Knife in the basin

The old man closest to our house is gone.

I know that the old man spent his last time in bed and almost lost consciousness. Fortunately, several sons took good care of them, especially the second son, who was standing beside her every day and filling her with some liquid food. This was how life was maintained until she lost her ability to breathe or breath. The last time I saw the old man was on a tricycle. It was a good day. Her second son picked her up on the tricycle and pulled her around the village street. The spring sun dazzled the old man in the last days. Her second son stopped the car and talked to us. He said that he would pull the old man like this in good weather and walk outside the village. The farthest road was on the embankment in the east of the village. The old man said to walk by a river. I don’t know how deep the old man still reacts at this time. What she perceives of the river and the riverside scenery, how much the tricycle passes, what touches me is the attitude of a son. I saw the old man’s eyes half closed, his nose flapping, breathing like a butterfly or an insect, and the sun shining on her face’s gully.

I returned to the village the day after the old man died. Their home was already covered with colorful wreaths and papers, and family members were coming to pay tribute. Alone, the relatives and relatives who got the news must come and burn a piece of paper money. The fireworks smell of paper money has permeated the yard, and gray confetti filled the old man’s spirit. The shed was set up, and the old man’s portrait was erected in the hall, and everything was so solemn.

Ninety years old, live long enough. The two of us have lived in the backyard for decades. This old man should call her grandma according to her neighborhood. In my childhood, she is a good character. It is rare for her to lose her temper and walk slowly. I heard her calling the names of several sons constantly, and the voice was not high or low. She would stand on the side of a road or a son’s door and wait for the person she shouted to answer, or talk softly with her son What’s going on. I have seen this scene many times because we are the nearest neighbors, and her youngest son is about the same age as me. There are many people of this character in the countryside, and a long life requires one’s patience. Her husband was gone more than 20 years ago. The man had done some small business and sold fried peanuts. The taste was very good. He picked two baskets of fried peanuts and went outside the village. The aroma swelled out of the pick, teasing appetite. He simply shouted as he walked, fried peanuts-here comes the fried peanuts-almost every day before noon, he would come back with an empty pick, sometimes the basket was wild vegetables returned by the roadside or bought back Something. Every night the aroma of fried peanuts overflows the wall and floats into our yard, teasing us. When I was young, I saw their home fried peanuts, the air box was pulled, the fire was out, and the peanuts were stirred in a cauldron. When it is cooked and dried in a dustpan, we will grab a few for us. Later in their family, there were flocks of sheep. The sheep were mainly raised by their eldest son, who was a dumb man. Perhaps the best thing for dumb people was to release sheep. I’ve seen dumb crying. This is when their family sells sheep. People who buy sheep pick sheep at her house, shepherd the sheep, don’t look dumb, squatting on an old stone, holding the stone, not talking, tears slowly to leak out. The dumb died about three or four years ago. When I went home during the Spring Festival that year, I never saw the dumb. When I asked, I knew that the dumb was gone. As soon as I got sick, I was severe. I didn’t persist for long. A dumb man may already be sick, but he can’t express it, and his family unconsciously slows down his illness. After the dumb left, the sheep were gone.

Fireworks flew up into the sky, and the village’s night sky became colored. In our village, this is a way of telling red and white happy events. Whoever has red and white things, put a short fireworks without an invitation. This method saves a lot of trouble and avoids embarrassment.

After the fireworks, the empty boxes rested on a section of the wall, the courtyard calmed down, there was a solitude in front of the spiritual hall, and the three sons of the old man added paper in front of the spirit. I saw the old man’s second son, Shui, kneeling at the far end of the Lingtang, holding a roll of hemp paper in his hand, and wept all the time. Most of the old man’s last days were waiting for him, which may also be related to his life alone. He had a marriage, and the woman he married had a stimulating brain, or an idiot, a man who was difficult to define. The woman was a survivor of the Tangshan earthquake. In the earthquake, her two younger brothers and mother were gone, and her father and sister survived. They were originally from our village. Later, the family went to Tangshan with the army. A few years later, they encountered the earthquake. A few years after the earthquake, the father brought the demented daughter back to the village, and the daughter reached the age of marriage. The purpose of his trip was to find a man who could take care of her in his hometown, and finally found water. Their wedding was simple. They honked and hosted several tables. In that year, Shui’s important task was to be optimistic about the woman who was already in the same room with her, and Shui took her with her wherever she went. But something went wrong. One day in the fall of that year, Shui returned home and saw the woman at home. She looked everywhere. Finally, someone said she saw her running west. A few kilometers to the west is the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. This woman once ran there, pointed at the train and said, go back. She has memories and knows that she came back by train. When Shui and his family found the station, they followed the railway. When they finally found it on a section of railway, people were gone. Water has been alone since then.

I looked at this more and more lively yard, and I knew that after this more lively, there was more loneliness. The only thing left in the empty yard was the old man’s second son, and maybe the water would raise a few sheep and heads. Cows, cattle and sheep screams will appear in the yard, and there will be liveliness with the participation of livestock, and the water will have a daily life. But these can only be my guess, or my expectations, my expectations.

On the third day after the old man died, the yard became lively. Someone came over every day. There would be several wreaths before the old man’s death. On the fourth day, the day before the funeral of the elderly, the footsteps in the yard rang more frequently, and all those who were called in to help received the work they wanted to do. Early in the morning, the cook has prepared breakfast. A large pot of stew is placed in a certain place. The ground pot is boiled with porridge. The smoke from the kitchen rises around the ground and flows into the sky above the yard. Canopies twined. The birds in the yard suffocated their calls, and temporarily settled on a nearby tree, observing everything in the yard and the process of leaving alone.

There are many things to prepare. This is the peak before the funeral. There will be a lot of guests at noon. Dozens of wreaths will be added one after another. When the guests arrive, firecrackers will continue to sound. And in the evening, there will be a set of loud instrument classes playing in front of the door. Noisy is an indispensable process before a person is buried.

I was assigned to the gift account table, and every time I returned to the village, I encountered such a role in marriage and funeral. The table is placed at the outside of the aisle, and the guests who come to the memorial service can see it at a glance.

We heard screams, the earliest day in the courtyard.

When the beheaded person reached his head in front of the coffin, the cry poured out like the sound of a cow. We heard it, he was crying 姥姥, 姥姥-姥姥 ah-so painful and sad … his cry echoed all over the house, the sons, daughters-in-law, grandsons, granddaughters of the old man were all humming Crying, the shed shivered in the cry, and continued. The cry gradually subsided and became a sob, and we saw the child, the grandson of the old man. We seem to think that the old man has a girl, and the girl is the eldest of her children. If she lived for almost sixty years. I remembered her little girl, who was short, fat, and kind. She would come over every few days to see her mother, speak with her, cook for her, and walk with her on the street. But this daughter was gone more than ten years ago. It is said to be a serious illness. Her illness was related to her son’s marriage. The son got married late and married a foreign woman. After the foreign woman gave birth to a child, she had I left for a day and never came back. Since then, the son has been on the road to find, but has not been able to find it. Under this circumstance, she became very sick and died. In the last days, the old man had been thinking about her daughter. The sons had been coaxing the old man, saying that the older sister went out to help others take the child as a nanny, and later said that the older sister and her son were working outside. With children. The old man was quite sober in those few years. The sons said that she was dubious. She could imagine the consequences of the incident, and maybe her daughter was ahead of her. For a while, the old man had eaten and sat at the entrance of the village, looking at the direction of his daughter’s village, like a statue at the entrance of the village. One day, she staggered to her daughter’s house and saw her daughter’s house left in a cold place. The blank paper on the door was still faintly visible. She remembered that her son-in-law was away a few years ago, so the meaning of these blank papers was His daughter is gone. She sat at the door and waited for the passing person. She asked people, what about my girl? Where’s the big girl? Her daughter’s name is big girl. The people on the street didn’t answer, pointing to the blank paper on the door. Others say she found her daughter’s grave and has since become an unconscious person. Someone is asking the grandson of the old man, where is it now? The grandson who stopped crying said that he had been working outside the home, and the children were also going to school where they worked. Did the child’s mother find it? He shook his head and stopped looking. He also said that he was spending time with a woman working there. Everyone sighed and thought about it, it was a good home.

The shed is full of filial piety, they are on duty in the shed, waiting for the guests to come to the memorial one after another. There are not many filial sons. The Li family is not a big family in our village. Moreover, the situation of their family is that the first and second sons are single, and the first one died a few years ago. I counted, plus the few that they had walked to the nearest, and there were no more than ten people sitting in front of the hall. Now each of them is wearing a white filial piety hat, wearing a white filial piety, and the corners of his pants are tied with a white cloth. Our task. The old man’s youngest son is the most important thing in the family. He has a lot of things to come to him and ask him to discuss. Among the many guests who come to pay homage, he has the most friends, and he needs to leave the hall continuously and ask the supervisor or Obey the steward’s orders. After ten o’clock, relatives and friends came one after another, and the sound of crying spirits rang out in front of the hall. Near noon, the guests were almost there. Dozens of tables were set up in the yard and under the tents on the street. The chefs were busy, chopping vegetables, spraying fireworks in the stove, and several dishes were served. Man holding a dish in and out. On the running mat, the guests on one table finished eating, covered with new tablecloths, and another group of guests sat on. Time flowed for two hours, and the feast at noon was basically over. The whole yard entered a quiet moment in the afternoon. At this time, the dead were actually the main ones. There were not a few people in the hall. The ones who kept the spirit were their closest relatives, the three sons of the elderly, and the children of the third and fourth family. They Stacking paper money in preparation for the road festival at night and the funeral tomorrow. The wind rose, and the canvas of the hall was throbbing in the wind, and the paper flowers on the wreath rang loudly, turning on the wooden shaft. Just after the beginning of autumn, the wind adds a little coolness to the hot weather.

Night was approaching, and the night sirens rang. First, a burst of fireworks, then the sound of whirls of suona, electronic piano accompaniment, trumpet ensemble, and a vigorous noise. Followed by the road festival, the filial sons walked around the main street in the village around the table with the confession and the statue of the old man. This is our etiquette here. If an old man is gone, he will come this way. Then at a crossroads, a memorial service to relatives was made public, and the etiquette of the funeral continued to be sipped. Please commemorate the guests-the comrades and relatives and guests who participated in the road festival. The scene was grand, and the villagers on both sides of the road were full of onlookers. The filial sons kneeled on the ground, listening to the commemorations of guests and relatives, and there was another cry. The road sacrifice was over, and all the way back home in the accompaniment of the ringer, the spiritual hall was settled again, roaring like a flood, and the last cry blew up before Ling Ling.

The fifth day is the day of the funeral of the dead.

The funeral of a deceased finally began. At about one o’clock in the afternoon, the sound of three cannons sounded one after another, and the courtyard began to stir up. The coffin lifter was ready to set up the coffin. All the filial sons held mourning sticks in their hands, and the street door was well supported With the shelf for the coffin, the stone used to drop the old pot in front of the shelf has already been placed. After a shouting cry, the cry broke out. This was even more tragic. The old man had to settle in to the ground and leave the house where she had lived for decades. The courtyard was shaking with a white, black coffin creeping out of the house. The ceremonial rituals at the street began, the old pot broke, the coffin was lifted again, crossed the street, and walked out of the village. Crying farther and farther away from a village, an old man gradually approached her final destination.

I sat in the quiet courtyard, the torn shed in the moment Ling Ling lifted out of the courtyard, covering the sky for a few days, and the hall lit up. There was a long firecracker hanging in the courtyard. The crumbs lingered in the autumn wind, blowing to every corner. I looked at this yard and an old man was gone. I looked at the sugar durian tree in the middle of our two houses. That was the boundary between the two of us. A sparrow stayed on the sugar durian tree without a call. What happened in the yard made it temporary. Dumb bird. Then I saw it flew away and flew into the ground, flying further and further away.

A water basin was placed in front of the courtyard, and a knife was placed in the water basin. A knife that was still in use and cut vegetables was now put in the basin, and those who came back from the ground would have to double it, indicating that it would be cut off with those who left. I hesitated to double it, for a long time, I just looked at the shadow of the knife.