I want to break with you

A bit self-righteous, a bit deliberately deep, like to eat sugar since childhood, has not been tooth decay, occasionally write something, whether you love to watch, sometimes big mouth, sometimes silent like mystery.

This is a household story.

Guan Ning and Hua Zheng were eating vegetables in the garden together, and found a piece of gold on the ground. Guan Ning worked as usual, as if that was a stone. Hua Yan put down his hoe, picked it up and looked at it before discarding it.

One day, the two good friends read books together. The honor guard of the imperial court came in an uproar, Hua Hua couldn’t hold back, and went out to watch the excitement. The situation was not so good, only a short while later, Guan Ning had cut the mat.

When I was in elementary school, Guan Ning was really cool. For at least two months, I can’t help but stare at Xiyu after going home from school: Even if it’s five yuan lying on the roadside! I will not bend over to pick it up! But I ’m still eager. What can be worth anything on the ground, at least three bags of divine turtle powder or two bags of Tang Seng meat, so that I can kick away, it is best to kick away in front of Li Yulan. !! But in the end, nothing was found, and the road was really clean, except for a broken chicken skin tube for slingshot and a few large nuts, and even a decent cola bottle was not encountered.

A few days after the National Day, I finally caught the chance-a van carrying oranges was turned over at the school gate, just as the students were eating lunch after class, and the scene was confusing …

In the afternoon class, Le Fatty found an orange from his pants pocket and handed it to me. In fact, I was soft-hearted at that moment, his body temperature was still kept on the orange, and he wiped his nose very numbly, standing in front of me as thickly as usual. But there is no way. I can’t be touched. I said to him calmly, let’s break it.

Last night, I read “The New Words of the World” and read this story again, and laughed out loud. Twenty years have passed, and I couldn’t help thinking of the strange expression on Le Fat’s face-I was really serious at the time.

Le Fatty, is it good to do herbal medicine business in Yunnan? I have to say sorry to you (you definitely don’t remember that), and of course, please forgive the young man who only cares about the pursuit of good quality.

Now, I prefer Huazhen. He has a broad personality, like a weird coffee-cutting mat, but I have long gone out, but Hua Huan has been thinking about that friend and suggested to the emperor that he should give him the seat of Captain.

Perhaps Guan Ning really regards money as dung, but picking up a piece of gold and then throwing it away is more in line with natural human nature. The great Confucius is not indifferent to money. If he can get rich, it is not impossible to be a coachman. Pick up the gold, here there is respect for others to the world: what everyone is after, is not as bad as shit. But in the end, he lost it and did not take money that was not his own. This was a preservation of his character. Guan Ning is credible, but Hua Hua who picks up gold is credible and cute.

When going to be an official in a foreign country, my friends brought a lot of property, Hua Yuan accepted it, but made a mark in secret. At the time of the farewell, Hua Yao was indifferent: The road was too long to carry so many valuables, it was too unsafe. No choice but to return them one by one.

If it had been so long, don’t take it. Is it necessary to come to such a tenderness?

On the way to escape, someone begged to board the ship. Hua Ai hesitated, and Wang Lang readily agreed. Later, the situation was so critical that Wang Lang wanted to leave that person, and Hua Ye resolutely disagreed. At this time, he hesitated before, and suddenly became very interesting.

Good things are not easy. In the past few years, Chen Low-Carbon spent money on the street. Recently, there are always good people on Douyin live broadcast to do good deeds-spend hundreds of dollars to buy all the green onions and cabbages for the elderly, send rice and noodles to the displaced, and so on. Of course I am grateful for the help. Many people kneel on the spot under the camera. These good people may be kind-hearted, but it’s not so wonderful to take a picture of it all. Doing good deeds with bling, there is no trace of excuses. Yes, doing good works also requires borrowing and beauty. Maybe Huarong’s behavior is not so crisp, but there is an indescribable natural beauty, like making glass to leave air holes, like seemingly messy branches of trees, like a tortuous river, and eventually flow The vast sky.

Seeing an old man at the age of three may not be a lie. Cutting off this story also seems to hint at the fate of the two people later. Hua Hua, who picks up gold, is an official, but he is not a greedy for money. After all, he lost gold, and even he did not regret the gold he deserved. The emperor’s reward, Lumi, which was usually sent, was given to relatives and others, and the family did not even have ten buckets of surplus food; the court rewarded the minister’s woman, but he did not accept it, but just dressed beautifully and married to a suitable person.

Then why did he pick up gold on the ground? This is really interesting.

When I was young, I always had a temper of cutting mats. He likes to read books, communicate with others in troubled times, and only talks about Confucian classics, not speaking and feelings about the world. So talented and repeatedly called, it is unwilling to do official work. Even the emperor Cao Rui came out and persuaded: You insist on ethics, which is good, but you think about it, do the ancients who are better than you often change the strings? Your grandfather, Confucius, has a cloud. I am with different people, can I still slap with birds and beasts? You should come out to benefit the world instead of staying on the island and watching the seagulls shit. Time is passing relentlessly. You will grow old, and you will grow old. Are you really willing to do so?

It turns out that I did not read the wrong person. Guan Ning has never been in his entire life. At the age of eighty-four, some people have recommended it. He also hurriedly rushed into a car, a round wheel and a seal. Guan Ning was really cool. The hired person arrived at the door and learned that he had passed away. He was willing and willing to regret all his life. Perhaps he also knew that the temper of the mat could not be changed. What if he came out to do things? Who said that being yourself does not benefit humanity?

Alas, I am in my early thirties. I yearn for a life like Hua Yan, but I have picked up the gold. Where would I be willing to discard it? Although I am no longer a fan of Guan Ning, I still think of the boy who likes him. When a good friend handed over the oranges, he was attracted by an inexplicable pride and courage. He looked up and said:

I want to break up with you.

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