Look of love

In the park, grandpa and grandma walk on the trail. The two walked back and forth, about a step apart. The grandpa didn’t know what to say. The grandma seemed to be angry. She glared at the grandpa and walked forward. The old grandfather hurriedly chased after him. As a result, the pace of both people became very unstable, like two clumsy penguins chasing each other. Suddenly, the grandpa didn’t step on one step, took a nap, and almost fell. When he made a subconscious “Ouch” sound, the grandmother stopped and turned around, supporting the grandpa with one hand. The whole movement was done in one go without any hesitation, as if always preparing. Looking at the grandmother’s nervous appearance, the grandfather busily smiled and said, “It’s okay.” Then he held the grandmother’s hand. The grandmother tried to pull out, and the grandfather tightened tighter. The grandmother turned her head and turned away, but she no longer tried to pull out her hand, but let the grandfather hold hands, and the two continued to move forward slowly.

In the community garden, Grandma Li was feeding Uncle Li in a wheelchair. Uncle Li had a stroke some time ago and is still recovering. His mouth is a bit crooked and his hands are not under control. Although it was inconvenient to move, Uncle Li was so busy in the room that Grandma Li pushed the wheelchair to accompany Uncle Li down to relax. After a circle, Grandpa Li was hungry, and Grandma Li bought a bowl of crickets to feed him. Grandma Li scooped up a spoon with a spoon, carefully placed it on her mouth, and blew it a few times before feeding it to Uncle Li. Uncle Li suspected that Grandma Li was feeding slowly, and murmured in a vague manner: “Hurry up.” Anxious, Grandma Li said angrily, “Let’s eat it yourself.” Seeing Grandma Li angry, Li Uncle had to accompany the smiley face. However, having said that, Grandma Li’s movements on the hand did not stop, but she speeded up a few times. Uncle Li ate so much that Grandma Li’s face showed an imperceptible smile.

Leaves on both sides of the path covered with ginkgo trees are covered with fallen leaves. Many tourists gather here, or lie down or lie on the leaves to take pictures. Among the many young lovers, an old couple with white hair is particularly prominent. The grandma bent tremblingly and held up a handful of ginkgo leaves, and said to the grandfather, “When I drop ginkgo biloba leaves, you can shoot quickly!” The grandfather nodded obediently. After the picture was taken, the grandmother asked “how”, and reached out and took the grandfather’s mobile phone. It can be seen that the grandmother was very satisfied with the photo just taken and smiled very satisfied. The grandfather frowned, and shook his head again and again and said, “No, no, the leaves are blocking you.” The grandma laughed that the grandpa didn’t understand what artistic conception was, but unconsciously held the hand of the grandpa.

Many things can’t stand the test of time. Therefore, it is even more rare to maintain a relationship for a lifetime, and still be related and difficult to separate when you are old. I never envied those young couples who hug intimately on the street, but deeply moved the old couple who walked on the road together. This is probably what love looks like.