The hardest work

A few days ago, “Rehtom International United Group” published an advertisement in the media for “Director of Operations”: This is a challenging and very important job with a wide range of responsibilities and requirements, specifically: the workplace is not fixed; Have sufficient physical strength and endurance (because sometimes you have to stay up all night to work, all kinds of holidays, public holidays are rare rest, also must be on call); To have financial management, administration, cooking skills, medical knowledge and artistic accomplishment; Excellent negotiation skills and interpersonal skills; Attention should be paid to employees at all times. Can tolerate employees to bring you unimaginable feelings.
Salary: zero.
Registration time: 8: 30 on may 9 to 8: 30 on may 11.
Interview Method: The interviewer communicates with the applicant via video.
Special reminder: Please don’t express surprise or anger at this job advertisement. What we want to tell you is that this job has the opportunity to give you the highest respect and love from our employees. We look forward to your enthusiasm for this job and wish you all good luck!
The recruitment notice attracted great attention from the society. By the deadline for application, more than 200 people had called to inquire, 67 people had applied for the post, and finally 12 candidates entered the interview process, the oldest being 51 years old and the youngest 25 years old.
When “rehtom” interviewers communicated with the candidates via video and explained the job requirements in detail, the candidates were all stunned without exception.
The following is a video exchange between the interviewer and a candidate:
Interviewer: This position requires you to master the knowledge of financial management, management, cooking and medical treatment, because you have to take care of your colleagues and cook for them. You can’t eat until they finish eating, and you can’t sleep until they fall asleep. Can you do this?
Applicant: er … this … can I accept it?
Interviewer: If you do this job, you should give up your personal favorite life and even protect your colleagues with your life when they are in danger.
Interviewee: Sounds scary. Is it a special force? Or is it a firefighter?
Interviewer: None. Can you afford to work more than 130 hours 24 hours a week?
Applicant: I’m not a robot, I also need to rest? Even robots need maintenance.
Interviewer: Not only that, you can’t enjoy all festivals, such as New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. You must stick to your job. Can you accept this requirement?
Applicant: Can’t you take time off? If this is a promising job, I can consider it.
Interviewer: Once you sign up for this job, you will stay on the job all your life. You cannot resign and there is no room for development. Applicant: Er … Interviewer: If there is no salary and no bonus, besides respect and love, you won’t get a penny in return, will you sign the contract?
Interviewee: This is an international joke! How can I live without pay? This condition is too harsh, I cannot accept it and will not sign a contract!
Interviewer: Are you sure you can’t accept this job?
Applicant: Not acceptable!
Interviewing Palace: Do you believe anyone will accept it and is doing the job?
Applicant: I don’t believe anyone can accept it. I’m talking about normal people.
Interviewer: If I tell you that billions of people in the world are doing this job, do you believe it?
Applicant: What kind of job is it that interests so many people?
Interviewer: When all the interviewers including you think this job is abnormal and impossible to exist, I will tell you now that this job does exist and her name is “mother”! The so-called “Rehtom” is actually the reverse spelling of “mother” in English, and “director of operations” is our mother. Please think about it, does every mother meet these job requirements? It’s just that we often ignore it!
When the interviewer revealed the answer to the riddle, everyone laughed in astonishment, then could not help but sob or burst into tears …
The above situation is a special idea planned by New Culture News this Mother’s Day. Although no one succeeded in applying for the job in the end, the planners were still gratified by this attempt when they saw that everyone expressed their thoughts, greetings, gratitude and blessings to their mothers in various forms. As an editor said, many people are always complaining about all kinds of disappointments in their work. Whenever this happens, mother will always stand behind and silently encourage and support us. However, how many people realize that “the hardest work in the world” is done silently by her mother, who always works day and night but never complains. I believe that through this “job fair”, the children around their mother or in other places will not forget the person who loves you most in the world but does not pay for it. at least on your birthday, mother’s birthday and mother’s day, they will say, “mom, you are laborious!” Mom, I love you!