What is the National Democracy Foundation

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying announced at a regular press conference that in spite of China’s resolute opposition, the US insisted on signing the so-called “Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy” into a serious violation of international law and international relations. The basic rules and serious interference in China ’s internal affairs. The Chinese government has decided to suspend the review and approval of applications for U.S. warships to go to Hong Kong for recuperation. “Human Rights Watch”, “Freedom House” and other NGOs that have performed badly in Hong Kong’s “revision storm” imposed sanctions.

A “quasi-governmental organization” that “promotes democracy”
The first on the “black list” is the “National Democratic Foundation” (NED). In 1982, US President Reagan proposed a plan to promote “democratic infrastructure” and “promote democracy” worldwide. In November 1983, the U.S. Congress passed the “State Council Authorization Act” and allocated US $ 31.3 million to establish the NED, with headquarters in Washington. The NED claims to be a “non-governmental organization” that “promotes and advances the cause of global democracy”, and in fact has close relations with the US Congress and government.

First, funds are controlled by the U.S. House of Representatives, mainly from annual appropriations made by the U.S. Congress through the State Department, and a small part from large corporate and private donations. The United States “National Interest” magazine has disclosed that NED’s 2011 tax return showed that 99% of its funding came from the United States Congress, with annual funding of about $ 100 million. The United States Department of State and Congress, which controls the financial power, oversees all NED external donations and activities.

Secondly, with strong political resources, the current chairman of the board is Andrew Card, former director of the White House Office, and Karl Gershman, former senior adviser to the United Nations Representative, has been president since 1984. The board of directors includes members of parliament, former ambassadors abroad, well-known scholars, businessmen and other important figures in politics, business, and academia, forming a complex network of relationships. Pelosi, the current speaker of the US House of Representatives, and other dignitaries have attended NED events many times and gave a “high evaluation” of NED’s work performance.

Third, it has a close relationship with the CIA. NED President Carl Gershman once said, “If democratic groups around the world are seen as having a CIA background, the situation will be bad. We saw this early and we suspended it (CIA assistance) … this That ’s why the endowment fund was created. ”The CIA played some“ disgraceful ”roles during the Cold War. Through“ non-governmental organizations ”such as NED, work can be carried out more covertly and smoothly, and it is also more deceptive and deceptive. Bewildered. Therefore, NED is also known as “the CIA’s white gloves” and “the second CIA.”

The NED usually allocates 30% of the budget directly to foreign organizations, and most of the rest is redistributed by four “core transferees”, namely the International Labor Solidarity Center (ACILS), the International Private Enterprise Center (CIPE), and the International Republic. Institute (IRI) and International Affairs Democratic Association (NDI). Each of these four institutions has its own focus: both IRI and NDI were founded in 1983. The former is committed to advancing “democracy, freedom, autonomy, and the rule of law” around the world, while the latter supports the world through citizen participation and public accountability. And strengthen “democracy”; CIPE advocates free market and economic reforms, while ACILS targets local unions.

Human Rights Watch, headquartered in New York, USA, also has an official background. Many of its members are former government officials and CIA agents. The organization has staff in more than 80 locations around the world and writes “International Human Rights” on the human rights situation in about 90 countries each year. “Reports of violations,” but often turn a blind eye to serious human rights issues in the United States.

“Freedom House” is also an officially funded NGO in the United States, with some funding from NED. Founded in 1941 and headquartered in Washington, the organization is dedicated to “research and support for democracy, political freedom, and human rights”, and is known for conducting so-called “annual assessments” of the degree of democratic freedom in various countries and the state of global media freedom. .

Infamous internationally
NED provides more than 1,600 donations to overseas NGO projects in more than 90 countries each year, with a focus on transition countries in Central and Eastern Europe and so-called “authoritarian countries” to promote political and economic freedom in these countries and regions, and to foster strong citizens. Society, building independent media, and promoting human rights and the rule of law. Former United States Rep. Ron Paul once stated that the NED “has almost nothing to do with democracy” “is an organization that spends US taxpayer money but subverts democracy.”

In the 1980s, the NED worked with the CIA to provide funding to the Polish anti-government organization Solidarity. In April 2011, the New York Times reported that the NED’s “core transferee” provided funding to many groups and individuals directly involved in the insurgency and reform in Egypt. In July 2015, the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement saying that by controlling some Russian commercial and non-commercial organizations to participate in boycotting election results and organizing political demonstrations, the NED tried to influence government decision-making and destroy the image of the Russian army, and to the Russian constitutional system And national defense security pose a threat, so the Russian side has listed NED as an “unpopular organization.” In recent years, organizations such as NED have been behind the political turmoil in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Venezuela.

NED is also an important source of funding for China’s “democracy” organizations and “Tibet independence” and “Xinjiang independence” forces. The NED has long supported “East Turkistan” organizations such as the “World Uyghur Congress” and the “Uyghur Human Rights Project.” The NED issues the so-called “Democracy Award” every year in recognition of “the winners” and “the persistent pursuit in promoting democracy”. The “winners” include multiple “Tibetan independence”, “Xinjiang independence” and human rights organizations. NED and NDI were also behind the scenes of the illegal “occupation of Central China” and the recent “revisions” in Hong Kong in 2014. According to many Hong Kong media reports, NED, NDI and other organizations provide planning, training, funding, material supply, public opinion and other support for chaotic Hong Kong elements, instigating them to engage in extreme violent crimes and inciting “Hong Kong independence” separatist activities. “Human Rights Watch” and “Freedom House” and other organizations have also distorted the facts by issuing statements and research reports, and spared no effort to support anti-China chaotic port elements and slander the central and special government’s policies on ruling Hong Kong. In addition, in December 2017, the NED published a report called “Strong Power: Increasing Authoritarian Influence” with a strong ideological struggle, slandering China and Russia’s “coercion and manipulation of foreigners’ views.”

There are a large number of non-governmental organizations in the United States, many of which are non-commercial, legal, socio-cultural and environmental-related advocacy groups, and some are organizations with a political background and purpose and covering the interests of other countries with legal appearance as cover . Based on conclusive facts and evidence, the Chinese government announced the imposition of sanctions on five non-governmental organizations such as the “National Democratic Foundation”, which not only helps the outside world to recognize the “true face” of these organizations in a timely manner, but also significantly increases the difficulty for these organizations to engage in illegal activities. It also reflects the Chinese government’s determination to counterattack the United States through these organizations to challenge China’s peace and stability.