Leave all happiness to children

My elder brother died of a sudden hemorrhage. After burying him, my aunt and my sister were dumbfounded. How can I tell my 78-year-old mother? We unanimously decided to hide from her.

On the seventh day of the elder brother’s departure, Auntie came to the door crying and complained to her mother: “Xian Lin carried me through the formalities to Japan and left without a word.”

After waiting for my mother to react to this sudden situation, my sister had already “filled with indignation”: “How can you come to sue your mother? If it weren’t for you crying poorly in front of my brother all day long, he could leave the country almost 50 years old and go abroad Labor? I tell you, Liu Fang, if my elder brother has three longs and two shorts, I won’t let you go first. ”

Dasao refused to be outdone: “As soon as your brother leaves, leave me and the child, how do you live this day? You ask mom to judge, is he right?”

The elder sister’s and aunt’s heart hurt, so their tears flowed from their hearts, so the play was realistic.

Mom yelled at her elder sister, turned her head and said to her, “Fanger, don’t cry. Xiang Lin will come back sooner or later. He also went out to suffer for his family and children.”

My elder sister and auntie left after a while, and they were afraid to stay for a long time.

After they left, my mother locked herself in the room. When my wife and I told her to eat at night, she saw her eyes red. After dinner, I went to my mother’s room. It was already more than 10 o’clock, but she didn’t sleep. For many years without needlework, she regained her old skills and started making insoles.

“Winter is coming. Mom makes some cotton insoles, and you send it to your elder brother.” Mom watched me come in and said.

In a month, my mother made 15 pairs of insoles and gave them to me, saying, “No matter how much money, send them to your elder brother. When the insoles are closed, he remembers that he still has a mother people.”

I suddenly realized that my elder brother had been in Japan for so long, and it was time to send a letter or phone call to my mother. So, a month later, I cheerfully got back a letter: “Mom, the elder brother has written.” However, when I read the elder brother’s letter, my mother was calm as if she had fallen asleep without saying a word.

Two years passed quickly. The elder brother’s letter is also a big deal, my mother put those letters in a moon cake box, I have seen her several times in the night playing with those letters-the way my mother stroked those letters broke my heart.

One day, Grandma came to me and said to me, “Little tree, I, I’m getting married …”

I was puzzled in my heart, but still said, “Da’ao, it’s really not easy for you to take Uze with you alone. You also need a companion and a dependant.”

On the day that Dasao took Uze to get married, my sister and I took out a total of 100,000 yuan. Despite the small number, every effort has been made. Grandma refused to accept the money. I said, “This is the mother’s will, and it’s also what we gave to Uze for our elder brother.”

Those days, my mother became very abnormal and always asked me to give food to Dasao and Uzawa. After so many times, my mother suddenly handed a passbook to me one day, and there was 80,000 yuan on it, which was my mother’s life savings.

She said, “Give me your aunt, it’s not easy for her to support her family alone. Your brother must not make money, otherwise he would have come back long ago. Besides, even if a man makes money, there is no other mind that says no quasi.”

But Auntie refused to accept the money anyhow, just crying at the passbook. I said, “Receive or not, let’s talk to Mom.”

That day, Dasao returned the money to her mother. She said that my sister and I have been helping her over the years. If the mother must give her children the money, it should be evenly divided. This time, the always gentle grandma was extremely determined.

That day, my mother cooked, made a lot of delicious food, and called her sister back. Our family ate together. Mom said, “Then let’s divide the money.” No one agreed.

In the end, my mother said with tears: “Everyone fights for money, but our family pushes it around for that money. You are all mom’s good children. Mom is really dead and staring.”

My mother suddenly fell ill a month later. When the doctor asked us to see her mother for the last time, she didn’t look like a patient at all. The mother said: “No one is allowed to cry today. Listen to the mother to finish the conversation. Your elder brother, leave, the mother knows. Such things can be concealed from others, and can not be concealed from being a mother. Your lies are afraid that you will hang a heart for your mother all day long. You are all good children. What makes you proud most is your affection for your grandmother. Fanger, mother gave you brother and sister. On New Year’s Day, you must get together. On weekdays, no matter who has something, always on call. Mom’s biggest wish is to help you pull your child away, but mom ca n’t wait. Mom misses you My elder brother thought it was all bad. Mom couldn’t leave him there alone … “The mother stopped breathing after speaking. We have been in front of her bed for a long time, and as long as we stand in front of her, we will still be children surrounded by mother’s love, and we will always have a heart.

Later, at family gatherings, we always tried to remember where our deception had leaked, and the answer was never revealed.

The mother ’s city is also the depth of motherly love. We did n’t really understand until my mother went to Hexi—she left all her sorrow to herself and all her happiness to her children.

When the child is gone, no one can hide the heart of being a mother.