“Difficult” daughter “willful” mom

Mother-in-law likes dismounting
When I brought Shen Wei home, my heart was so determined that my mother should be safe now.

The mother naturally saw my mind, and she talked to Shen Wei intimately, and the talks between the two parties proceeded in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Just my mother was talking and I felt something was wrong.

“Oh, Xiaohui, we have been clever and sensible since we were young. We learned character recognition at the age of three, and we learned calligraphy at the age of five. We played piano at the age of seven. It’s also the age to talk about marriage, otherwise, I really want to stay with her for a few more years. ”

I was shocked. The mother-daughter who was so full of love was really talking about me? Why do all my memories are adolescents challenging menopause?

“So, we, as parents, don’t want her to be wronged in the future, Xiao Shen, do you think it’s such a reason?”

Shen Wei is still vowing to promise that she will be good to me in the future. My mother has finished the perfect preparation and started to enter the topic and raise the conditions. She wants Shen Wei to buy a house in Hangzhou within two years, the full price, and four bedrooms and two living rooms. This condition is too arbitrary.

I patiently reminded her: “Mom, don’t forget, you are an advanced intellectual.”

“What happened to senior intellectuals, you will understand when you become a mother.”

The more I thought about it, the more ruthless words I took, leading Shen Wei out of the house: “If you insist on disagreeing, I will elope with Shen Wei.”

Devoted past enemies
Shen Wei said that my attitude would only make things rigid and made me apologize to my mother. I didn’t want to go back to show her weakness, so I secretly called my dad. The phone was very noisy. When I asked, he was in the hospital with his mother for an examination, and her heart was a little sick.

Suddenly, I was a little sad. The combination of our “savage” daughter’s “willful” mother, noisy for so many years, never thought that one day my mother would grow old and have no strength to fight me again.

My dad understood me and said, “Don’t worry, girl, your mother is old, not because of you. However, you and Shen Wei should also consider carefully.”

No need to guess, at this moment my mother must be lamenting with my dad: “I’m asking for such an enemy, I really don’t know which life owed her.”

When she was young, she wanted to have a daughter very much. To this end, she went to Lingyin Temple to make a wish. In order to repay her wish, I have to go to the temple to burn incense with her every year on my birthday until I am 15 years old.

Maybe my mother thought that this daughter was hard to come by, so she worked hard when disciplined me. When other people’s children run wild in the yard, I have to write brush calligraphy and practice piano at home. When I was 16 years old, I finally did n’t have to go back to my mother to make a wish. Since then, I have begun a period of rebellion and am keen to fight against my mother’s various rules. Seeing that my mother was so angry that she gritted her teeth, she felt very happy.

Now, I thought I had grown up, and finally did not need to be a rebellious daughter, but my mother became willful, and her unreasonable trouble directly forced me to show the prototype.

I have to grow up for mom
Shen Wei insisted on taking me to the hospital to visit her mother. Her mother’s face eased a lot, but she did not relax her condition.

This is obviously an impossible task. I don’t want to watch Shen Wei helplessly and let him ignore his mother’s madness. Shen Wei decided to try it anyway. Looking at him without looking back, I was quite touched.

In order to increase revenue and reduce expenditures, Shen Wei decided to open an outdoor store after work. In those two years, Shen Wei and I were more like trembling comrades-in-arms. It felt good to work together for the same goal. We were hard and happy every day. Although I have made a lot of money, most of them have invested in the store. If you want to buy a house in Hangzhou, it is simply a nightmare.

I didn’t want to go home to face my mother and say, “Otherwise, let’s run away.”

Shen Weiyi educated me rightly: “True love will not run away. Instead, we will be shoulder to shoulder with each other and take real responsibility.” I took Shen Wei home again and was fully prepared. My mother completely surprised us and didn’t mention the matter of buying a house. She also took the initiative to discuss our marriage with Shen Wei.

I’m afraid I’m wronged.
Shen Wei and I held a simple engagement ceremony and had a meal with two parents. After dinner, my mother took out a bank card and said it was a down payment to help us buy a house.

I hugged my mother and said, “Mom, it was not good for me, I can understand you now.”

My mother ignored my sensation and asked, “You talk, how do you understand?”

“I know you feel sorry for me, afraid that I will be wronged in the future, and deliberately set conditions in order to test Shen Wei.”

The mother looked surprised and said, “Who said that I was testing Xiao Shen, I was testing you. Maybe I was too strict with you when you were a kid, and you have always been rebellious. Only things we object to can you do more Energetic. I think Xiao Shen is very good. I was afraid that you would be old again, so I tried this to test you. ”

I was dumbfounded and asked: “Mom, what if I didn’t take the test and really broke up with Shen Wei? Do you still have the remedy for follow-up?”

The mother smiled and said, “You think I’m Zhuge Liang. Even if you can’t stand the test, I can’t help it, but all the feelings of being scared away are all ill.”

I rolled my eyes for my mother’s willfulness, and I was very fortunate that both myself and Shen Wei stood the test. How can you be sure that you will be able to withstand the bumps in the future without experiencing an ordeal?