Brainwash ads are making a comeback. Is it lazy or creative?

The results of the 2019 Golden Broom Awards in the film industry have been announced, causing a lot of sensation among the fan group of artists who have won the “award”. If the advertising industry also has a golden broom award, then BOSS direct employment, Platinum Journey Travel Shooting, New Oxygen Medical Beauty, Baowo Automobile, Zhihu, Dolphin House, Yi Ersan must be on the list. These brands that can be listed have one thing in common: they use brainwashing ads to quickly grab the public’s attention, adopt simple and repeated advertising words, and carry out bombardment-type advertisements in the media such as elevators and buses. Form forms a deep impression on the brand in the public mind.

Upgraded version of brainwash ads
Such simple and rough advertisements can be said to be the remainder of Mplatin’s playing back then. Metplatin many years ago was the originator of brainwashing advertisements. The cartoon image of the old man and old lady has been changing, and the ad words “No gifts will be received this holiday, but only melatonin will be accepted.” The success of Melatonin is due to the period when television was in a strong position. Repeated advertising and years of consistent advertising words have strengthened the image of Melatonin. Now it is in a period of generalization of media, all kinds of media are grabbing the attention of the audience, relying on one kind of media to play duplicate advertisements is no longer feasible. How to make an audience remember a brand quickly in just 15 seconds or even less? The answer is to take a brainwashing ad, convey the selling point and brand with simple and straightforward advertising words, and then repeat the advertising words three or more times.

For example, we are well-known brands such as BOSS direct hire, Platinum Journey Travel Shooting, Neo-Oxy Medical Beauty, Baowo Automobile, Zhihu, Dolphin House, Yi Ersan and other brands. Their ads can be regarded as upgraded versions of brainwashing ads. Spicy ears. Repeated advertising words are already very disturbing, and the advertising words must be output in a roaring manner. The most typical example of the Platinum Journey is that the advertisement is divided into two camps, the groom and the bride. They are emotional, dancing and shouting advertisements in the form of dialogue. If you only look at the pictures, there is an illusion that the two camps will fight. BOSS direct employment and clothing two or three also take the form of sub-camps and dialogue-based advertising. Compared to a group of people screaming for ads, repeating the ad words by the spokesperson may slightly reduce the noise of the advertisement. Pinduoduo adapts the lyrics and puts the simple and repeated advertising words into the song, which provides a new template for the brand. The advertising words are not only catchy, but also increase the audience’s memory. The new oxygen medical beauty put the advertising words in the song’s joyous song, the brainwashing magic of the advertising has increased a bit.

Regardless of black cats and white cats, catching mice is a good cat?
The type of advertising that prevailed more than a decade ago has risen again today when the Internet is highly developed. Is it the laziness of the creative man Jiang Lang, or the trend of advertising after precise insight?

From the perspective of the audience, this type of brainwashing advertisement is really annoying, especially in a confined space such as an elevator, it is impossible to escape the mental damage caused by the brainwashing advertisement, and the audience will naturally have an aversion to the advertisement. This kind of advertising beauty is even harder to talk about, but there are still brands and advertisers who are relentless in choosing brainwashing ads.

For brands, whether it’s a black cat or a white cat, grabbing a mouse is a good cat. Choosing a brainwashing ad is the most direct and effective way. Brainwash ads can quickly open brand awareness, attract users’ attention and expand the market on a large scale, which has already met the requirements of the brand. When users receive negative information on brainwashing advertisements, they will also have a great impact on the user’s memory at the same time as the advertisements are repeated, the brand information will become more profound. When the audience has related needs, the brand-implanted memory will play a role, and the law of true incense will begin to stage.

Brainwash ads are a panacea?
From the melatonin that has remained unchanged for more than a decade, to “you are okay”, to the mellow plum, to today’s Platinum Jue Biao, BOSS direct employment and other brands, with the help of brainwashing ads to a certain extent, the audience has received attention. . But it is worth noting that brainwashing ads are not a panacea, and some successes cannot be completely replicated.

First of all, brainwash ads with repeated ad words have their scope. It is necessary to consider whether brainwashing advertisements conform to the brand’s own positioning, and whether brainwashing advertisements can be applied in different growth periods of the brand. In the early days, a new brand may consider adopting this type of advertising in order to gain attention and quickly expand the market, but when its popularity reaches a certain standard, it should consider the brand’s reputation. For example, after the popularity of Platinum Journey has risen, it is necessary to adjust the advertising strategy and replace the noisy advertising scenes with aesthetic advertisements or other forms of advertising. The extensive brainwashing advertisements are obviously not suitable for brands with a certain popularity.

Secondly, advertising is ubiquitous in life, the audience’s advertising aesthetic ability is improving, and their tolerance for advertising is decreasing. The audience is not a fool. Simple and repetitive advertising words are an insult to the audience’s IQ. What the audience needs is advertisements that can directly hit their pain points and are more ornamental.

Brainwash ads are more like products on the assembly line. Although the ads produced are different, they are essentially the same. They all rely on repeated information to brainwash the audience. Brainwash ads may gain popularity in the short term, but in the long run it is not good for brand growth. Nowadays, a large number of advertisements are grabbing the attention of the audience. The communication between the brand and the audience cannot be self-talking. Instead, they must resonate with the audience and let the brand reach the depth of the audience’s emotions. In the end, the brand that can be extremely recognized by the audience must be a brand with deep and humane feeling.