Flood at sea


Shi Africa was awake, he opened his eyes and saw a little yellow duck staring at him. The duck was originally in the brown iron bucket in the bathroom downstairs, but now it appeared in front of Shi Fei’s eyes, floating and shaking. Shi Feiya rolled over, feeling the tide coming from the mattress under him, and then could not sleep anymore. He straightened up, sat cross-legged on the bed, stared at the little yellow duck, and finally woke up, realizing that the water had risen to the same height as his bed, and immediately picked up the quilt that was already wet and jumped from the bed. On the iron ladder to the top of the tower, prepare to take the quilt to the top of the tower to air.

The top of the tower is completely different from the cold inside of the tower. The sun is fierce, and the whole body of Africa is very itchy. After adapting to the sun, Shi Fafei opened his eyes and looked around, only to see a blue sea. On the sea, a rectangular building is exposed. At the top of the building is a huge platform with a large green window on each side below. On the platform, Shi Africa was naked, sitting on the platform with his knees in his hands, not sure where he was looking.

This is the eleventh day of the flood, and the sea has completely submerged the island. On the first day, most people left by boat. At that time, the water was not deep. The rest were also resting on the roof, and some people rushed from this roof to the roof to play mahjong. Later, the water rose a lot every day, and immediately there was only the highest lighthouse left. Those who did not take the boat stayed in the waterproof underground hole. Occasionally, a few iron pipes were found on the sea. People inside the cave were watching the flood.

About a year ago, people on the island have determined that the flood is coming. With an attitude of being responsible for their lives, the islanders all enthusiastically engaged in the shipbuilding industry or built underground shelters. Shi Africa is a young man with a strong body and a dexterous mind. He is also very good at high numbers and mechanics, and has a very high aesthetic ability. During the day, he made the most delicate parts in the dock, and at night he went to the cave area to help make the storage room and the drainage system.

Shortly before the flood came, both the cave sects who were going to hold fast and the nautical sects who were going to leave had taken him as their firmest man and sent him a sincere invitation to avoid the flood. There are two main reasons for this: First, when the island was divided into two factions, even the people who were close before became old and indifferent, and everyone’s sensitivity to daily life dropped a lot, otherwise they Nor can he mistake Shi Fei as his closest intimate person. He did not find that he stayed with his opponents for the other half of the day. Secondly, although Shi Feifei is proficient in mathematical physics and tall, at first glance, it feels like an honest science student who is not good at rejecting others, but it is not. For example, some streets often have such cats. In the morning, they stay in the plush chairs of the coffee shop. In the afternoon, they lie behind the bar counter. In the evening, they ran to the small hotel and watched as they opened the room. People, all bosses think that this is their own cat, and Shi Fei is such a cat that is easy to cause people to misunderstand. So when the two factions sent an invitation, he refused without thinking.

From the day the flood was foreseen, Shi Fei fell into insomnia, and he had not slept for a whole year. In the beginning, he thought it was normal insomnia, and used many conventional methods, such as closing his eyes to empty himself, or running three laps around the island to exhaust himself, and then to defile himself before going to bed, and then Ran to the rooftop to count the stars reflected on the sea. Until a dawn one week later, the sky was not yet bright, but the shimmering light had flooded from the east. Shi Fei opened his eyes and opened the window to see the two factions on the island split into the shipbuilding and hole punching. A strange sense of fate struck him-he suddenly realized that this was not ordinary insomnia, and he would never be able to fall asleep before the flood.

Fortunately, the sequelae of general insomnia did not appear, and Shi Fei was even more energetic and sharp-thinking than ever before, and with it came a ubiquitous feeling of being stared. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Shi Africa draws design drawings at the center of the cave group. The waves are hundreds of meters away gently beating the coast. Those slight tremors penetrate the wall. At this moment, he feels that there is a person standing behind him. The frequency of heartbeats is the same as the frequency of waves crashing against the coast. Or when the sun was fierce at noon, he was naked, leaning on the back of the nanmu forest, and pulling the saw up and down, the man shuttled through the forest and glanced at Shi Africa from time to time.

When the flood came, Shi Fei neither boarded the ship nor drilled into the burrow, although the two factions left a very comfortable place for him on each side. He originally lived in the tallest lighthouse on the island. It was a slender rectangular building that was said to have been built during the last flood. If there was no accident, the flood should not flood it. Pre-Flood Africa moved food and daily necessities to the top floor room. As soon as the flood came, he quickly entered his dreamland.

Eleven days later, on the rooftop, Shi Fei, who was awake, looked around at the sea. The afternoon sun was extremely violent. The huge white seabirds circled not far. The iron pipes protruding from the ground cave had all been retracted. The sea breeze was very light, and the sea surface was shining with golden light. Shi Fei held his knees and narrowed his eyes and looked at the blue sky for a while. Suddenly, his heart was empty. When he woke up, the ubiquitous feeling of being gazed disappeared. He looked The automatic calendar only found that I had slept for a full eleven days, and at the same time, the whole year’s busy work had gone away from him, and the calm suddenly came. What scared him even more was that even if he didn’t eat for eleven days, he didn’t feel a little weak and hungry, his body was very flexible and he didn’t feel rigid.

Shi Africa suddenly fell into deep thought, remembering what happened 11 days ago: that day was the longest day on the island since the flood prophecy, the two factions restored peace and stopped the work at hand, which was originally cold-hearted Everyone started a day that seemed strange everyday. In the morning, the bazaar opens normally. Fresh fruits and grains, wooden and ceramic handicrafts, and many emergency supplies strictly controlled by the two factions are generously placed on the stalls. People come in groups from the east. Many men are sharing shoulder-to-shoulders and sharing tobacco, while the girls are holding hands intimately to talk about the fashion sentiment from the island a year ago. Many others are in the form of families. They bring children and discuss the price of fruits and food, the color of bed sheets, and the location of the stove like the most normal couples. This crowd passed through the long bazaar, separated in the center of the island, half of them stayed on the island, and the rest went on, through the remaining nanmu forest, and boarded various places on the beach on the west side. Kind of ship.

Shi Africa looked at the crowd with a self-made telescope at the highest point of the lighthouse, noting that they looked a little different when they separated. Normally, there are two possibilities at this time. One is crying and struggling to keep trying to persuade the other side to persuade themselves, or take off the tender mask and return to the cold one day ago. However, these people suddenly lost their expressions, as if they were robots that had not left the factory, without a trace of emotion flowing out of their faces. The ground cave faction stood up and the sea navigation faction proceeded aboard the ship.

This discovery made Shi Fei cold into the bone marrow. As the most popular of the two factions, many of them have a good relationship with him. He tried hard to recall the scenes of dealing with them in the past year, trying to dig out some emotions, but he realized that at that time he was too fascinated by the gaze behind him. Although he was chatting with the people next to him, he actually thought They were all behind, eyes were staring at the work at hand, and they didn’t pay any attention to whether those people’s emotions had appeared on their faces.

Although the island is not large, it still takes a whole day for the islanders to travel from east to west. At dusk, the sun suddenly stopped on the sea, gradually extinguished, and turned into a huge briquette, which disappeared with the light. The sea breeze is getting stronger, and then there is a huge roar of currents. Although no one can see it clearly, but Shi Fei knew that it was pouring out from the sun. The people in the center of the island have already drilled into the burrow, closed the waterproof compartment, and the western fleet has sailed slowly towards the distance. In this huge roar, Shi Feife entered the dreamland uneasily.


Asya arrived in the evening, when Shi Africa was preparing to put in the quilt. After the sun exposure, the smell of cotton made him a little lost, and looked at the sun for a while. When the flood came, the sun suddenly turned into a black briquette, and then Shi Fei fell asleep. When he woke up, the sun had returned to normal, rising from the east to the west, just like before. The golden sea was sparkling. As a black spot, Xia suddenly appeared on the horizon.

At first Shi Fei thought he had read it wrong. After confirming that the black spot really existed and was drifting slowly towards himself, he put down the quilt and sat cross-legged on the top of the tower. As the black dot approached, Shi Fei confirmed that it was not a ship, but something like a half-man tall cube box. When the sun completely fell into the sea, the box just drifted to the side of the tower. At first Shi Fei wanted to lift it, but found that the box was unexpectedly heavy, and it was extremely smooth, and there was no place to borrow. So he first covered the box with a rope to prevent it from being run by the waves. Then he took out the carpenter’s tools in the top floor room, divided the sleeping bedboard into two, built a wooden slope on the outer wall of the vertical lighthouse, and then went to the sea to adjust the box. Angle, use a set of small pulleys to tie the other end of the rope around the box to yourself, and finally tried to pull the box to the top of the tower.

It’s already late at this time. Fortunately, before the history of Africa, the signal lamp was specifically removed to transform it into a solar power supply, otherwise the black paint can’t be seen at all. Under the huge signal light, Shi Africa touched the black box lightly and felt a kind of gentle touch like jade. He tried to make two strokes on the box with a razor, but left no trace. This kind of unknown The material is much harder than it looks. The whole box seems to be poured in one piece, without any gaps, but it is not solid, and there is no strange sound inside after shaking it.

Shi Feida knocked on the box, and suddenly the light flashed, and said to the box, “Excuse me, is anyone inside?” After a while, the sea breeze was much smaller, and a cold voice came out of the box. What ups and downs: “Yes.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Help me open this.”

“How do I open it? I watched it, but I couldn’t match it.”

“The setting of this box is that as long as you see it, you cannot see it, you cannot touch it when you touch it. In other words, what you see is not the real thing, and what you touch is not the real thing. Only When it’s in your blind spot, you have a chance to open it, so it’s simple, as long as you push the cover off with another tool without noticing it. ”

“Since what you see and touch is not the real one, how can you confirm where the lid is, or how can you open it with a tool?”

“Pushing open is not necessarily pushing open, and the cover is not necessarily the cover. In theory, any living creature with vision can open it by borrowing a foreign object and touching it without touching or paying attention.”

To understand the principle, Shi Fei tried several times to empty his brain and opened the box with a wooden stick, but all ended in failure. Then he thought that he could ignore the box completely only in his sleep. Then he quickly worked out a plan, first made a hammock, then found a stick to fix on his left hand, and the other side of the stick was fixed to a pallet. Above, whenever the stick is passive, it will hit the box, as long as you fall asleep, you can open the box. After doing all this, Shi Fei quickly fell asleep on the rooftop blowing the sea breeze.

On the second day of history, Africa woke up very early. As soon as the sun nodded from the sea, he opened his eyes. The stick on his left hand was against the box. Even so, the box remained unchanged. Shi Feiya got up and walked to the box, turned around, and said to himself, “So it’s still not OK.”

“In fact, it’s okay. The box was opened 28 minutes after you fell asleep yesterday, but it still needs a little external force. You just put your hands on it.” Suddenly there was another man and woman who couldn’t hear him. the sound of.

Can’t my feet work? Shi Feifei raised his legs and saw that there was no movement in the box. He lowered his legs with interest and put his hand on the box obediently. A soft yellow light appeared under Shi Feifei’s hands. Suddenly the top of the box became A ball of meat mud wrapped tightly around S Africa’s palm and sucked it.

When Shi Africa responded, the entire arm was sucked into the box, and the entire human face was attached to the box, and the appearance of the box was no longer a dark jade, and it became a mixture of vascular oil and muscle. Shi Africa exclaimed in fright, beating the box hard and trying to pull out.

“Useless, external forces cannot destroy the ‘blind spot, and you don’t need to be nervous,’ the blind spot itself will not hurt you, unless you hurt yourself by hand, this is only the necessary step to open it.”

After listening to the history, Africa quickly calmed down, and of course murmured a few words about the designer of this thing and this terrible appearance, but to his surprise, the cube squeezed from the pile of rotten meat did not have that kind of stickiness The slimy disgusting touch, on the contrary, is very smooth and flat, and there is no foul smell, but it exudes a fragrance of grassland after the rain.

What to do next, Shi Feifei asked the people in the box.

“I am in the box. You can imagine that I am wrapped in this box. Now you need to find my face in the box, and the switch of the box is stuck on my mouth.”

The person in the box didn’t answer immediately, but paused for a while before answering Shi Africa. Shi Africa noticed that the pause seemed to have an unusual meaning. For the first time, he felt the faint emotion of the person in the box.

The inside of the box is filled with plasticine that will be restored automatically. It can be lifted lightly and then quickly filled. In fact, Shi Africa had good luck. His hand was sucked into the head of the person not far from the box. He touched his hair first, then touched his face along the way. Smooth and cold, this is the first feeling of Shi Africa. He carefully used his big hand to slowly down from the forehead, slide over the brow bone and bridge of the nose, and carefully measured the soft lips of the person in the box.

Shi Africa was a little hesitant. He remembered that he had n’t washed his hands for two days, and his palm was covered with calluses because of the whole year’s work. It was very rough. Suddenly the mouth covered his forefinger, and the wet and warm feeling came from his mouth, as if to urge Shi Africa, the man in the box gave him a bite. Shi Africa returned to the gods, found a string in his upper jaw, and pulled it. Then, the blind spot, that is, the flesh-colored box quickly retracted like a discouraged ball, and finally all shrunk into the mouth of the person in the box. The person in the box-a naked girl, kneeled on the ground, hands on the ground, the whole The person was wet and began to retaliate violently, vomiting a lot of water, and finally spit out a brown ball. After spitting out, the girl in the box seemed to have no strength to support herself. The whole person lay on the ground, looked up at Shi Africa, and said in a weak tone:

“What day is this?”



Shi Africa answered honestly, but this number seemed to be a huge blow to the girl in the box. For the next day, she crouched with her hands on her knees, squatting on the edge of the top floor, and said nothing. On several occasions, Shi Fei wanted to go up to remind her that she was naked and very indecent, but when she thought of the sea, there was nothing but seagulls flying around and flying fish jumping out of the sea from time to time. The only person who needed to avoid suspense was himself. He stopped thinking, not to mention the fact that he sat naked on the platform and bask in the sun. He often did this himself in Africa.

However, the two were somewhat different. Shi Feifei was tanned and fit, and shaved a bald scoop. It seemed appropriate to bask in the sun, not at all inconsistent. But the girl in the box was just the opposite. Her whole body was glowing white, her limbs were slender, her long hair fell to her waist, and she was out of step with the turbulent sun on the rooftop, as if sitting for a while would become a dead body. Although Shi Africa was ashamed to come forward to talk, he did not have much psychological burden on staring at the naked girl. Before he went to the top floor, he shouted that I was going to collect clothes, and then stood beside the drying rack and stared. After half an hour, he made a decision-he was going to put a awning on the girl sitting on the rooftop.

In the past, Africa used to do the finest work in the dock. Things like awnings were not as difficult as eating and sleeping. But this time he looked very serious, put on his clothes, brought a ruler, a thick stack of draft paper and weather vane, spent two full hours to calculate the change of the sea breeze, and then made a hemispherical surface with bamboo and canvas According to the wind conditions at different times, the ceiling will automatically rotate to the direct sunlight. During the whole process, Shi Africa did not look at the girls again, and the girls did not pay attention to Shi Africa who was busy beside him.

The awning was officially completed in the middle of the night, and Shi Fei turned off the signal lights, and the top floor suddenly became dark, and then the moonlight became clearer. Shi Africa touched the slowly turning shed and said to the sea, “Tomorrow will not get the sun.”

“My name is Asya.” The naked girl who had been quiet for a whole day introduced herself to Shi Africa.

Asya said that she didn’t know why she asked the first few days, but she heard Shi Fei ’s answer that there was a bad feeling after the eleventh, so she sat down and began to think about the source of this feeling. The confusion of her heart rushed into her heart, even making her careless about her state of being naked. It wasn’t until Shi Africa built the semi-circular awning and turned off the lights. Asia’s dark eyes exposed the silvery moon on the sea as the awning turned a little, she returned to God and accepted the present fact. .

Shi Feifei told Asya that she was a symptom of amnesia and not too serious. A few years ago, he had similar experiences. After waking up, he found that he stayed in this tower and turned into a burly man with dark skin. At first glance, he looks very much like a bully. I read all kinds of annotated books, and I found that I understood all of them, and the notes were exactly the same as myself. All the tools and furniture in the tower were placed very closely to his figure habits, and he went out to buy food. At that time, everyone was very familiar with him. There is no doubt that Shi Africa has lived in this tower for a long time, but he could not remember the past experience at all.

“It doesn’t matter, it will gradually get better.” Shi Africa concluded.

Asya asks if she will remember it gradually. Shi Fei said no, but others will tell you what to do. For example, when he woke up and went out, some people stopped him and asked him to fix things at home. If he refused, the other party would cry and curse, saying what happened then, and the conscience of Shi Feifei was really bad. Some women would knock on his door in the middle of the night, pretending to be cold and begging him to open the door. Once he refused, these women would not know where to take the spare key, pushed the door aggressively, and rode onto Shi Feifa all at once, while undressing, telling him how he was.

“When you see more people, you will know what kind of person you are going to be.” Shi Africa concluded again.

The problem is that with the exception of Shi Africa, everyone has disappeared. Asya had no choice but to ask Shi’s views. Shi Feifei told her that Asya looked in her twenties, had fair skin, slender limbs, and long and thick hair. The only drawback was that her chest was flat. Fortunately, the buttocks were awkward, which made up for the slightest regret. This answer is of no use except to attract a slap.

Ascia fetched scissors and cut Shi Fei’s clothes into shorts, determined to find another person the next day. There was only one bed in the tower, and Shi Fei offered to give up half of the bed to Axia. Asya refused, she immediately took a quilt to sleep under the sunshade on the top of the tower.

The next day Shi Africa went to the top of the tower to see Axia. She was squatting on the edge of a tub. Shi Fei took a closer look. There was a black fish without eyes in the tub.

“Does it have a name, this kind of fish? It jumped up in the morning.” Asya didn’t look up, she looked attentively.

“People here call it tear fish.”

“This fish has no eyes. Why is it called a tear fish?”

When in the blind spot, Shi Fei thought that there would be a cold-spoken woman inside, but after Xia came out, the voice in the blind spot behaved completely differently, like a little girl who knew nothing about the world.

“It is said that this kind of fish lung is engraved with words. If you do it fast enough and read it aloud when you see the words, the fish will grow eyes and then cry. But I have never seen it, probably because I do n’t eat fish. reason.”

“Can you make a purse? You can carry this fish and I want to take this fish.”

“Where to go?”

“Go to the island, the flood is going to retreat.”

Shi Feifei looked around, the water level had not changed in the past few days, but Axia’s natural tone infected him. He immediately designed a transparent waist bag that spiraled from his chest to his waist. There was a miniature pinwheel at the top. When Axia walked with the bag, the pinwheel would follow, and fresh air would enter the bag.

“The only problem is that this waist bag is formed once, like blowing glass. When blowing, I will put water and tear fish in. After that, you can only watch it and never touch it again. You are willing Well?”

“I don’t have an opinion, I just want to take it, but it doesn’t know if it wants to stay here in the future. Or you ask it.”

“If you don’t want to, shed a tear.” Shi Africa said to the tear fish in the basin.

The fish floated in the water like a quiet ink.


The flood disappeared suddenly.

When Shi Feifei just finished the design of the waist bag, the water level was not different from the previous one. He looked anxiously at Axia who was squatting beside the basin, and then took the fish down to the tower-the wind on the tower was too strong It will interfere with blowing. After two hours, when he came up to the top of the tower with his waist bag, the flood had subsided.

Asya still stayed beside the basin, but she said nothing when she saw Shi Fei coming up.

“When will the water recede?” Shi Africa asked.

“Just now, shortly before you came up.”

“Did you retreat all of a sudden?”

“1.8 seconds, soon.”

If you change someone else, you must not know the meaning of 1.8 seconds, but Shi Africa just happens to know. When he woke up with amnesia, he found that he was extremely sensitive to time. With a little concentration, he could calculate the length of time, which can be accurate to the millisecond. In this way, he obtained a lot of specific information about the surrounding terrain. For example, he once jumped on the top of the tower and spent 1.8 seconds falling into the sea. It can be seen that the distance from the top of the tower to the water surface is about 16 meters.

Axia said that the flood took only 1.8 seconds to recede, which shows that on the one hand, Axia has the same ability as Shi Africa. On the other hand, the flood disappeared as a free fall. Normal people will be surprised when they see this kind of scene, and when Axia talks about it, it seems that it is just a trivial thing, and he is not even as excited as seeing the transparent waist bag in Shi Fei ’s hands. . After a whole year of insomnia, Shi Fei’s patience with such strange things has improved a lot. What he wonders about is another thing.

“Why, don’t you think I’m lying, the water can’t recede so quickly?” Axia noticed Shi Fa’s eyes and asked.

“No, it’s the island changed.”

Shi Feifei explained to Axia that when he looked into the distance, all the scenery changed. The most intuitive is the size of the island. The lighthouse is on the cliff on the edge of the island. Before, he stood on the top of the tower and looked out. The basic size of the island can be judged by the curvature of the coastline. Now it’s no longer possible. The cliffs by the sea stretched straight to both sides, and the island became significantly larger. Another point is that the market town has disappeared. He looked away and couldn’t see an artificial building. This was not the case before. There was a small market near the lighthouse.

Then he pointed to a grove not far away, and told Axia that there was a hard flat land before the flood, and where a group of left-behind islands also built a cave. He remembered very well that when the water surface was just flooding over there, the people inside also looked out the circular observation mirror, and now everything disappeared.

What is even more incredible is the environment on the island. In fact, Africa has long noticed this point. In terms of months, it is already autumn. When the flood came, everyone was wearing long-sleeved trousers. Shi Africa also took out the quilt, for fear of freezing, but when he woke up, the weather outside seemed to return to the most sunny summer. Now that the flood is receding, everything on the island corresponds to the fierce sunlight. The original yellow grass and gradually sparse broadleaf trees have disappeared, replaced by tall and dense unknown tropical plants. Under the sun, these plants are green like It is dripping emerald.

“There are two roads now, one is to go to the island and see if anyone stays. Otherwise, we can only go to the sea to find the group of people who hid at sea. But there is also a problem. There is no boat and no specific. Landmark. “Shi Fei looked for a while and said.

Axia didn’t know when she wore a white suspender dress with an African-style straw hat on her head, wrapped in a sagging mosquito-repellent incense-shaped transparent waist bag, and a black tear fish wagging her tail. She stood on the top of the tower and looked at the green plant pointed by Shi Fei, and put her hands behind her.

“It’s not time to go to sea,” she said firmly. Shi Feifei didn’t know where her confidence came from. He looked at Axia and finally couldn’t help but asked, “That hat is mine.”

“It’s all right, I cleaned the dust.”

“Forget it, where did your clothes come from, I don’t remember hiding it in my room.”

“Can I understand that, although I haven’t hidden this one, I have hidden other women’s clothing?”

“Yes.” Shi Feifei was not ashamed of this. After that, he stared directly at Axia. “This is common sense. Common sense does not need to be explained. You have lost memory and it is normal to not know.”

“The dress changed blind spots.”

“I thought about it for a long time, but I still didn’t think of the principle of the blind spot, and I was embarrassed to ask, that is the ball you spit out, right?”

“Blind spots are things that are invisible. Because they are invisible, they can be anywhere or anything. What is the specific principle? I think the definition of the word blind spots is the principle of blind spots. I put the I searched for things, and there are only so many introductions about blind spots. But I do n’t think this is beyond the scope of common sense. I think there should be no such thing in reality. One day I suddenly felt a huge sense of falling, and then I opened Opening my eyes, I was surrounded by transparent, warm sponge-like things, and I found that I floated on the water and wobbled with the waves. I knew what was wrapped around me was called a blind spot, and I knew its settings. At the same time, a huge sense of urgency surrounds me, and it tells me to find someone and ask him how many days it is now. Then I started to think about how to open the blind spot, ‘I ca n’t see it When I see it, I ca n’t touch it when I touch it. I float on the sea and the waves wave together. Various fish swim around. I think about these two sentences. I did n’t feel sleepy when I was hungry. The sun and the moon rose from the east to the west, and I could only see them. All the feelings in the blind spots were constant. The outside wind, sunlight, the smell of the sea, the clouds and mist were humid, everything was so far away. It floated like this for a few days at sea. One night, I was lifted up by a blue phosphorescent whale, and in the air I saw a black lighthouse-like thing with a flash of fire on it. Then I adjusted it slightly. After a bit of blind spot, I may have forgotten to say that when I pondered, I found that I can control the direction of the blind spot, not only follow the current, but this is not important. I saw the fire and the lighthouse in the air, and then I went there Move until you get fished, and that’s all there is to it. ”

Axia, who had been silent, said so much in a sigh that Shi Fei was a little caught off guard. He looked at the distance with his waist pretending to be deep, and couldn’t help sneezing. Then he said to Axia: “I may be slightly The pollen is allergic, but it’s okay, let’s go and see on the island. ”


At first, African history paid great attention to his feet. He was very afraid of poisonous snake worms. When he stepped on soft grass and fallen leaves, he often fantasized about running black beetles or mimicking poisonous snakes, so the two walked very slowly at first. Later, Axia couldn’t take it anymore, and she took the lead and pulled away the weeping branches and shrubs in front. There was a weird quietness on the island, and the two later noticed that this kind of quietness came from the disappearance of animals. Except for the strange plants, the two of them walked for a few hours without seeing a moving thing. After noticing this, Shi Feifei was embarrassed to let Axia open the way ahead.

“Can you tell the name of the plant over here?” Axia asked.

“If I could, I would have been noisy for a long time. I am not the kind of person who knows the ability to hide and only show up at critical moments.” Shi Africa added, “I like to show off all the time. people.”

“Okay, I see.” Since the last time the emotion broke out and spoke for a long time, Axia has turned into a cold look. In fact, if an outsider is here, the attitude of Axia is most indifferent. However, Shi Feifei thinks that he is very responsible in helping Axia to find his memory, so he is a little bit vague about Axia, who seems to be indifferent to everything, and feels that Axia is ruthless.

Normally the two should now return the same way, because everything in front of them seems to have known each other-endless, quiet, green. However, both people have the feeling of being watched, and more than one coincidence are not coincidences. The two chatted about their feelings and thought that the eyes should be free of malicious intent, so they decided to go on, maybe the person watching them would come out at some time.

After the two had walked a little further, the first warning appeared, and two words were placed on the ground with branches-leave. Asya thinks this is a warning, and Shi Fei feels that they are greeting each other. His argument is that there are two people here, and there are only two words on the ground, and they are more separated. He held up a branch, trying to prove it with the tone of his speech.

“You see, the cut surface of this branch is very matte, or it is not cut off. According to the above marks, it looks more like teeth are broken. This shows that the other party’s education level is not high, so it is likely that he left. We call each other, I am away, you are away, do you feel right, or I am away, you are away. Of course, it is also possible that in the other’s locale, leaving is what you mean. “Shi Africa raised his voice again “Hello! Hello, my name is Shi Feifei, and her name is Axia.”

Shi Feifei shouted three times, no reply came, and no one responded to him. The surrounding seemed more quiet. He was a little annoyed, and laughed at Axia. I heard someone talking nonsense at the signal left by me, and I must jump up and curse for a while. ”

The two moved on, and a second warning appeared immediately. There are four words on the ground with a branch that is twice as thick as the last time—leave or die. This time, the cut surface of the branch is extremely smooth, and it seems to be cut with a sharp sharp tool.

“Can communicate.” Axia reached a conclusion, and then glanced at Shi Africa, Shi Africa immediately realized it, showing a dog-like smile and nodding towards Axia, a look wrapped in me, but Axia did not Give him room to play, and continue to stuffy heads after speaking. After a short walk, a snow-white mouse stopped her. The mouse walked upright with its legs about one meter tall, with a waist bag attached to its waist, with a dagger and some strange tools hanging on it.

“Can’t move forward anymore.” The rat’s voice didn’t match his look at all, it was deep, magnetic, like a successful middle-aged man.

“Why don’t you wear clothes?” Axia asked, staring at the mouse.

“You can’t go any further.” The mouse pretended not to hear, and continued to threaten.

“I just asked you, why aren’t you wearing clothes?” Asya continued to ask in a nonchalant tone.

The mouse lowered its head, and the cheeks on both sides showed pink. Axia ignored the dagger hanging from the mouse’s waist, stepped forward, and asked again: “So why don’t you wear clothes?”

“Rats don’t have to wear clothes at all. It’s very impolite to ask questions like this. Respect the customs of different races.” Shi Fei saw the distress of the rats and helped.

“Okay.” Asya turned to the mouse and bent over, “I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter, but you can’t move forward any more.” The mouse raised his head.

“It is also very rude to give instructions without explaining the relationship between superiors and subordinates, Shi Africa, right?” Axia turned to look at Shi Africa.

“It’s the truth, but it may be just cultural differences.” Shi Fei Capricorn answered with his chin, “But haven’t you seen a mouse like this before? It’s not a little shocked.”

“No, I am amnesia. Seeing you are not shocked, it is not strange to think that there is a mouse that can walk upright and talk.”

“It may not be a weird thing, after all, I have had amnesia, so I think it is good.” Shi Feiya turned to the mouse. “Why can’t we move forward anymore, we are looking for humans like us, you see Have you ever? ”

“You can’t see everything in this forest. Without me, you would have died several times. For example, a group of wild boars almost came across with you just now. I was led away and there was no conflict with you. There are still many poisonous snakes and evil bugs along the way that I did not harm you because of my medication. If you continue to go forward, you will run into my clan. I am not sure if they have helped me so kindly. As for you I’ve never seen two people like this, “replied the mouse.

Shi Feifei looked around and said, “So, in fact, there are no animals in this forest, but we can’t see or hear them, so I feel more at ease when I hear them.”

“Um.” Axia snorted softly in agreement, at this time she had squatted down and looked at the tear fish around her waist, as if she didn’t care about the words of the mouse.

“Then why can you see it, and, since you haven’t seen anyone like us, why aren’t you surprised to see us?” Shi Feifa asked.

“Only the people who have been blessed by Bluestone can see everything in the forest. As for people like you, I just haven’t seen real people. There is a statue in our village, and that person should be the same as you.”

“Then take us to the village. I want to see the statue. Maybe there are other people’s clues. I’m going to trouble you next. What’s your name?” Shifa said.

“Rat thirteen.” The rat announced his name.


At the beginning, Mouse Thirteen resolutely disapproved of taking the two suspicious elements of Shi Africa and Axia to his village, and urged them to leave as soon as possible. Shi Fei believes that a high-level intellectual like him should be treated as a guest by any race with cultural signs. He analyzed from the equipment of Rat XIII that Rat XIII’s ethnic group is still in the relatively primitive tool manufacturing stage and expressed his willingness. Fully share their knowledge, push the living standards of the Rats 13 tribes from the agricultural era to the industrial era, and then enumerate the countless beautiful illusions with improved living standards, from convenient food and shelter to more efficient forest development. Absolutely, Mouse Thirteen gradually relaxed. Just when Shi Fei felt that he could almost convince Rat XIII, Axia couldn’t stand the progress and stood up and went further into the forest. Rat 13 looked at Axia’s back, and suddenly agreed to the two’s request, and took them to the tribe.

Walking deep into the forest for a while, Rat XIII placed two people in a tree cave, and then went to report the elders in the tribe alone, and the elders decided to stay. Watching the back of Rat Thirteen leaving, Shi Africa turned to look at Asya. The tree hole seemed very narrow for the two of them, and the two were almost together. Axia exuded a cold atmosphere, and looked at Shi Fei with large eyes, but did not speak. Shi Feifei noticed the sudden change in the attitude of Rat Thirteen. He looked at Axia and felt that he could not be separated from her.

Rat Thirteen returned soon, and two black rats followed. This time, Rat XIII looked much more respectful. He also brought some barbecue and rice cakes, and then took the two of them to the village. The other two black rats followed them step by step. When entering the village, all the mice stopped the work at hand and looked at the two from a distance.

If you put aside the humanoid mice, Shi Fei and Axia are completely an ordinary farming village. After entering the village, the two noticed more details. For example, everything was scaled according to the size of their bodies. Women would wear certain grooming clothes. Men would be naked. Most mice are Black, occasionally gray and brown, and none of them white like Rat XIII.

Soon the two were taken to a small house behind the mountain, and the mouse thirteen let them in, but they stood at the door.

“Come in,” said the man inside.

The door was opened, and there was a circle of candles in the room. The center of the candle was a square platform, a very old, white mouse sitting on the square platform cross-legged as if only a layer of skin was left. The seat cushion in front of them signaled them to sit down, and then the door was closed gently by the mouse Thirteen outside. Axia naturally adopted kneeling, while Shi Fei was much more casual, sitting cross-legged and stretching.

The mouse in front of him couldn’t distinguish between men and women. He wore a large robe, his eyes were covered with a white cloudy mist, and long beards on both sides of his mouth fell to the ground. His hands were wrapped in the cuffs on his chest. Don’t speak. Asya was indifferent to this situation, and seemed to be accustomed to this atmosphere of silence, but Shi Fei could not bear it immediately.

“Excuse me, are you?” Shi Africa asked.

“I’m Thirteen,” the mouse on the square responded.

“Are you the same name as Mouse Thirteen outside?”

“No, Rat XIII is not Rat XIII for the time being. He called him Rat XIII by his own waywardness, but it made the two laughed. Only after I died would Rat XIII be Rat XIII.”

After opening the box, the old mouse Thirteen suddenly became a lot angry, and suddenly became talkative. Without waiting for the two to ask questions, they continued to talk:

“It’s really too long, and the stories that have passed down are intermittent and broken. Let’s start from the outside forest. If the prediction is correct, all of you, except for the plants full of eyes and my people, you Can’t see, right? ”

Asya nodded, Rat XIII saw, smiled, and continued: “This forest is called the Forgotten Forest. You do n’t see those creatures, you just forget them all the time. You see those things, but at the same time You forget that you see them, you hear them, and at the same time you forget that you hear them, you touch them, and you are forgetting, so you think this forest is empty. ”

“What is the blue stone that Rat XIII said outside?” Shi Africa asked.

The old rat thirteen heard it, with a rare expression of embarrassment. Facing Axia, he asked, “Can you please stand up and turn around and let me have a look?”

Ashe didn’t hesitate, she stood up and turned around.

Shi Feifei noticed that Rat XIII pulled out a wooden sculpture from his robe, and then looked at Axia’s back. After a while, tears poured from the eyes of the old Rat XIII, and as the body trembled, he gently Weeping.

“Master Xia, I am the 139th generation of Rat XIII. Rat XIII has been waiting for you for 2384 years. Welcome home. I did not expect that Lord Xia Ji was no different from when I left. Are you looking for someone? ”

“You may be mistaken. My name is Axia, it’s not Xiaji, and I don’t know your existence.” Axia turned back and responded coldly.

“It is also possible. After all, you have lost memory. Who knows what happened in the past?” Shi Feiya added quickly.

“Nothing wrong, Lord Xia Ji’s ruthless back is forever engraved in the memory of Rat XIII, and it has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has not been blurred for a moment.” Rat XIII put away the crying appearance, The humble mouse recovered into an old man, and he told the story of Xia Ji to the two in a mythical tone.

Before Xia Ji’s arrival, the brown rat was no different from other foolish animals in the forest. Xia Ji woke the brown rat and helped them start their wisdom. At the same time, Xia Ji also left the blue stone, so that all the brown rats do not have to forget everything, and can continue to live and thrive in the forest after enlightenment. Rat 13 didn’t know why the adult Xia Ji chose to wake up the brown rat. It guessed it was just because of a lonely mood. In its impression, Xia Ji has always been a person, and his appearance and attitude are completely the same as those of other creatures in the forest. It’s different. There seems to be only one person like Xia Ji between heaven and earth.

“One day, there was a light in Master Xia Ji’s hands, and the rats that bathed in that light gave birth to wisdom and began to communicate and communicate with Lord Xia Ji. Lord Xia Ji told us that there was a person buried in this forest. Memory, that person is unwilling to think back, so a strange phenomenon in the forest has formed. She has been searching for that person, but she can’t find the trace of that person. The intelligent creature will be separated from this forest. Come, you can’t see the original creatures, but Lord Xia Ji left Blue Stone. As long as he was blessed by Blue Stone, he will remember everything and see all the creatures in the forest again. Until one day, Lord Xia Ji is as usual Leaving to find that person, he never returned. Rat 13 was the earliest mouse who accompanied Accompanied Xia Ji, and it believed that Adult Xia Ji would return, so every generation will choose a white rat to pass on the rat. Three memories, this generation is me. Lord Xia Ji’s figure is the same as when he left more than 2000 years ago, how can I admit it. Lord Xia Ji, you have not abandoned the rat Third, right? ”

“I don’t remember everything you said.” Asia said.


In the earliest times, everything in the forest resonated. Tropical, subtropical, temperate, and frosty plants grow together in chaos. The nutrients in the land seem to be endless, and every kind of plant is growing crazy. A big explosion followed, with the South China Tiger and Siberian wolf calling brothers and brothers, African elephants riding on Sumatran rhinos, giraffe weevil and Namib desert beetle topped together. When Xia Ji first came to this forest, he saw a scene like this: all species abandoned their prejudices to each other, because of the abundant means of production, appetite can be ignored for these creatures, Everyone has focused on reproduction and reproduction. All possible lingering and intercourse methods have been tried. Fortunately, the law of reproductive isolation has not disappeared, so no strange creatures will appear.

According to the agreement, Xia Ji was waiting for someone to come in this forest, but the person did not arrive on time. Then Xia Ji began to look for that person. She went to every corner of the island and tried sailing. Every time she was Disappointed to return to this forest. After a long time, Xia Ji may start to feel lonely, so she caught a brown rat that was under the body of an Australian wombat and kept it beside her. After that, Xia Ji left the forest less and less frequently. She seemed to accept her fate and accepted the fact that the person she was looking for would never appear. She focused more on observing the forest, making illustrated books for each creature, calculating daily weather changes, and admiring the efforts made by different species to break through reproductive obstacles.

Until one day, Xia Ji woke up the group of brown rats around him. Then the brown rats gave birth to wisdom, and their size quickly increased, and they began to walk upright. Then Xia Ji taught the group of brown rats the language and the ability to use tools. In this way, the brown rats became independent from the forest and became a tribe with culture and wisdom. After that, Xia Ji left the forest and went to the cliff on the island to build a house made of stones. She started living there by herself. Only Mouse XIII was allowed to know the location of the stone house and sent food regularly.

The problem followed. In the process of giving birth to wisdom, the brown rats noticed that there were fewer and fewer animals around them, and their voices became quieter. Gradually, only brown rats remained in the forest. If that’s the case, that would be acceptable. There is too much food in the forest, and survival is not a problem at all. But then the ghosts appeared. The brown rats found that the friends around them were sometimes swept away by invisible things. Many wounds appeared inexplicably. The houses often collapsed. The food-growing fields gave huge footprints. The crops were trampled It’s a mess.

As a representative, when Mouse Thirteen visited Xia Ji, he mentioned the ghost disturbing the tribe. After learning about the situation, Xia Ji showed a hesitant look, indicating that no ghost can appear in the forest. Then Xia Ji returned to the tribe with Rat XIII, just when a house collapsed strangely, and the brown rats knelt on the ground, praying for the ghost to leave. At this time, Xia Ji realized that the brown rats that had given birth to wisdom were isolated from the forest and lost their ability to remember. Their so-called ghosts are all creatures that already exist in the forest. Only the white rhino in estrus. Xia Ji, who had guessed the cause, was helpless at first, and could only tell the brown rats the real reason of the ghost to relieve the panic, and then returned to the stone house. This is also the last time Xia Ji returned to the forest. After knowing the reason, the brown rats did not panic at first, and then made a series of measures to deal with those invisible “ghosts”.

For the next few years, Mouse Thirteen has been responsible for delivering food to Xia Ji on the cliff, once a day, rain and wind. Maybe Lord Xia Ji also blessed Mouse Thirteen, he rarely encountered those “ghosts”, and the most serious one was just broken his arm. Until one day, Xia Ji told Rat XIII that she had found a way to deal with the ghosts. She didn’t need Rat XIII to continue to deliver meals. Rat XIII returned to this room ten years later, when she would solve it. Way to tell the mouse Thirteen.

Rat Thirteen was very excited about his ten-year agreement with Xia Ji. He did not tell people in the tribe that Xia Ji had found a chance to deal with the ghosts. It only took ten years, and Xia Ji would save the victim again in ten years. The cursed tribe. He regards this as a secret between himself and Xia Ji, and is even tight-lipped about his wife and children. For this reason, he never drinks alcohol to prevent him from speaking out after drinking. He announced to the outside that Xia Ji had left, and the road leading to Xia Ji Stone House had disappeared.

At the beginning, Mouse Thirteen worked hard for the arrival of that day, trying to have a strong physique to meet endless dangers and accidents. But a serious illness hit him suddenly, first with weakness in his limbs, then his head fainted, then his whole body became hot, and his heart rate flickered slowly and slowly. The doctor in the tribe told Rat Thirteen that this situation might not last long. On several occasions, he felt that he was dying and could not help but want to share his secrets with others.

People in the tribe have seen ghosts as the curse and punishment of wisdom, have accepted the dangers everywhere, and have created a whole set of means to deal with ghosts, such as burning the fire all night and planting stink plants outside the tribe. Rat Thirteen told himself that only he could be a hero of this tribe. This secret could only be kept by him, and it was only him who would meet Master Xia Ji.

The illness lasted a whole week, and Rat Thirteen survived. Void heroism convinced Rat XIII that he kept meditating on Xia Ji’s name and endured pain and weakness. Then he went to the other extreme and began to cherish his safety extremely and avoid any accidents as much as possible.

He sent someone to imitate the house on the seaside of Xia Ji in the deepest part of the tribe to build a stone house, avoiding all outing activities and manual labor, while surrendering some of the power in his hands in exchange for the most secure and safe life.

Ten years later, Rat Thirteen is already an old man. It was just a light rain that morning, and he woke up from the bed and felt great pain. As if there were countless little bugs gnawing on his bones, his joints, his muscles. He heard his blood slowly pass through the bursa, tendons, fascia and blood vessels, making a dry, harsh noise. At first he thought it was a natural manifestation of aging, and it was too late when he realized that long sitting and cultivation caused his muscles to shrink a lot.

He had to get up, however, and he had waited for this day for ten years.

The old mouse Thirteen threw down the long beards on both sides, put on a bunch of feet and a knife bag, and pushed open the door. The soft sunlight in the morning made Mouse XIII feel very comfortable for a long time. Many people in the tribe have forgotten the existence of Mouse XIII, forget this former tribal leader, and watched him look curious and curious.

Rat 13 didn’t care about this, even if the later superiors reduced the treatment promised to him again and again, he did not regret giving up power at the beginning, which allowed him to avoid many conspiracies and disputes and save a lot energy. He looked at the crowd with a smile, greeted each familiar face, stroked the heads of the children passing by, and set up various tools scattered along the way.

Rat Thirteen felt that Xia Ji was blessing him, and the vitality of life was returning to his body. He went to the stone house countless times when he was young. Even with his eyes closed, he could be among the strange trees and vines. Recognize the right direction. Everything seems to be back to ten years ago, back to the time when he was most energetic, Mouse Thirteen meditated on the name of Xia Ji, and then slowly and firmly toward the cliff.

Everything on the road went smoothly, in sharp contrast to the screams from time to time from behind. Rat Thirteen knew that the superiors of the tribe had never believed in his words, and as he left the village, he must have followed countless pairs of eyes. However, he didn’t care about it, nothing could affect his pace.

Finally, he came to the stone house of Xia Ji. He remembered that every time he came to Xia Ji, he was sitting on the edge of the well in front of the stone house, swinging his legs, looking at the beach in silence, and then turned back to reveal a formula Smile, just let him put down the food, and then thank him very seriously.

There was no Xia Ji on the water well this time. He pushed the door open, and the room was empty, not even a bed. On the stone platform in the center of the house is a piece of bluestone and a leaf. The leaves are engraved with the function and use of bluestone. Apart from that, nothing is left.

The rat thirteen hands raised the blue stone and walked out of the stone house. Outside, there was a team of brown rat men with poor look and full armour, almost everyone had deep or shallow scars. As if Rat 13 didn’t see them, the operation method left by Xia Ji flashed in his heart, and the blue stone floated in the air instantly, emitting a dazzling light, covering the people around the stone house. After the light shone, many sounds suddenly appeared in everyone’s ears—birdsongs, dog barks, insect groans, tiger howls, and ape crying. The rats turned to look at the forest, and a flock of birds was being scattered.

Thirteen rats burst into tears, held blue stone high, knelt down, and shouted Xia Ji’s name. Everyone in the squad surrounding Mouse XIII couldn’t help lowering their weapons and kneeling with Mouse XIII.

“Since then, Lord Xia Ji has never appeared again, and every brown rat person will be bathed in the bluestone’s light once he is born. As long as he has bathed, he can remember everything in the forest. And bluestone also has a function, the earliest That Rat XIII’s memory of Lord Xia Ji can be passed down from generation to generation through Blue Stone. “Rat XIII confronted Axia and Shi Africa, and finished the story of Lord Xia Ji.

“Nothing? The one named Xia Ji left nothing but a piece of blue stone?” Shi Africa asked.

“And this stone platform under me.” Rat Thirteen said, and stood up, revealing the stone platform below him. Shi Feifei and Axia leaned up and found the words carved on the stone platform. Gently read it out:

I am so alone and complete.


Rat Thirteen looked exhausted after telling the story. He got up a little, showed the stone platform under him, and immediately sat down, closed his eyes, and didn’t rush to talk with the two. Shi Feifei remembered the poem in his heart after reading it again, looking at Axia, as if Axia was the cruel and poor Xia Ji. At this time, Axia still stood still, and seemed to have no fluctuations. Then Mouse Thirteen arranged for Shi Fei and Axia to take a rest, telling them that they would help them pray with blue stones in three days, and then they could see everything in the forest.

The mouse thirteen outside the house is responsible for leading the two, but according to the aging mouse thirteen, the young mouse thirteen in front of the two cannot yet have the name, so they do not know how to call him now. On the road, Shi Africa mentioned this. The talkative “Thirteen Rats” was silent and did not answer. It is said that for the convenience of Shi Africa and Axia to avoid the prying eyes of many curious brown rat people, “Mouse Thirteen” arranged them in a bamboo forest hut reclaimed by Houshan. The original residents hadtily packed up before that. The luggage moved elsewhere. Because of the body shape, the bed in the room is made up of two standard brown rat people’s beds, and only one is prepared, and the rest of the daily necessities are quite mini and humble. Shi Africa proposed that two beds were needed, and “Thirteen Rats” arranged immediately, and then told them that they could walk at will, but don’t leave the area of ​​the village, and every meal would be delivered on time. After ordering some things that require attention, “Mouse Thirteen” left, and never answered Shi Fei’s doubts before-how to call him in the future.

Inside and outside the house was cleaned up very cleanly. Shi Fei guessed that the aging Rat XIII had already made a decision while they were waiting for news in the tree hole, vacating the place and preparing furniture that fit their habits. At noon, a brown rat man respectfully delivered lunch. The tableware was a newly made bamboo tube with bean rice and grilled meat. The taste was quite good. After the two had finished eating, the words painted on the inside of the tableware appeared.

“Don’t believe, don’t sleep.” Shi Feiya pointed to the words on the bamboo tube and said to Axia.

“Just decide, I’m a bit sleepy, and want to sleep for a while.” Asya didn’t feel any problem at all, she took off her waist bag and placed it beside the bed, lay up and immediately fell asleep.

Shi Feifei wanted to grab Axia’s ear and call her to look at the big characters on the bamboo tube—don’t sleep, but he suddenly remembered the poem that he had remembered in his heart before he felt unconsciously gentle and somehow. A trace of sadness was seen in Axia’s sleeping face. This was the first time that Shi Fei saw Axia falling asleep, so he took the opportunity to start looking at Axia’s face carefully without any psychological burden. The light in the room was not sufficient. In this gray environment, Axia’s face was between Between the girl and the woman, there is not only a kind of girlish coquettishness, but also a woman’s charming. Even in deep sleep, Axia frowned slightly, her mouth closed tightly, her whole body shrank, and her hands were punched in her arms.

“I’m so alone and complete.” Shi Fei chewed the words and went out with a bamboo tube. He had previously noticed that the characters on the bamboo tube were written with a special paint and would fade gradually over time. When he took the bamboo tube outside the house, in the sun, the characters on the bamboo tube disappeared faster. There was no trace immediately, as if those words never existed.

The surrounding bamboo forest was silent, only the sound of rustling water from the back of the house. Shi Feifei walked along a path for a while. A waterfall suddenly appeared in front of him. A puddle was flushed below the waterfall. The upward stone wall was fan-shaped around the puddle, wet and smooth, which prevented the possibility of climbing upwards. The puddle is clear and bottomed, with all kinds of pebbles lined at the bottom of the puddle, and no fish can be seen. Shi Fei walked around the puddle a few times, squatted down, tried the water temperature, and went back a bit.

Asya in the room had woke up, wrapped in a quilt all over her, and read a book with a book in her heart. When Shi Fei came back, she tightened the quilt.

Shi Fei remembered that when they left the lighthouse, they didn’t bring a book and asked what book it was. Ashe heard that she turned around and exposed the front of the book to Shi Africa, and replied that it was a selection of poems. Shi Africa saw that the white cover of the book was as empty as possible, and it was as rough as a self-made print. Then he naturally followed Axia to follow and watched together. Axia did not stop, but adjusted the angle of the book for Shi Africa to read. A glance at the history of Africa shows that something is wrong. This book has not only a cover, but also a page number catalog. It is not a collection of one’s work. It is more like a hodgepodge. The genre on each page of poetry and poetry Not the same. In these few pages, four languages ​​and six genres have appeared.

“Where does this book come from, do you understand?” Shi Africa asked.

“Well, I understand. The blind spot changes.” Axia replied.

Shi Fei stepped back, looked at Axia in the quilt, and knew why she was tightly wrapped around the quilt.

“Maybe Mouse Thirteen is right, you are Xia Ji.”

“I do not remember.”

“I don’t remember that I am Shi Fei, but everyone said yes, and no one jumped out to oppose, so I am Shi Fei, and now some people say you are Xia Ji, the people who opposed did not jump out, but just left a suspicious Information, I guess you have become the same as Xia Ji. Unfortunately, I have no right to oppose, otherwise I must be the first to jump out, Xia Ji is too pathetic, and was released for thousands of years. By contrast, Shi Africa is much better. Not only does it have a house, stable work, and women knocking at the door in the middle of the night, so I have no reason to object. ”

“Don’t believe it.” Asya closed the book, turned her head to look at Shi Africa, and said slowly again, “Don’t believe it.” Then the blind spot turned into a dress again.

At night, they did not sleep, and sat side by side to analyze the story of Rat XIII. The biggest problem is that Xia Ji’s intentions are always vague in the story of Rat XIII. There is neither the origin of Xia Ji, nor the information of the person Xia Ji seeks, nor the reason for Xia Ji to find people. In the story, Xia Ji suddenly came and left, as if it had nothing to do with the existence of the brown rat people. But the contradiction is that according to the description of Rat XIII, for the amnesia, Xia Ji was helpless at first, and it took a long time for him to research. Judging from the solitary residence that Xia Ji chose after the enlightenment of the brown rat people, the choice of enlightenment of the brown rat was not to eliminate loneliness, otherwise Xia Ji would not spend all his time doing research. There must be some secret connection between the Brown Rat Man and Xia Ji, and this connection was obscured in the story of Rat XIII. He didn’t even mention why he could inherit the memory through Blue Stone.

At midnight, the knock on the door sounded, and Shi Fafei opened the door, and there was the young “Thirteen Rats” standing outside the door.

“I’m Xia Shishi of this generation.”


Xia Shisan, who finally spoke, posed a philosophical question to Shi Africa and Axia-Is human being dominated by body or memory? Prior to this, Shi Africa has doubted the inheritance of Rat XIII. In his narrative, his own expression comes from the third person of Rat XIII. He never said “I”, but the content and angle of the narrative are all One person, Xia Shisan’s words verified Shi Fei’s conjecture.

“In addition to helping the brown rat people to remember everything in the forest, the blue stone can also transfer memory. Each generation of the brown rat people will choose a rat thirteen, and use the blue stone to transfer memory after the previous generation of rat thirteen. Become a new generation of rat thirteen. ”

“The reason that Rat XIII claimed to be doing this was to wait for Lord Xia Ji, and the brown rat people were always ready to receive Lord Xia Ji. In the description of Rat XIII, Lord Xia Ji is a very nostalgic person for Lord Xia Ji On the day when they returned, the brown rat must keep the memory, even in such a strange way. Of course, the mouse thirteen declared that the transfer of this memory was completely harmless, but after being implanted in the memory, the original Where do some memories go? Each generation of Rat XIII claims that it only has a very detailed and realistic image memory in his mind, and does not affect the thoughts and souls of the selected people. However, why is it just a memory? In this way, there are too many ways in which words, paintings, and stories can pass on this memory. At the same time, the most important point is that all the mouse thirteen have shown many common points after the memory transmission. I do n’t want to go out, the tastes are similar, knowledgeable and calm. To a certain extent, Mouse Thirteen has completed eternal life in this way and has lived to the present. ”

“Xia Shisan is a derivative of this eternal life. It is the opposite of Rat XIII. Not every selected Rat XIII is willing to accept this title. This memory appeared, and Xia Shi appears. The surname of an adult keeps a secret for her while waiting for her to return, or waiting for the person she is waiting to appear. ”

Inside the room, Xia Shisan explained his name, stared at Shi Feifei and Axia, and became silent. Asya stepped forward, Xia Shixi couldn’t help but arched, and let Asya put her hand on his head.

“Poor, unfortunately I’m not Xia Ji, I can’t help you.” Axia said, holding Xia Shisan’s head.

“However, you look exactly like Xia Ji.” Xia Shisan said.

Shi Feifei could not help asking: “Theoretically, the method of inheritance of rat XIII is perfect. Even if some people are unwilling to fight, the Xia XIII behind them will be found after the memory is fused. At the same time, under this premise All relevant Xia Ji’s memories should only be accessible to Rat XIII, unless Xia XIII becomes Rat XIII, how can you know? But the paradox is that, when you become Rat XIII, how can you resist yourself? Established Xia Thirteen. ”

“It’s not fusion, it’s killing. Our soul is like a house, but this house can only live in one person. The consciousness of the rat holding the blue stone is like a soldier with a weapon. The house was originally The master is a civilian without weapons. At first, the civilians did not take precautions against the soldiers, so their consciousness was easily killed, and their souls were occupied. Until the emergence of Xia Shisan, the civilians began to resist. During the course of the struggle, they would naturally be opposed A certain understanding, this is why Xia Shisan learned the secret. Similarly, because it is killing, not fusion, the victorious rat Shisan naturally does not know what Xia Shisan is doing behind it. ”

“So what is the secret kept by Xia Shisan and how is it kept?” Shi Africa asked.

“please follow me.”

Xia Shisan did not answer directly, but owed his body and led them out. Shi Africa and Axia followed Xia Shisan through the bamboo forest behind the house and along the path to the waterfall where Shi Africa had stopped during the day. Then Xia Shisan went straight forward, seeing the waterfall in front of him as nothing and disappeared after the waterfall. Asya didn’t think about it and followed up. Shi Feifei was still hesitant at first. When she saw this, she hurried to Took her way forward.

Across the waterfall, an elliptical cave unfolded in front of the two. Facing the two of them is a huge mural. The woman above is exactly like Axia, wearing a thin white dress, sitting on a rock protruding from a cliff by the sea, hugging her knees, and looking into the distance. Below the mural is a small platform similar to an altar, with a stone on it, emitting a faint blue light that illuminates the cave. In front of Blue Stone, Xia Shishi bent down and respectfully said:

“Welcome back, Master Xia Ji.”


The first generation of Xia Shisan appeared in an accident, it was a simple love story. Before the inheritance, the generation of Rat 13 appeared regretful because of the miss of his lover. Because according to the regulations, all rats can’t become their biological sons, they can only accept the offerings and spend their lives in peace. This remorse affects the inheritance, in other words, on the level of consciousness, the house owner wears an armor. This made the invasion of rat thirteen obstructed, and the two were entangled. The first generation of Xia thirteen pierced the dreadful truth behind the inheritance, and rose to struggle and gained a sober time.

Later, he tried to destroy Blue Stone with an axe, but Blue Stone was only divided into two, and each of them made up the incomplete parts, and became the same as before. Timeless Xia Shisan established this stronghold behind the waterfall, leaving a piece of blue stone here. Since then, the inheritance of memory is no longer exclusive to Mouse XIII.

Xia Shishi said, took the blue stone from the altar, and brought it to Axia and Shi Africa.

“Please put Bluestone in your brows.”

Asya remained indifferent, Shi Africa had to take over Bluestone and carefully placed his eyebrows. As soon as Lan Shi touched Shi Africa’s eyebrows, all the light suddenly converged, and the cave suddenly became dark. Shi Africa’s hand was suddenly held. He knew it was Axia’s hand, cold and soft, and boneless.

Then a beam of gloom was born from the inside of the blue stone, and passed through the tip to Shi Africa’s eyebrows.

Among the light spears are three images. Shi Fei had no mastery in front of him. He found that as long as he used consciousness, he could drag and drag these three images. It was like a projector in his mind. After confirming that there was no harm, he opened it. For a while.

The beginning of the image is a lush forest. Various plants are entangled. Numerous light particles suddenly converge to form Xia Ji, which is exactly the same as Axia. The newly emerged Xia Ji was naked and surrounded by peaceful animals. She looked indifferent, as if everything around her had nothing to do with her, and her naked body did not cause her shame. But then she covered key parts of her body with leaves and started walking in the forest. Xia Ji is as fragile as Axia, but in the image it seems to be very powerful. Sometimes she pulls open the animals that are having sex, holding their heads to observe it, from cockroaches and mice to lion and tiger elephants. Almost everything All the animals were disturbed by her, and they were swollen and blushed after trying to resist. Then she lost interest in these things and began to study the plants around her, such as pulling hemp out of Manila hemp to make clothes, collecting the fibers from the coconut shell to make a mat, using bamboo to make a bamboo house, and digging out the roots of the tree Polish a smooth surface with a stone axe to make a table. A new house immediately rose from the forest. The scene of the video is Xia Ji came back from the forest with a brown rat and walked into her new home.

What needs to be explained here is that the images in Bluestone are not continuous. On the contrary, almost every scene is fragmented, the front-back relationship is weak, and the playback speed is different from the normal time flow rate, which is several times faster. Fortunately, Shi Africa has a very good image processing ability and a good memory, so that it can accept the amount of information in the image. When he finished reading the first paragraph, he already believed that Axia and Xia Ji were not as simple as they looked. It should be said that the two were exactly the same in both body and appearance, thanks to the nakedness of both of them. Examined. Out of curiosity, he opened a second video without stopping.

In the second image, the forest center was reclaimed a huge flat land, and the brown rat villages were scattered on the flat land, and each village was maintained at about 100 households. The village and the village are connected by water canals. These canals are wide enough to run in parallel with four canoes. At this time, the sides of the canal are full of golden yellow rice fields. The brown rat people spread the green ash along the canoe all the way. The blue ash fell to the brown rat man waiting by the water channel with the wind, and the brown rat man stained with the green gray danced as if performing a sacrifice. The brown mouse man on the canoe saw the water channel. The companions danced, showing a sad look, and several shed tears.

The entire flat land is isolated from the forest, and a circle of wooden posts are erected at the edges. These wooden posts are tied with red lines, as if there is a magical magic that separates the wanton plants outside. There was only a small aisle in one place, and the brown rat men from car to car were transported out of the plain by a two-wheeler covered with white cloth, and then the car-by-car ash was transported back to the ground. Xia Ji was not seen from beginning to end in this image, and the bamboo building that appeared in the first image disappeared.

The third image is on the seashore. It is the scene in the mural. Xia Ji is sitting on the edge of the cliff, and behind him is a stone house. There is a blue smoke from inside the stone house from time to time. The aging Rat XIII appeared from the forest path behind the stone house, and respectfully came to Xia Ji, Xia Ji ignored him. Then a group of brown rat men came out of the forest, they brought a boat, and began to assemble pulleys by the cliff. Xia Ji went to the boat silently, looking at the sea, and the rat behind him threw himself down on his knees, while the brown rat man assembling the pulley was afraid to look at Xia Ji at all. In the evening, the pulley was finally assembled, and the ship carrying Xia Ji was carefully placed on the sea, and then sailed into the distance. The sun at sea level gradually merged with Xia Ji’s ship that became a black spot, and then the sun turned into a black briquette, and the water surface began to rise rapidly. By the cliff, Rat XIII had stood up, standing where Xia Ji was sitting, and the brown rats who assembled the pulley behind him knelt down like he had before. He looked for a while, turned into the stone house, and took it out. A blue light stone. The water level was still rising rapidly, the entire island was gradually submerged, and finally everything disappeared, and the light of Bluestone flickered quietly underwater.

After the three videos ended, Shi Fei’s eyes turned dark. He relaxed the blue stone against his brows and opened his eyes. Xia Shisan waited with his eyebrows low, while Axia looked straight at him.

Shi Africa handed Blue Stone to Axia, and Axia shook her head and refused.

“I don’t watch, you tell me.”

“I saw how you looked before, and it’s no different than now. You and Xia Ji not only look exactly the same, but also have the same body shape. If nothing else, you are Xia Ji. I think you still have to look at it yourself Look, don’t worry, Xia Ji inside is not so bad. ”

After talking about history, Africa slammed Bluestone on Axia’s head, and then Axia fell into a strange silence, holding the bluestone pressed on her brows with both hands. Shi Feibu took the opportunity, turned his head, turned to Xia Shisan, and asked:

“Since you think Axia is Xia Ji, why did you persuade us to leave at first?”

“I must admit that it is cowardly. Although Xia Shisan and Rat 13 are convinced that Lord Xia Ji will come back, but I did not expect it to be my generation. Return of Lord Xia Ji means Rat Xia and Rat 10 There is no need for all three to survive. ”

“Axia is here now. She has no memories of Xia Ji. What are you going to do to bring us here?” Shi Feifa asked.

Xia Shisan did not answer directly, but talked about the things in the blue stone image.

“According to the judgments of Xia Shi Xia in the past, Lord Xia Ji did not create the brown rat people out of loneliness. You also saw that the brown rat people were transported out of the safe township, and then Qinghui came back along the same route, and the land sprinkled with these green ash will become more fertile. What are these green ash? Some Dai Xia Shih ran to the place where he was buried outside the village and dug out a freshly-dead brown rat. The human body, and then built a stone house similar to the image, and burned it with fire for one night. The blue ashes came out. He sprinkled the green ashes on the road in front of the town, and scattered some sunflower seeds. It didn’t take long for the place to be full of sunflowers. What happened to the brown rat people who were sent out before they died, and why did they suffer such a fate? I don’t think these have anything to do with Master Xia Ji. ”

When Shi Fei heard half of it, he noticed that Xia Shisan ’s voice began to contain hostility. He silently stood between Axia and Xia Shisan. This did not affect Xia Shisan ’s conversation. He stripped off the beginning. When I met the two, I was stripped of the respectfulness and prudence when I came to the door again, and began to talk about it as “Xia XIII”.

Xia Shisan told them that Rat 13 was in charge of the brown rat people’s leadership day after day. The generation of brown rats died of old age, died, and died away. At the same time, Xia Ji also survived. Into a religious symbol like the Creator. Religious symbols are not suitable for real appearance. Therefore, the so-called worry about rat 13 is that Africa and Axia are harassed by villagers, because the villagers have no idea that Lord Xia Ji has returned, in other words, the two people In fact, he has been held in confinement, and the caretaker is Xia Shisan. Xia Shisan said that he could help him both leave the forest, but Axia must promise him a request.

“Take away Blue Stone, Master Xia Ji.”


Shi Feifei was very surprised by Xia Shisan’s request, although it was impossible to determine who was lying with him or Mouse XIII, or who was telling the truth more. But there is no doubt that in the stories of both parties, blue stone is a very important part. It can even be said that blue stone is the home of the brown rat people, but Xia Shishi wanted to let Axia Take away Bluestone.

Xia Shisan noticed the surprise on Shi Feifei’s face, and explained, “In fact, the blue stone brought far more to the brown rat people than the brown rat people. The rat did not tell you that the use of blue stone is There are a limited number of people. For this reason, the birth and death of the brown rat people are tightly limited. Every year, every month, or even every week, the number of brown rat people born in the village has a fixed index. Quota-Qiming is using blue stones to bless the newborn brown rat people. Brown rat people in a certain age in the village will be blessed by blue stones and exiled to the forest. You also see the images in the blue stones. When Lord Xia Ji did not produce blue stones, the brown rat people’s villages were much larger than they are now. They used a strange red line to isolate a plain in the forest. Although the animals in the forest were not visible, but They are willing to fight against those transparent monsters with their life and enthusiasm, and to give birth to their offspring with high enthusiasm to resist the odd high death rate. What does the village look like today? Every brown rat is careful to live and dare not follow It is natural to have a happy life and count how many days are left before exile. Such a day is really happier than the brown rat people in ancient times. Why does rat 13 say that after three days I can help you pray with blue stones, because Three days later is the most recent exile day. Only the blessing of the brown rat people recovered can help you pray with blue stones. Correspondingly, because of your appearance, there are two fewer newborns who can survive in the village. ”

“The brown rat man who first got the blue stone saw other animals in the forest, saw transparent monsters that were not visible in the past, heard the song of the songbird, and the possibility of accidental death may continue to decline, and the farmland will not be confused. Destruction. Most importantly, they are no longer alone. Are you sure you can represent the brown rat people and give up this happiness? ”

It was Asya who spoke, and she put down Blue Stone and asked Xia Shidao.

“The year 2000 has passed and this happiness has deteriorated. The brown rat people are willing to endure loneliness and accidents. Someone must come forward to make this decision, ‘Xia Shisan’s responsibility is this.” Xia Shisan answered.

“Okay, I agree to your request, but you have to tell me how to do it.” Axia said seriously, as if she had confirmed that she was Xia Ji, and her tone was very different from before.

“You just need to hold the blue stone while accepting the blessing. Xia Shisan will handle the next thing properly.” Xia Shisha bent down again, showing a respectful look, and then led the two back after Asya nodded. Bamboo forest hut.

Returning to the history of the cabin, Africa looked at this bamboo house, and thought of the bamboo house that Xia Ji built in the first image seen in the blue stone. Both are exactly the same in external appearance, but the bamboo house is obviously It is impossible to keep it for so long, so this bamboo house should be rebuilt for Xia Ji by Rat XIII. Considering the character of Rat XIII and its relationship with Xia Ji, the decoration in the bamboo house is likely to be completely copied from that year Initial look.

“Do you have a familiar feeling? For example, when you walk into this room, you don’t need to think about knowing which window is there. You can walk from the door to the bedside, and the closets and cabinets are very easy to use.” Ask Axia.

Returning to the bamboo house, Axia returned to her original indifferent look. The whole person leaned on the lounger and huddled together. Shi Fei didn’t answer after asking, but sobbed softly, which made Shi Fei a little bit Overwhelmed. He had just seen Asya’s self-assured and determined look in the cave, thinking that she had recovered some memories, or feelings, of Xia Ji. Just like when African history woke up after his amnesia, even if he never remembered the past, but when the daily life rushed to him, he immediately entered a rhythm, and no one would doubt it. He is Shi Africa.

Girls are a little bit more confused than boys. Whether they are to themselves or to others, Shi Africa thinks so subconsciously. After thinking for a while, he stepped forward and held Axia’s hand, trying to embrace her, but was kicked by Axia’s barefoot in the chest.

“What do you want to do? Do you think that the girl crying is just expressing weakness and implying to rely on it?” Axia raised her head, aggressively, and said in an unreasonable tone. This is the first time that Shi Africa has seen the release of Axia’s emotions. The previous Axia was like an air-conditioned ice cube, converging, often silent, expressing emotions with simple movements, like an orderly robot.

“I just feel that you took the initiative to take my hand before, rely on me, and even I have seen you and Xia Ji’s nudes, which made me have an illusion, that the two of us are related to each other even if intimacy occurs Your physical contact will not make you bore, so I just want to warm you with my body subconsciously. “Shi Fei looked up at the ceiling, looked at each other, and then asked:” Since it is not a weak expression, what do you cry, Asya, or Xia Ji? ”

“I just feel sad for Xia Ji, tear a few drops for her. Your comfort is too out of place. Next time, please pay attention to the timing. I’m not Xia Ji, I’m Axia. Just like Xia Shisan’s That said, people are dominated by memories. Since I do n’t have Xia Ji ’s memory, naturally I can only be Axia now, and all my memories start from the blind spot. ”

The bamboo house has two floors. After Axia finished speaking, she went up to the balcony on the second floor. Shi Fei went downstairs for a while and followed. At night, the bamboo forest around made a rustling noise with the wind. Except for this sound, the world is extremely quiet. Fortunately, the night breeze is very cool and dilutes this weird atmosphere. Axia leaned on the balcony railing and looked at the sky sadly. . Hearing the footsteps from Shi Feifei, Axia turned and leaned on the railing, asking Shi Feifei:

“Did you feel that everything was in conflict with common sense? If part of the memory is common sense, I don’t think that memory is there. I just came to the balcony, looked at the lush plants outside, looked up at the sky, and felt that there would be a moon, of course. With the stars, there will be all kinds of worms, no matter if you know it or not, anyway, there should be sound ups and downs, but nothing. I look at the sky, but nothing except dark blue, but if I really have nothing. It should be completely dark now. Where can the light let me see the bamboo forest and you? And this forest, the forgotten forest, the name is too strange, like a noun that only appears in fairy tales. What other brown rat people, in fact, are the people that the mouse becomes, which is even stranger. How can the mouse become a human? Although I have no memory and no common sense, I still feel that if everything is normal, these are all It wo n’t exist. But because I do n’t remember, I seem to accept everything for granted. However, this kind of acceptance ca n’t withstand scrutiny at all, and it ’s completely impossible to elaborate. . I ca n’t even think about my current cognition. For example, I just mentioned fairy tales, but why can I understand the meaning of fairy tales, have I read fairy tales? I mentioned the moon, the stars, knowing the peace, but I How did you know these things? How do these cognitions and the past experience perfectly separate, leaving aside specific scenes and characters, leaving only literal consciousness in my mind, and also guaranteeing that when I see these things, I can What about them? ”

Shi Fei looked up at the sky. There was no moon and stars, but there was a strange silver light on the sky, which illuminated everything around him, including two people on the balcony. Axia didn’t talk in the same hysterical tone when she spoke. Instead, she was like an elf about to lift off, with a childlike curiosity, and calmly said to Shi Feifei:

“When I was sitting in a blind spot, I knew that I was on the sea, and the sea level had risen a lot because of the flood. I wondered why I knew this, and even more strangely, why there would be floods at sea. Too many things I do n’t know, but one thing I can be sure of is that I am looking for someone. Xia Ji is also looking for someone, but the forest is full of animals and plants, there is no one, so she went out to sea and I was looking for People, wake up and find that there is no one else in this world except you, Shi Africa. If nothing else, the person Xia Ji and I were looking for was you, then who are you? Shi Africa, why we are looking for How about you? ”

Shi Africa thought for a while and talked about himself:

Prior to that, he never thought about where he was staying, as if there was a gene of ease in his bones. There were books and money in the awakened tower, and people around him were very kind to him. The girl knocked on his door in the middle of the night, and the work of the lighthouse was not too bad. There were many light-fishing fish in the sea. Every night he used the huge signal light of the lighthouse to seduce the fish in the sea, and the days passed.

Later, the flood was coming. The people on the island were divided into two groups. One group chose to build ships and sail, and the other group chose to build some caves on the island to survive the flood period. At this time his design can be inspired. Whether it is shipbuilding or burrowing, it is a good hand, so it is very popular with the two factions. The secret to the two ends is that he does not need to sleep. During the day, he stays on the voyage site. In the evening, they worked all night on left-behind sites. On the day the flood came, both parties invited him to join, but Shi Fei just wanted to stay in the tower, because the drowsiness finally appeared after a year-long disappearance, and then he fell asleep.

Before falling asleep, Africa had a strange idea, because he suddenly couldn’t remember what the residents of the island looked like, people who paid monthly salaries, people who knocked at the door in the middle of the night, and people who studied carefully behind him when he was drawing. The people who often help him sell sea fishes in the corners of the streets, all who have contact with him are confused. In the end, only one picture remained in Shi Fei’s mind-the two factions separated farewell at the center of the island, and the sun in the distance gradually extinguished and turned into a briquette. Sufia suddenly had an illusion. It seemed that this was not the first time such a situation had occurred. However, before the suspicious mind had grown up, Sufia was knocked down by drowsiness.

“Have you ever had that illusion? It’s as if a bug has suddenly appeared in your body, and its tiny body stretches and contracts in your muscles, through your diaphragm and skin. I should have been able to sleep longer, After all, I haven’t slept for a whole year. To calculate, I had missed sleep for at least a hundred days. But in my sleep, I felt that a bug appeared in my body, and then I had to wake up and ran to Balcony, and then found a black spot on the sea level, that black spot is you. “Shi Feifei said.

“Am I the little bug?” Axia took Shi Fei’s words.

“I’m not sure, just like I’m not sure if I’m the person you’re looking for.”

Asya is not satisfied with this answer. At this moment, she expects a more precise response, but she thinks about why she needs to get a response from the person in front of her. Thinking about the origin of this emotion, she fell into silence.

“Get Blue Stone, let’s go back to the tower.” Shi Africa broke the silence.

“it is good.”

“Then turn your blind spot into a boat, and we’ll sit and take a look at the sea.”

“it is good.”

“I think I have to look closer at your face, and I see if I can remember your look.”

“it is good.”

On the balcony at night, Shi Fei carefully looked at Asya’s face, trying to find some familiar feelings from it.

Axia’s eyebrows are thin and shallow, her nose is very high, her mouth is a little small, and her large eyes are dangled against her, but her eyes don’t always have a focus. Well behaved and weak. At this time, Axia looked up and opened her eyes and looked at Shi Feifei. Shi Feiya was guilty of guilty for a while, turned her head and closed her eyes, trying to think of Axia’s face, this time he effortlessly , Axia’s beautiful face quickly appeared in her mind.

“I can remember your face.”

“Do you remember that?”

“Okay, it’s Axia’s face.” Shi Feifei knew what Axia meant, and didn’t hesitate to come to a conclusion.

Asia suddenly laughed, her face seemed to be light, and then she buried her head between her hands, and tears flowed from her fingertips.

“That’s great,” said Axia quietly.


The following two days seemed to confirm Xia Shisan’s claim that the two were being held in confinement. Except Xia Shisan delivered three meals at a fixed time, the other two were restricted to Houshan, and their attempts to go out were “safe”. The name was stopped. When Xia Shisan delivered the meal, he returned to the original unspoken words, as if the one who appeared on the first night was not him. He never mentioned how to take Blue Stone away, and every time he put down the lunch box, he went deep. Bowing, saying goodbye seriously, he hurried away.

Shi Feifei and Axia stay in the bamboo house and have nowhere to go. Asya overall leans on the lounge chair and spends her time choosing poetry with blind spots, while Shi Feifei is keen to study the half brought by Xia Shisan Blue Stone is trying to figure out how it works.

There are many weird experimental tools in the bamboo house itself. Shi Feifei thought that if this house completely restored the original bamboo house of Xia Ji, then Xia Ji itself is likely to be an experimental madman, plus blue The three weird images in the stone, when Xia Ji created a group of brown rat people may be just to use them for experiments, but the specific experiments, Shi Africa can not be deduced.

Shi Fei was studying Blue Stone, while marveling at the exquisite structure of Blue Stone, while wondering about his knowledge storage. At the beginning of the construction of burrows and ships, he thought he was only proficient in mathematical physics, but at this time he realized He also knows a lot about biology, computers, and materials. Before the three-day appointment agreed with Xia Shishi, Shi Fei had figured out some of Bluestone’s principles. He told Axia Bluestone is actually a mobile hard disk with a recording function that can split and connect nerves. According to the speculation of Shi Africa, the animals in the forest really exist, but they will be forgotten after the observers witnessed, so the split seeds of the blue stone were attached to the brown rat people and replaced the brown rat people’s eyes. The scene in front of the eyes was recorded and synchronized. The nerve that uploads, the blue stone itself can split the seeds should be limited, so rat XIII limited the development of the brown rat village. Xia Shisan snatched half of the blue stone, making the size of the brown rat village smaller by half. Xia Shisan probably didn’t know this, and Shi Fei didn’t plan to tell him.

Derived to this step, Shi Fei had another question: At the earliest time, brown rats could see animals in the forest. Later, because they became brown rat people, they were separated from the animals in the forest, so that they could no longer be seen. This logic explains why she and Axia did not see the animals after entering the forest, because they both seem to be aliens in this forest, but in the first record, Xia Ji was also an outsider, why she Can you see everything in the forest? Shi Africa turned his head to look at Axia, who was holding a blind spot poem in her recliner, and wondered if she would have no answer, so she pressed her curiosity.

Three days passed, the knock on the door sounded, and the door was as old as a rat that couldn’t move. Thirteen, he arrived with his blue stone alone, and seemed to be passing by to visit his old friends. S Africa was a bit lost. He thought that the brown rat people would prepare a grand ceremony to pray.

Rat Thirteen is covered with a layer of dead skin like white bone, and a gust of wind can take his life away. Shi Feifei immediately greeted him into the door, took a stool, and Rat XIII sat down with some awkwardness, his crinkled face showed curiosity, and slowly turned his head to look inside the room.

“You are the same person as Master Xia Ji, you are still a public, but it’s my first time to see him, hee hee.” Mouse Thirteen’s voice is very old, but his tone is like a naive girl, which sounds against the tension, “Don’t think it strange. I’m not Rat XIII. I’m Xia Shi Xia from the previous session. The spirit of Rat XIII used Blue Stone to cross this Xia Shi Xia session, so I am free. Hey, I was originally I thought I was dead. I didn’t expect what the predecessors said was true, and there was still a sober moment before the handover. ”

At this time, Xia Ji put on a dress, got up from the deck chair, and wore a purse with tear fish, standing next to “Mouse XIII”. Although “Mouse XIII” was lively, because of aging, she often said Just breathe for a while.

“Ah, you are Lord Xia Ji. It really looks exactly like the mural. According to human standards, you should be considered pretty, even though I don’t know what human standards look like, haha. Don’t look at me This is the way I was before. I was a cute girl in the brown rat man before Xia Shixia. Before I fell asleep, I could say this for three days and three nights without stopping, now I ca n’t. I hate it. Mouse Thirteen will not cherish the body of others. He has too many bodies. As soon as I opened my eyes, my body became like this, but there is no way. There is a word called fate, Probably this is the destiny of Xia Shisan. I became Xia Shisan and I became a mouse 13 again. Fate is something that cannot be violated. ”

“Thirteen Rats” shed tears unconsciously as she said, Xia Ji took out the paper towel she brought with her and gently wiped it off.

“No, I can’t gossip any more. Please come here, I will pray for the two, and then I will ask the two to take Blue Stone away, and trouble this and Master Xia Ji to squat in front of me, I can’t get up . ”

Shi Feifei and Axia heard the words quickly squatted in front of “Mouse Thirteen”, and “Mouse Thirteen” sitting on the stool carefully took off the blue stone hanging on his chest, and then lifted the blue stone laboriously. The blue stone let out a burst of light, and Shi Fei and Axia’s brows were cool, and suddenly there was a call of the insect songbird.

“Have you heard?”

“Yes,” the two agreed.

“Rice Thirteen” put down Bluestone, panting suddenly, and lowered his head, spread his palms, and said, “Take this away, then go to the cave behind the waterfall and push Master Xia Ji’s eyes away. , Along the sunflower, leave. It’s a pity that when you wake up, it’s not night and you can’t see the fireflies in the sky … ”

The voice of “mouse thirteen” became lighter and quieter in the end.

“She’s dead.” Axia stood up, carefully taking Blue Stone from “Thirteen”, “Let’s go.”


In the cave behind the waterfall, Shi Fafei gently pushed the left eye on Xia Ji’s portrait, and the stone wall behind it slowly unfolded, and a slender tunnel appeared in front of the two. Shi Feila pulled Axia, bent forward in the tunnel, the tunnel was narrow and uneven, which led Shi Fei to speculate that this was the product of Xia thirteen generations of manual excavation.

After walking about a hundred meters, he walked out of the tunnel, and a yellow sunflower appeared in front of the two. Rat Thirteen mentioned that they were to leave along the sunflower, but there were sunflowers in all directions. Where did this go? As Shi Fei pulled Axia, he pushed away the tall and dense sunflowers and set out a trail. The smell of sunflower itself is very faint. You need to get closer to smell it, but so many sunflowers are gathered in one place. The faint fragrance is like a fierce old wine. It smudges Shi Africa, and the sun is very warm. It shines on his scalp. It made him feel as if a worm was growing on his pores. Fortunately, Asya’s hands were always cold and cold, helping him stay awake. The two ran for a while and finally came out of this sunflower.

“I remember Xia Shisan said that a generation of Xia Shisan planted a piece of sunflower with the ashes of a brown rat man, maybe it was just the one.” Shi Feifei said, at this time behind him was the dense sunflower, in front of him. There are many scattered sunflowers that extend from the sunflower field and come together on a line. It can be seen that this is what Xia Shisan deliberately did. No matter where Shi Fang and Axia came from, they would follow the scattered sunflowers to the same road.

“This is the revenge of the Xia Shis.” Shi Feifei concluded.

“Slightly insignificant,” added Axia behind, while breaking away from the hand that Shi Fei had been holding.

Shi Feifei and Axia finally saw the scene where everything in the video intersected along the way. Both of them didn’t pay much attention. At first they looked up for a while, and then hurried away. The sunflower stretches all the way to the sea. It is on the raised cliffs that have appeared in the images and murals. A stone house stands quietly here, as if it hasn’t changed its centuries for two thousand years, or the way when Xia Ji left. In Shiwu, Africa saw many tools exactly the same as in bamboo houses, and an incinerator using tidal power to generate electricity.

Asia suddenly asked Shi Fei to ask for the half of the blue stone he had used for research before, and then took out the other half that was taken from “Thirteen Rats” and put them together. The two blue stones emitted a faint light, and slowly joined together, as if two water droplets merged into one. As soon as Shi Fei wanted to touch the complete blue stone in the past, blue stone was held firmly by Axia, dropped into the waist bag made by Shi Fei, and floated beside the tear fish.

There is a natural haven next to the cliff. There is a boat parked inside. When they see the boat, they know that this is Xia Shisan’s arrangement. It’s impossible to go back. Without Xia Shijie’s guidance, the two would quickly get lost in this forest, but where can they go at sea?

Shi Fei remembered the flood. When the flood came, the sun in the distance became something like a briquette. Xia Ji sailed to the sun in a boat, as did the voyage school, so the sun became their sole indicator.

Axia put on a piece of linen on her body, and then contributed the blind spot. The blind spot became a fan propeller with Axia’s mind and was installed on the ship. They drove the boat slowly out of this natural haven and away from this strange island.

On the cliff, Xia Shizhuang’s “Mouse XIII” chased after him, saw two people on the boat, and shouted: “The soul is a house that can’t live with two people.”

“He seems to be saying something.” Shi Feifei saw “Mouse XIII” on the cliff, squinting his eyes, trying to recognize the lip of Mouse XIII.

“I know,” Axia replied.

“Did you hear exactly what he said?” Shi Feifang said.

Asya looked back, looking at Shi Africa, with a strange look, saying, “You will know.”

“God’s mysterious, isn’t memory found back?”

“Yeah, they found it, just as Bluestone merged.”

“Then you are Xia Ji, are you looking for me?”

“I’m not Xia Ji, but the person I’m looking for is indeed you.”

“You’re stabbing me, let’s say, what it feels like to find me. If you think of us as hide-and-seek, according to the brown rat people, you’ve been looking for me for more than two thousand years.”

“I didn’t lie to you.” “Don’t you find it strange? Who can live for more than two thousand years. This is impossible.”

“Can’t people live for more than two thousand years? I have no memory, I don’t have this common sense.”

“Common sense is that people who live to the age of 100 are considered longevity.”

“What does it feel like to be two thousand years old?”

“I do not know.”

“Then why are you looking for me?” Shi Africa asked.

“You will know.”

After that, Axia never spoke. No matter how Shi Fei was harassing him, after a while Shi Fei lost his interest and ran to the mezzanine of the ship to sleep and rest. Axia also ran halfway, looking at Shi Feifei’s quiet sleeping position, she thought of the previous question-what does it feel like to live for two thousand years?

This question is not complete. What I really want to ask is: What is it like to spend 2384 years alone and boringly sitting in a room? Asya ’s eyesight is much better than that of Shi Africa. When the ship sailed far away, she turned to see Rat XIII still standing on the edge of the cliff, her face changed expression, loneliness, relief, pain, confusion … ··

The sea is much smaller than Shi Fei’s imagination. The ship moved forward fast with the propeller of the blind spot incarnation. The sun did not rise up and down like normal. Shi Fei in his sleep knew nothing about this.


Shi Africa was awake, he opened his eyes and saw Axia staring at him.

“We’re here, get up,” said Axia.

St. Africa stumbled up and followed Asya out of the cabin. Outside the cabin are countless steel structures, like a fishing net made of steel. In the middle of the fishing net is a huge signal light. Shi Fei found that the shape of the signal light was exactly the same as that on his lighthouse.

“That is the sun. The briquettes you see are when he goes out. The flood is the pouring of cooling water. Now it’s cold. You touch this.” Axia said, pulling up the hands of Shi Fei, and put those On the steel structure, “feel it, there is water flowing in it.”

The cold texture of the steel pipe and the faint tremor awakened Shi Fei, and suddenly he was a little scared. As his thoughts started, the whole fishing net began to tremble, and the sea water also fluctuated even more.

“Don’t think wildly!” Axia took Shi Fa’s face and stared straight at him, solemnly, “Come with me.”

Then the blind spot turned into a row of high escalators, standing in the middle of the signal light. Shi Fei followed behind Axia, stood on the escalator, and approached the signal light a little bit upward. He turned around and found that there was an island in the far place, which should be the place where he set off, so he suddenly couldn’t help thinking, where did the voyages who left the island due to the flood go? Found it here too.

The light from the signal lamp looked dazzling from the outside, but it felt soft and bright when approached. As the center of the signal lamp was a clear spring, Axia seemed to have come countless times, leading Shi Fei straight to the spring.

The water around the spring is extremely empty. There is only one small cabin. The small cabin is like a small workshop displaying a pipeline. The shape molds drawn by Shi Fei from above are exactly the same as the shape of a tear fish seen in the past. He took the mold and walked to Axia beside the spring, compared the one in Axia’s pocket, and reconfirmed his judgment.

“Jumping down, you can go back,” said Axia.

“Where to return?” Shi Africa asked.

“Back to where you are, where you were.”

“Don’t you explain it?”

“This is common sense. Common sense does not need to be explained. You have lost memory, and it is normal to not know.”

“You said you are not Xia Ji, who are you? And where is this?”

“You’ll know when you get there, I can’t say, it will crash here.”

“To dive, I can’t wear this swim, you help me wear it, I’ll follow you.”

At the spring, Axia in sackcloth took off her waist bag, and handed it to Shi Africa.

“Have you thought about love?” Axia asked suddenly.

“An emotion that is driven by sexual desire under the stimulation of reproductive instincts.” Shi Africa answered.

“That is to say, reproductive and sexual desire first, then love?”

“I think so.”

“Will those without reproductive and sexual desire have love?”

“I don’t think so, but this person may be loved.”


Shi Africa took the pockets and blind spots and jumped into the spring. However, Shi Africa did not feel the pressure of diving. Instead, it seemed as if gravity reversed. He appeared to be diving from the deep water.

Shi Feifei looked around. This was another glimpse of spring water, but there were no huts nearby, but a vast expanse with a light spot in the distance. He got up and looked at the spring. At this time, the spring was like a transparent glass. Axia looked at Shi Fei on the other side of the glass.

“You lied to me, I still don’t know.” Shi Africa shouted to Axia opposite the spring.

However, Axia should not be able to hear her. She smiled and pointed to the waist pocket of Shi African’s waist, and the blue stone in the waist pocket glowed with it. At this moment, Shi Fei couldn’t care about the tear fish inside, broke his waist bag, took out the blue stone, and put the blue stone on the eyebrow like a rhinoceros heart. Sure enough, there was an image inside.

In the video, Axia looks at the camera on the boat and begins to tell.

On the other side of the spring, Axia was lying on the ground, looking at the white sky calmly, her hair was scattered in the spring, and everything around him began to shake.

“Shi Africa, I am Xia Ji, a machine machine, I am a robot you made, Xia is the name you gave me. You have been trying to solve the uploading and sharing of consciousness at the electronic level, and I am just a by-product of your research That ’s it. After an experiment, you were trapped in your own conscious world, and did n’t wake up, triggering my protection program for you. After that, I continued my research with your research results and uploaded my consciousness to your conscious world. I started looking for you. However, I searched the whole shallow consciousness circle and found no trace of you. I guess you should go to a deeper place.

Later I discovered that the sun is the connection point of every conscious world. When I tried to cross the sun into the deep consciousness circle, I found that I couldn’t pass. At that time, I suddenly remembered that you said that the world of deep consciousness is the category of souls, and there cannot be two souls in a house. At that time I knew that I had a soul.

I wonder where my soul came from, so I continued my research with the brown rat in the shallow consciousness circle. Then I took out my heart, and when I saw it, I knew the source of my soul. I created a blind spot. This is something that only exists on the level of consciousness. Then it ’s not enough to just have a blind spot. So I left my heart and my soul here, and left it to the mouse thirteen. No heart, no I can sit in the blind spot and enter your deep consciousness circle. But there is one thing I don’t want to forget, so before that I made a kind of non-existent fish, wrote the cause of my soul on it, and put it into the spring.

Please forgive me for telling you in this way, because if you know the truth, you can no longer maintain the integrity of the deep consciousness circle, and there is only one that can escape the blind spot of consciousness loophole review.

Sit blind spot, go to the brightest place, and wake up, Shi Africa. ”

At the end of the video, the opposite side of the spring had collapsed into powder, Shi Feifei looked into the spring and saw only a few strands of floating hair. He took out the blind spot that Axia gave him, turned the blind spot into a small knife, cut open the beating tear fish, and the tear fish had three words on his heart and lungs. That was a confession left by the summer machine two thousand years ago. After coming out, the fish really burst into tears.

“Don’t cry,” Axia said softly, by the spring, a second before the world collapsed.