Unspeakable pain

Around four in the afternoon, the cell phone rang and did not spare. I don’t want to be Hu Dajun. I used to expect him to call every day. Today is just the opposite.

After three consecutive days of work in that small factory, the anus suddenly became emotional for the past two days, and sometimes it hurts. Last night, the pain worsened, as if torn there. Relieving the stool is like going to the execution ground and having to do it, otherwise it will be more painful after a long time. I had this problem more than ten years ago. I didn’t take any medicine or apply medicine at that time. Maybe it ’s the years that do n’t spare people, or it may be the day and night that die, and the life is too heavy so the old disease recurs. It came fiercely, and I am afraid I cannot surrender by my own strength.

I can’t carry it anymore. I hope to recover sooner. I can’t live without good physical strength. I thought I could heal myself this time, but I felt more and more wrong, and hurried to the pharmacy to buy Mayinglong hemorrhoid cream and anti-inflammatory medicine. The medicine was taken in a blink of an eye, and the movement of the plaster to the affected area must be carried out secretly. Afraid of worrying about his wife, he hid in the bathroom before going to bed and groped for the plaster, which made him look inside. Feeling the hot and cold pain in the cool part of the affected area, it was like the salt water on the wound.

This morning, I repeated the operation last night in the bathroom. Everything is difficult at the beginning, so is the squeeze of hemorrhoid cream. The second movement is smoother. I squeezed in again during the factory lunch break, but there was no sign of improvement. Another thought, there is a process for everything, and it is not a panacea. There is no way to take it-just apply it. Fortunately, there is not much work in the factory recently, and it is not too heavy. It is okay to be lazy, so I just take the opportunity to recuperate.

I pulled out my cell phone and it really was Hu Dajun’s, he said to work overtime. I hesitated for a moment and said yes. I really want to take two nights and do nothing, lying flat on the bed, this posture is the most comfortable. People can have everything, but they cannot be sick. If you have no problems in your body, you will not realize the importance of health, even a small cold.

I work in a valve factory as a assembler. Hu Dajun joined me in a group after he moved over. Two years later, he went to another unit because he was underpaid. In some small factories, there are no assemblers or few assemblers. When they are in a hurry to ship, the manpower is not enough, and the boss will look for skilled workers to surprise. Hu Dajun sees people talk and talks about ghosts and talks about ghosts, he can talk about the dead, so his connections are very wide. A few years ago, he took on this job. After receiving the phone calls from those bosses, Hu Dajun shouted others and rushed to the other factory after work. They are usually four people, with a clear division of labor during a thousand jobs, to complete the task as quickly as possible.

In this way, Hu Dajun, they can earn 20,000 to 30,000 a year, and they can catch up with the salary of half a year or even half a year. When I was in a group with him, I asked him to be too busy to call me. He said yes, but never shouted. No wonder, for such a large cake, one more person would have to share one more, and I would not be willing to change it. I’ve said it a few times, he’s still dumb, and I’m dead and don’t speak again.

Three months ago, he suddenly called and called me to work overtime, and I was overjoyed. Very Shaanxi, I know the reason, they are seriously lack of talents call me. Maybe they were too busy or they worked overtime to think of me. I can’t control that much, less is less, better than nothing.

If they work overtime in my unit, I will do some preparatory work first, and wait for them to come-to do it together. Even so, an average of one thousand and sixty-six blocks can be obtained in a month. Therefore, they do not care about being late, say a word of conscience, and do not care about it in their hearts. Everyone is a cheap worm. I endure hardships and endure hard work, and I won’t squeak for a small loss, and they call me again and again.

The valve is assembled to work while squatting. This is the posture for four or five hours. It is estimated that the blood loss leads to hemorrhoids. I have read an article about health, saying that if you go to the toilet for a long time, you will get hemorrhoids, let alone one. Squatting is half a day, so it’s not surprising. Working overtime in a foreign unit is like fighting a war, because people are so anxious that they call for people to come. They need a spirit of encouragement. For a few hours, they do n’t even have to drool. The harder it is to live without money, the harder it is, and the more time it takes. The most cost-effective way is to assemble the valve, which can earn two or three hundred a night, so it is happy to be dirty and tired. It is normal to go off work at ten to two o’clock in the evening, and sometimes it is not surprising at all in the early morning of the next day. Hu Dajun, they have worked overtime many times until dawn, and of course the money they gave is also rising.

Lao You’s strain on the lumbar muscles fell at that time, and he didn’t dare to do it again. Another person believed that he had less money to work and went home to raise crabs. Hu Dajun also called for three or four people to do it. These people were either old-fashioned or treacherous, and finally thought of me.

My wife works in a restaurant and starts at 4:30. The girl is studying in Wuxi. There is no one at home. If I work overtime, I will tell her that she will take back her clothes before leaving.

That unit is in the private industrial park on the north side, and the benefits are good. Three or four assemblers are still too busy, often calling Hu Dajun to go for surprises.

Today I still assemble valves. Thirty sets, I like it. I put on my work clothes and put on clean gloves. Then, go to the warehouse to pick up parts, lift the valve body, and clean the valve cavity. The work of assembling the valve is performed on the ground and must be performed while squatting. Strictly speaking, it is an assembly line operation, which is completed by one person. This person has completed this process before doing the next one—the process is busy but not chaotic, so only three or four people need to cooperate.

The valve bodies are next to each other, and when this is done, they squat and move to the next one. There are simple low stools in the workshop, and almost no one usually sits on it to work, because it is suspected of being a foreign worker, at least it is not impressive. Squatting in the air, her anus was not falling, her teeth were grinning, and she drew in the air.

It hurts and pains, but I don’t say a word, because when they say it, they will tell you to ask for money or die, or to persuade you to take two days off. Two days off, I have two days less money. I can’t bear it. The key is that maybe I will be out after two days off. This is what I worry about most. There is so much work and urgency that Hu Dajun shouts out of necessity. In order to complete the task on time, you must go to him and think of another method. So, no matter what the reason, if I miss the second time, I am afraid there is no third time.

The most important thing is people.

In this case, not only me, but others rarely say it. Don’t say when you come, or don’t come. One radish and one pit, you have to do more if you don’t do it to others, saying that the unpleasant point is to exploit other people’s labor. Eight hours of work, four hours to complete a thousand, the workload is not big? Don’t stop talking, don’t say that you don’t even have time to talk about drinking water, hate to grow two hands. When it’s hot, even though there are fans on the wall, the whole body looks like it has been washed with water.

Lao You is an obvious example. He was five years older than me. He worked too hard and broke his waist. He didn’t dare to work overtime for half a year. Hu Dajun said that you don’t need to do a lot of hard work, you just sit and twist the bolts and nuts. Lao You said, it’s not—two days, brethren—don’t want to take advantage of anyone, and don’t go. A week ago, he was really thinking about money and rejoined the team. In fact, his waist was not completely good.

Xiao Lu is Hu Dajun’s current colleague. When he is working, he picks up fat and chooses thin, Lao You returns, and Hu Dajun hangs him up. Hu Dajun said that he was embarrassingly embracing me, and would come again. At that time there was really no one to call him, he took himself as a character. Hu Dajun has a lot of water in his words, otherwise he would not be called Hu Dajun, but the authenticity of this time should be more than 90%, after all, no one will have trouble with money.

Once someone took my place, it was difficult to squeeze in again. After all, he doesn’t have a deep friendship with Hu Dajun. He wouldn’t have called me if he wasn’t attracted to some “flashing spots” on me.

When I squatted in front of the valve body yesterday to tighten the bolts, I groped for a little trick. When taking photos, squatting in the first row—usually women—for various reasons, they put their heels on the buttocks. I changed this posture a little: the heels directly against the anus, and the left and right feet take turns, so that I can hardly feel the pain. But new problems came, and it didn’t take long for me to feel numb in my legs, stand up and stare at Venus, and even get dizzy. I have high blood pressure, hereditary, and although I have been taking medicine, I cannot carelessly. The hard-earned days are long, the parents are not filial piety, they are not pensioned, the girl is not graduated, she is not married, and she has no children. It is not worth taking the small life into it.

Today’s situation is special. Regardless of their opinions, I forgive myself. Finding a low stool, I sat cheekily on it. Still not working, I found another clean empty snakeskin bag, folded it into a ball, and tucked it in the ass. This is much better. When I moved it, my butt was slightly lifted. I dragged the low stool with my right hand, and sat down quickly .

Hu Dajun finally discovered my unusual behavior, and smiled and said, what happened to you, Lao Qi? Take a break if you are not comfortable. I also smiled and said that the dinner was too full, and the old man crouched and died. What he said was kind, and I still flashed in my heart—a warmth. Stand up afraid to sit down, sit down afraid to stand up. They were in a hurry, joking with each other. I have no mood to talk. Even if they make me happy, I just smile and hum at most twice. It’s not always possible to sit up, and even when I got up, I still grinned, even when I was thinking.

I gritted my teeth and insisted that there were fewer and fewer parts. They were sequentially assembled to the valve body in order, and gradually became a valve.

At ten ten, I got up to wash my hands and changed my work clothes. A painful heartache made me shout. I rubbed Wangmen across my trousers, and under my appeasement, it was much more honest for the time being. All thirty valves were successfully assembled. Thirty-five pieces of valve are assembled. Thirty pieces are 1,050, and each person has 260. Even with meals, we stayed here for five hours, but our income was two days’ salary for our unit.

There was still pain in the anus, but it felt much better with the comfort of money.

My wife waited for me while watching TV. When the door rang, she said loudly, come back? I hum. She said, hard work. I took off my leather shoes and put on slippers, pretending to be easy, to serve the people. She laughed and said, hungry? Get something for you. I said I was hungry or not, I just wanted to take a bath and rest early. She stood up and said that the underwear is on a chair. You sit down for a while, and I’ll put solar water.

When I passed her by, I couldn’t help but scream. She asked what was wrong, and I told the truth. It was inconvenient to squeeze the plaster herself and wanted her to help. She blamed me for not saying it earlier, and I said it was nowhere else. She said, what’s the embarrassment of the old wife and wife, what have you not seen before? I said, you have never seen this place. She said seriously that she had never seen it.

The two laughed.

After taking a shower, I dropped my pajamas to my thighs and lay on my bed. Holding the hemorrhoid cream, she sighed and said that it was not easy to be bitter about the money, and she would rest for a while. I said, no need, take and apply medicine, it should be fine in two days. She said that you ca n’t stand it. Do n’t you like to eat pig’s paw, I will buy a pair and come back to sing and supplement it tomorrow, and buy a hoof in two days. I heard people say that hemorrhoids are too tired to get nutrition.

I said, even if the hoofs are high, they are all high in protein, so eating too much is not good. She said that these things have not been eaten twice a year. If you were n’t allowed to buy it, I would have bought it long ago, do n’t be reluctant to do this. You’re not just sitting in the office, you can’t eat anything. Living is bitter and heavy, how can I not eat? Tired is not worth it. I don’t squeak. She knew that I didn’t squeak for acquiescence.

The father was paralyzed and the mother was dementia. They are all in their eighties and have basically lost the ability to take care of themselves. They have no pension and live in turns in four of our brothers’ homes. They didn’t leave it to us—bricks and bricks, all started from scratch, and they had their own houses. And I, the mortgage was not repaid, and my relatives and friends also owed a small amount of money. The girl turned the book this year, and the optical fee was 18,000 a year.

People can have nothing, but they cannot have money.

We call earning money bitter money here, of course, except for the rich boss of Rijin Doujin. For people living at the bottom, I feel that the bitterness of hard money is more vivid, vivid, accurate, and grounded than any word. When I see it, I think of it is difficult, bitter, helpless and responsible.

No pain, no.

There is no rich man, but he has been working hard. Although the steps are smaller, they have been moving forward. Heaven still cares for those who have hope in life and work for it.

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