Accept paid criticism from leaders

 The performance of the unit is not good. The boss invited a boss, Gu, who took a huge amount of money to buy shares. The deputy official was responsible for the construction of the scenic area and the management of the staff.
  As soon as I entered the office that day, Xiao Liu handed me a sweet persimmon. I was eating it. A strange middle-aged fat man pushed in the door and said to us, ”
  Go to the small conference room at 8:00.” Arrived in the meeting room, the fat man stood up and introduced himself. It turned out that he was the new General Manager Gu, and his appearance was too passerby.
  Mr. Gu is very talented in language, and he hasn’t stopped to speak for an hour. He finally said: “I caught a few employees who eat persimmons at work today, and deducted 3 yuan from their wages. The next time they do private work with pay, I found a fine of 100 yuan and a copy of the inspection.”
  General Manager Gu said that the management staff must be better than the employees. Go to work half an hour early, I am the team leader and also belong to the management. On the first day of work, I just stopped the car, and General Gu stood up at the gate and raised his wrist, saying, “One minute late, one minute off in the afternoon to make up.”
  When he got off work in the afternoon, General Gu came to give me a “small meeting”, he He said that he arrived at the unit at 5 o’clock every morning, and it was less than 7 o’clock to make a circle around the scenic spot. When leaders need to lead by example and give employees the lead, they will be respected by employees. Come to work with a mentality of exercise, walk around in the scenic spot, see the problem to write down, wait to be resolved after work, win-win. After Mr. Gu said these words, I didn’t dare to be late again, because it was 1 minute late and 10 minutes for “class”, which was too expensive.
  Ever since President Gu came, we have rarely been able to “sit” in the office, and let us clean the room when everything is fine, clean the scenic spot cleanly, and usually pass the water wash. I can’t stand it and plan to resign and leave.
  The resignation report has not been handed in yet. Mr. Gu gave us a meeting again and let us rate our performance for a month. He spoke first, he gave himself 80 points, and then the director of the office, Solitaire. If the director said that if Mr. Gu had 80 points, then He has at most 60 points. Leaders and leaders said one by one that the score was lower than one. I saw that I was “starting from scratch”. Anyway, I didn’t plan to do it. I simply said, “I pass, and the work arranged by the leader can be done anyway.” Mr. Gu was very satisfied and said that the next time I presided over the meeting, let me be a day’s leader. Once I wore a high hat, my resignation was regained.
  At the end of the month, Mr. Gu suddenly invited everyone to eat the end of the month meal. After that, all the employees will gather once a month. Everyone will eat and drink well. If there are any questions or comments, just mention them. Today he is not a leader, but a member of the family of the unit. After the meal, two bottles of wine were also issued per person, 480 yuan a bottle. Mr. Gu, enough of righteousness.
  After several months of labor training, I ate deliciously and my body was awesome. Xiao Liu was originally unspeakable, and now she goes to work to “listen to class” every day, and she still has to speak. She is getting slippery, and she comes home and teaches her husband and son a whole set of things. She won the true biography of President Gu: Leadership criticism must be willing to accept it, because it is paid criticism.

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