Not a joke

A medical professor gave a lecture to an intern: “In order to make a more accurate judgment, you must understand the patient’s genetic medical history.” The next day, an intern asked a patient who had just been sent in: “How did your leg hurt? “The patient replied:” The car hit. “Intern:” Have your father or grandfather been hit by a car? ”

When the teacher asked a question, “Every call came out, and I still hugged the pipa half-covered.” When I was sleeping, I was named: “Wake up the dreamer.” When cheating on the exam: “Don’t dare to speak loudly, I am afraid of heaven. “When the transcript was issued:” Who cries the most in the seat? Jiangzhou Sima Qing shirt is wet. ”

There is a professor who teaches efficiency lessons and advises students not to apply the theory they have learned at home whenever they finish the lesson. The student was curious and couldn’t help asking what was happening. The professor hesitated again and again for the reason: “My wife used to spend 22 minutes every morning making breakfast. I told her that it was not efficient to do that … So, now It only takes me 6 minutes to make breakfast every morning. ”

My classmate is a basketball fan, and the cafeteria TV is showing an NBA basketball game. When I made soup, I accidentally spilled hot soup on my classmates. I quickly asked, “Is it okay?” The classmate stared at the TV and mumbled to himself: “It’s okay, I should win.”

At one time in a Chinese class, the teacher put out a topic “Remember the most difficult thing to do” and asked the students to write essays. Half an hour passed, many students were almost finished, but Xiao Wang didn’t even write a word. The teacher walked over and asked him why he didn’t move his pen. Xiao Wang frowned and said, “Teacher, composition is the most difficult thing for me.”

The professor is a kind and humorous old man. There is a tall and strong sports student in the class. Every time when the professor’s voice is heard in class, the sports student starts to sleep until he wakes up on time. One day the sports student was late, the professor kindly said to him, “Classmate, please don’t be late in the future, this will affect your normal sleep.”

In the Chinese class, the teacher asked: “In ancient times, what were my ways of calling me?” The classmates answered: “My, Yu.” Xiaoming shouted, “Widowed, oh!” The teacher ignored him and asked “What else?” Xiaoming shouted again, “Old man, poor monk, poor road …” The class was already smiling.

The student wrote in the composition: “For the rise of the Chinese nation, countless revolutionary martyrs tossed their donkeys and shed blood …” The teacher commented: “Although the words are wrong, congratulations, the quantifier is used correctly.”

Before the CET-6, Ajie was hoping for a good sign. He planned to eat a fried dough stick and two eggs for breakfast, hoping to get 100 points. Who knew that one egg was double-yellow. After thinking about it, he thought twice and ended up eating only that double-yellow egg. After the results were announced, Ajie shouted, “True!” Everyone saw: 18 points.

In a college basketball game, the previous championship history team and computer department team reached the final. Before the game, posters were posted to help prestige. The poster of the Department of History reads: “History proves that history is amazingly similar!” The poster of the Department of Computer reads: “Public opinion recognizes that computers will rewrite history.”

Geography teacher: “I found that there is a female classmate in our class. No matter what I say, she is watching all of this with a Martian attitude. Note that what I am talking about is the knowledge of the solar system. Pay attention! ”

A law student never listened in class. One professor asked him, “Please list ten basic rights of citizens.” The student did not answer. The professor reluctantly said, “You always know one, right?” The student replied, “Citizens have the right to remain silent …”

Looking at the words on the English paper is like seeing distant relatives who have been visiting the door for the past few years.

At the parent meeting, the teacher introduced his son’s learning situation to a father: “He copied Wang Hong, Liu Chang, and Zhang Lei this semester. As a child’s parent, you should take good care of it.” Parents: ” His grades all surpassed the class leader Wang Hong. What do I care about? “Teacher:” I said he copied other homework! ”

One day, the class teacher asked the kindergarten children, “Who have studied math?” Xiaoming raised his hand high. The teacher asked him: “What’s behind 3?” Xiaoming replied: “Yes 4.” Then the teacher asked: “What’s behind 9?” Xiaoming said, “It’s 10.” The teacher praised it and asked : “What’s behind 10?” Xiao Ming shouted, “It’s’ J!”

In English class, the teacher is teaching singular and plural. Teacher: “Xiao Le, do you know the singular and plural?” Xiao Le: “Yes,” the teacher: “Then tell me, ‘Is the English for singular singular or plural?’ The legs are plural. “

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