Report to the boss, your needs are unreliable

The boss is the most wonderful creature in the world. The “feed” that he gives us to live, often tortures us. They naturally have a characteristic that they extend their tentacles to every corner where they may have a chance, and then decide whether to eat the opportunity with one bite.

If you have a boss who loves thinking, then you often receive various inquiries from the boss, such as “Juvenile, artificial intelligence is hot recently, can we integrate this technology into current products, next week Give results? ”

Even if the boss is Bill Gates second and Steve Jobs reborn, it will often create some difficult situations. Just search online for “what to do if the boss’s needs are unreliable”, and we can find that there are more than hundreds of thousands of records sharing similar experiences with us.

As a conscientious and sunny employee, how should we face the unreliable needs of the boss? Please see “Five Ways to Respond to Boss’ Unreliable Needs” for details.

Jiuyin Zhenjing: Fully communicate and clarify ideas
The martial arts of Jiuyin Zhenjing are profound and powerful. All the principles of superior martial arts can hardly be separated from the content of Jiuyin Zhenjing. It can be said that it is the encyclopedia of martial arts, and even the highest state of martial arts.

No matter what kind of needs we are dealing with, we need to look retrospectively to understand its origin. In response to the boss’s unreliable needs, the same can be done. When we first heard the boss’s unreliable call, we should first calm down some kind of impulse in our hearts and ask the boss what he wanted to do.

For example, the boss said, “Xiao Cai, we will add five more dishes and one soup for lunch tomorrow.” You need to ask the reason: “Report the boss, eating so well, won’t you be going to fire me and host a farewell dinner for me? “The boss will tell you the truth immediately:” Nonsense, there will be a master of light coming tomorrow, you have to eat better. ”

The boss is the boss because he has a higher level of observation. Employees may observe work more from their own perspective and from the perspective of users, while bosses often think from the perspective of the entire company and business. But the boss may not be familiar enough with the specific business operations, and the solutions provided are often not well thought out. After clarifying the specific needs of the boss, how to implement it more properly, we need to give play to our own advantages: “Report to the boss, I understand what you mean, the master of a lamp is a monk, we need to be prepared to entertain Suezhai He, right? ”

Yu Nu Su Xin Jian: Provide a reference and guide step by step
The Jade Girl’s Heart Sword Technique was created by Lin Chaoying, the ancestor of the Tomb School. This sword technique requires men to use the true sword technique, and women to use the jade sword technique. The two sides of the joint training and mutual guidance will eventually achieve the same goal.

For simple requirements, we can quickly dig into the deep meaning behind it. But sometimes there are situations where the boss makes judgments based on intuition but can’t speak clear logic, which is a greater challenge for the executive. It’s easy to make mistakes, and it’s even more wrong not to do them.

At this time, the direction of breaking the question is not clear, we need to switch the response method, and gradually clear the problem with the boss. For example, we can follow the boss’s ideas and provide some reference materials in batches, including related data, cases, and samples, while keeping costs under control. In the process of reviewing the materials, the boss is likely to automatically find that the original judgment is wrong. When we provide materials, we should always ask the boss to encourage the boss to return from the solution to the problem itself, and make the boss aware of the problem. The worst result is that this time can calm the boss and avoid impulse decisions.

It is also possible that, in certain points of view, it is difficult for you and the boss to agree. At this time, communicating with a colleague and boss who agree with you often can get wonderful results. Different people will have different persuasive powers due to different expressions, knowledge structures, and life experiences. It may be easier for him to find the boss’s pain point and persuade him at this stage.

For example, if the boss has a technical background and is confident in technical judgment, when you as a non-technical person tell the boss that there is a problem with the technical feasibility of the project, you can only be rejected. The correct solution is to find the person in charge of R & D and go to the boss to talk about the situation that the project may encounter.

Receiving flowers: Seize the key points, distinguish between primary and secondary
Moving flowers and receiving trees is the most profound and magical method of moving flowers. This amazing mysterious martial art is a method of “making use of softening the roots” and “post-manipulation.” When you reach Dacheng, you can freely shift the attack position of others after you have figured out the direction of the opponent’s force. Before the opponent’s true strength is fully used, you can seize the opportunity and dial back the opponent’s strength.

After performing the first two exercises, we may find the rationality of the boss’s needs, but less people and more is the normal operation of the enterprise. It is difficult for the team to satisfy the boss’s aggressiveness in every aspect, and it is necessary to re-evaluate the needs at this time. In the final analysis, all needs are ultimately for the business, and the boss must also hope to grasp the most important points of the company’s growth.

At this time, we need to present all the important matters in our hands to the boss one by one, and find the parts that the boss is most concerned about, including user growth, income growth, user activity, retention rate, cost control, etc., and let the boss support us to do more important To avoid consuming energy in unreliable needs.

For example, if the boss finds you one day and says, “Xiao Cai, I recently saw a new concept. Can I do a survey next week?”

You do n’t have to reject it directly, just say, “Report to the boss, we ’ve experienced a sharp decline in income recently. Do you think you can analyze the reason for the decline in income first?” The boss is bound to be sober: “Okay, ensuring income is critical, concept research Put aside first. You work hard tonight, and we will check the income tomorrow morning. ”

Seven Injury Boxing: Facts to Talk, Avoid Stalemate
Those who have mastered the Seven-Injury Boxing can simultaneously send out different strengths, either stiff or feminine, to damage the enemy’s dirty organs, their fists are complex, their throughput is flashing, they are changeable, and their power is amazing. It should be noted that if the “Seven Injuries Boxing” is used by a person whose internal strength has not been perfected, it will cause great harm to himself and hurt others.

Sometimes obsession goes beyond ordinary logic, and neither you nor your boss can persuade each other. At this time, it is recommended to put away the tug of war in all languages ​​and speak with facts.

According to the clear and feasible direction of communication after the in-depth communication with the boss, get things done as soon as possible and see how the actual situation is. With the smallest viable product, let users do the actual inspection. Practical operations are bound to consume energy, especially for controversial needs, and need to control trial and error costs to avoid placing an excessive burden on the team.

Changeable: recognize yourself and stay away from your boss

This is an effort to beat the undefeated opponent and will not be defeated by the opponent. The first layer is “foot oiling”, the second layer is “gecko climbing wall”, and the third layer is “mud drilling hole”. After training, he is as slippery as any muddy, and no master can grasp it.

If in the communication between you and your boss, you can only verify the correctness of your opinions through facts, then it may be better to forget about the rivers and lakes. Because you have fundamental differences in communication modes, thinking modes, and behavior modes, it is difficult to reach a tacit cooperation. If it is always you that is wrong, please insist on the three provinces daily; if it is always the boss, please choose a tree and live in time.

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