Character growth in abnormal environments

“David Copperfield” is the most proud work of British writer Charles Dickens, he once called it “the favorite child in the heart”. With worship, I opened the book.

This book uses first-person narrative. David Copperfield’s eyes show his sad and bizarre growth experience, the sincerity and darkness among friends, the ignorance and impulse of love, the sweetness and triviality of marriage, family The contradictions and harmony merge into a river, with destiny as the channel, and finally flow to the ocean of tolerance.

But I would say that the background of this story is malformed. The abnormality lies in the abnormal values ​​of life and values ​​of the characters in the story.

If it was n’t for excessive pursuit of money, Emily Jr. would not run away with Steve; if it was not for excessive pursuit of money, Teacher Mel would not have been crowded out by Steve and Creeker; if not for money , Edward Mordstone would not have tormented and killed Mom David’s property; if he did not pursue money too much, Yulia would not use conspiracy to degenerate …

The first time I realized that there was a problem with the way of thinking of the characters in it, it was in the period when Emily Jr. appeared: she told David “I want to be Mrs. Kuo, so we will all be decent people …” Tong Yanwu Bogey, although it is good from a fundamental point of view-“but I will not forget the poor fisherman, they have a disaster, and I will give them money to help them.” : Why isn’t the way to be a decent person to earn money through hard work? I don’t dare to say that this kind of thought of gaining power over the rest of the world was taught to her only by the corrupt society. This kind of thinking is also doomed to the future tragedy of Little Emily.

This is just a small poor fisherman, and the so-called higher-educated upper-class people’s world view makes me startled.

When I read that Mr. Crickell beat the students arbitrarily, but was afraid of the wealthy Steve at home, and the student teacher once crowded out Mr. Mel, I almost fell off the book. Not following school rules? Don’t respect the teacher? Don’t care for your classmates? Doesn’t matter! As long as you are rich and powerful, no matter how bad your behavior is, someone will escort you. Behaving well? Good character? Extensive knowledge? What is the use! Because you have a mother who lives in a foster home, you deserve to be unemployed, deserve to be laughed at, and drowned by the saliva of everyone!

Plus the humble Yulia-remember the junior middle school language teacher said that the villain of the masterpiece will make you feel sorry for him. Yulia is such a person. I don’t hate Yulia, just pity him, deeply pity. Because of the poverty of the family and the ignorance of his parents, he excessively humbled himself, in order to achieve his purpose, no matter the way. Although life imprisonment was his destiny, Yulia said that it was just a pathological product of the lower levels of that pathological society. I don’t like David’s position on this matter. He always judged Yulia from the perspective of the superior, and hated Yulia.

Fortunately, there is Agnes. My favorite character is Agnes, and I especially like her sentence: “I hope that innocent love and loyalty will prevail over everything; I hope, in the end, it will prove that innocent love and loyalty will overcome all evil in the world And doom. “This sentence is like the light that brought David to me in that dark world. What about the abnormal environment, someone can always break it. As long as you are not polluted by this world and continue to learn to enrich yourself, everyone can become Agnes.

Closing the book, saying goodbye to Mr. Miccober, who is still optimistic about poverty and farewell, farewell to Dora, the young lady who made David fall in love at first sight, and farewell to the diligent maid Peguo … It is a personal journey to see a person’s life, to understand another world.

I think this is the charm of the masterpiece-it allows you to learn to think, learn to distinguish, learn compassion, and learn to understand. I think this is the charm of “David Copperfield”, which can let you understand the lives of others, and nakedly display that sick society directly in front of you, right and wrong, let anyone comment. In this way, let us cherish the truth in it, and strive to move closer to ourselves.