The Story of Hair

Recently, the hair in the middle above the forehead has become thinner and thinner, and there is almost a “vacant lot”. Although the area is not large, it is enough to make people feel dejected. Maybe in a few more years, the sea will be separated from me in fairy tales. When I was a child, I really shouldn’t laugh at the nature teacher with a partial score of 19. Now I also want to cover the barren land on my head with a partial score.
When reading at random, I happened to see a remnant of Liye’s Qin bamboo slips, which recorded the physical features of a certain person: “he is pale in color and has a beautiful hair.” Special emphasis was placed on good hair growth. This is really irritating!
However, good hair is probably standard for ancient beauties.
“Zuo zhuan Zhao gong 28 years”: “once upon a time, there was still a daughter born to her family. she was black and very beautiful. she was named Xuan’s wife because she could learn from it.”
According to Xijing Fu and Hanwu Story, Wei Zifu was also favored by Hanwu Emperor because of his good hair. Also, Mrs. Ru of Huan Wen was accepted by Huan Wen’s wife Princess Nankang because of her good hair. Princess Nankang was so angry that when she saw the beauty combing her hair, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “I see you also have pity.”

On the contrary, baldness was not so beautiful in ancient times. Qin’s body punishment also included hair curls, which meant not only serving hard labor, but also shaving off hair, showing a difference from ordinary people. According to Records of the Historian, when Qin Shihuang wanted to go to pray at the shrine of Xiangshan, he encountered strong winds when crossing the river, thus he almost missed it. In spite of his indignation, he “made 3,000 criminals cut down the trees of Hunan mountain and scorched the mountain”. In fact, cutting down trees is to punish Xiangshan with curly hair, while Zheshan is to make Xiangshan put on red prison clothes.
Even in modern times, baldness is still a pain in people’s hearts.
In 1927, a magazine published a joke called “the old man protects baldness”, telling the old man that there were not many hairs left on his head. it was really sad to hear the cock crow as “root, root, root”, meaning that there were not many hairs left, the dog as “bald and bare”, and the cat as “hairless and hairless”.
However, some people do not take baldness seriously. Olbricht, a representative of the ancient Greek megalomaniacs, proposed “bald sophistry”. That is, pulling out one hair, two hairs, and so on, will not make a person bald, so how many hairs do you need to pull out to become bald? This paradox involves quantitative and qualitative changes.
Looking at my hair in the mirror, I couldn’t help lamenting. Should I cut a inch plate? In this way, the “empty space” in the middle may not be so obvious. But the face is big, can only give up. So I bought hairband and hairband and felt a little comfort after covering the “empty space”.
As recorded in Cai Yong’s “Dogma,” Wang Mang’s bald head is a towel. At that time, people said,’ Wang Mang is bald, and he is in the house. “Follwed bald head covered with a turban. Like me, it is out of sight and out of mind.
However, the 1919 translation of “The Cause of Baldness” in Oriental Magazine analyzed the cause of baldness, one of which was the headscarf and hat. “Occurs in the bulbous stem of the cephalic muscle, if the plant has roots. Although it is sometimes added with kusanagi and is not hindered by the reproduction of bulbous stems, if the genus pugionium grows as it grows, its root is not damaged and its vitality is still alive, it is also necessary to cover the grass with felts to prevent sunlight and air from permeating, then the grass will turn yellow in less than a few weeks, and it will wither and die in February and March, but so will the hair. ” Therefore, it is advocated to save baldness with “non-hat doctrine”. However, this will lead to a paradox. Wear a hat to cover up your bald head, but wearing a hat may make your head bald. So, what should I do?