because my mother-in-law said “Clean up your clothes and remember to put them on, or the house is too messy?” Parents have said more than once that they just stayed at their daughter-in-law’s house temporarily, and when Chan Chan went to kindergarten, they returned to their home. If this kind of “owner” and “offence” psychology is not considered properly, problems will indeed arise.

Colleagues said: “If you want to live in peace with the elderly, you must remember the four words’ rare confusion. Don’t fight harder than a matter of principle. Think of each other from the perspective of each other. Don’t think this is your home, everything should be heard. Yours. “The words awakened the dreamer. After setting my mind, I plan to go back at night and formally apologize to my dad.

I went home a little earlier than usual that day, and when I got home, I saw Mom holding Chan Chan and her dad. Dad held a princess dress in her hand and said to Chan Chan, “Can Chan, do you want grandpa? Look at the new skirt that grandpa bought for you. Is it good? Chancan must be obedient. Your mother is tired at work during the day, don’t Add chaos to her. If you dare to bully my girl-in-law, my uncle will spank … “Instantly, my eyes were red.

I ran to the screen, and before his voice came out, tears came down: “Dad, you’re not here, I’m almost exhausted …” As soon as I saw me crying, my father was anxious: “Silly girl, what are you crying, How old are they, just like kids. I’ll buy a ticket to go back next week, and I’ll bring you a big box of red sausage at that time, okay? ”

A war ended so sweetly.

When I received my dad at the train station, my dad was in a very good mood and talked a lot. He was crying about how unhappy he was in Harbin. Sometimes when he heard the child crying while playing cards, he also felt that Chan Chan missed him …

Back at home, Cancan saw Grandpa open arms and begging. Dad hugged her with one hand and took things out of the big bag with one hand. I noticed that he brought in his passbook and real estate certificate this time. As he packed, he said to Chan Chan: “Chan Chan, grandpa gave flowers and dogs to grandpa next door. Harbin never thought of grandpa again.”

In this case, Dad deliberately told me. The lush balcony and a Pomeranian dog were the lifeblood of Dad. In the words of my mother, I was a dad ’s spiritual sustenance before going to college. After college, flowers and dogs were my dad ’s spiritual sustenance. And now, this trust has become Chan Chan. Dad is giving me peace of mind in this way: He has taken care of everything at home, and never has to worry about him leaving.

Before Dad came back, I had packed up the balcony. “Dad, I’ll leave it to you to raise flowers on the balcony in the future. Chan and I both like to see …” Dad’s eyes lighted up at once-letting the parents’ hobby continue, is also a way of expressing our love.

Dad ignored the fatigue of long-distance running, cleaned the house inside and out, and stewed the lotus root rib soup I loved. The family has resumed the excitement of the past, and this time, I feel an unprecedented happiness.

In the middle of the night, I got up and went to the bathroom. I used to think that my parents who had been tired for a day fell asleep, but heard them chatting when they passed the door of their bedroom. Only then did I know why my father decided to “lay” on me and never go back.

In fact, my parents haven’t regarded my home as their own, but just want to take advantage of my toughness and help me as much as I can. Even if they grow old and can’t do anything, they don’t want to drag us down.

But this time when he went back, Dad happened to meet his neighbor, Uncle Meng, and died of a sudden cerebral infarction. Uncle Meng’s daughter settled in Nanjing. She had long since moved her father to live with her, but Uncle Meng did not want to burden her daughter and insisted on living by herself. As a result, his daughter quickly hurried and did not see her father’s last side. Looking at the father who was separated by yin and yang, Uncle Meng’s daughter fainted several times …

Dad told mom: “I haven’t worried about anything before, but when I saw Lao Meng’s grief, I suddenly realized I had to think about my maid. If I suddenly disappeared over there, she would be so sad, she I feel like I haven’t been filial piety, and I will be immersed in sorrow for a long time. If I disappeared by her, at least I won’t leave any regrets for her … ”

I burst into tears. I know that parents are all planning for their children, but even if they have not thought about it at the end of their lives, they still think of their children. Originally, I was going to be Chan Chan bigger and raise a dog for Dad, but at that moment I decided to return Dad’s dog to him.

The next day, I called Uncle Sun to explain the situation, asked the dog back, and asked Harbin’s classmates to go to the airport to check the animals.

That day, when I showed up at home with my dog, my dad hugged the dog and said to me in a blameful tone: “It will cost hundreds of dollars to check it back. It’s a blind sum!” I heard Dad’s surprise and satisfaction in the sentence.

I finally understand that love is compromise and understanding is giving and gaining. As a wife and mother, I am about to take on the responsibility of supporting the elderly. But as long as there is love, everything will be simple. Just like me, with a dog on a balcony, I reap the peace and happiness of my parents.

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