The Frivolity of Brazilians

Recife has only one Chinese martial arts school. Lao shifu Wu Lihua gushed when he saw his countrymen. in his words, he has not spoken cantonese for too long. The content of his talk, mostly lamenting the unreliable disciples, came to learn the arts with only three minutes of enthusiasm, and suddenly gave up, “all preached that there was no master for the well-trained disciples, but they learned less than 20% kung fu at most.”
Most people do not have perseverance, so it is difficult to realize master Wu’s wish to teach Chinese kung fu and culture, even some frustration. For the hardworking and hard-working Chinese, Brazilians have too many frivolous things that are hard to understand, such as the concept of love. Amateur Diego kept stressing that he was “handsome” but “single-minded”. However, his good friend revealed that Diego had just wept over his lovelorn love the night before and would hug every beautiful woman and come to a loving french kiss at the carnival the next day.
Carnival is “liberating oneself” for Brazilians, and kissing between strangers is also normal. Brazilians also have a different view of love from Chinese. Before they officially become male and female friends, they still have a period of “trial love” in which they can hold hands, kiss and even go to bed like lovers. However, only when the two sides feel really fit together can they further establish the relationship. If they fail, they will break up amicably. In the experience of many talented Brazilian stars, you can also feel their “casual”, slightly frivolous, but once happy.
Legendary Brazilian President and sociologist Cardoso wrote in his autobiography: “In the eyes of the world, Brazil is a frivolous country, with bronze-skinned idle young people always gathering on the beaches. The endless carnival carnival; Having fun with’ a girl from Ibanema’ doesn’t have to worry about hangovers. This is not the case … Brazil really needs to get rid of the kind of personality that lacks sense of responsibility and is almost like a clown who grandstands. This personality may make the country seem ungovernable. ”
But most Brazilians still don’t think so. They are not worried about not having money today or tomorrow. All goods in Brazilian shopping malls, large and small, can be paid in installments, ranging from household appliances to a pair of socks, which makes it affordable for Brazilians who do not work hard to split up to the “low price” of each month. Other Brazilians don’t even like Sao Paulo because the people in this country’s first economic city live at such a fast pace that they don’t know how to stop and enjoy life.
Because of this, many Brazilians object to the World Cup only because the government’s investment is huge, but it does not directly benefit themselves like wage increases. Workers went on strike and the World Cup stadium was delayed in completion. Natal’s bus drivers were still on strike during the World Cup. Not only during the World Cup, Chinese students in Brazil told us that their teachers were often absent from class. Sometimes they were half an hour late, sometimes they were an hour late, and when it rained, they simply didn’t come to class. Over time, they also understood that they should “watch the day go to class”. As a result, the class hours were delayed and the graduation time was postponed. Then, everyone can easily find an excuse: what the government has done is too bad, and we cannot work well.
Cultural differences are also reflected in a phrase specially created for Chinese people-PACI-ENCIACHINESA (Chinese Patience), which refers to a person who is calm, not anxious, not impatient and patient to the extreme. This phrase is very common in job advertisements. It is said that it is related to the first batch of Chinese immigrants in Brazilian history. Their meticulous and serious work in agriculture is widely respected by Brazilians. Now there is also a resort named “Chinese Scenery” in Rio de Janeiro to commemorate Chinese tea farmers.
Of course, natural indulgence also makes Brazilians better at creative activities such as music and dance. The ability to adjust measures to local conditions and improvise is an artist’s most precious quality, as is football. Football is a physically exhausting sport, born on the campus of British public schools, which pay attention to rules and regulations. However, Brazilians have turned it into a joyous dance or drama performance, making the world admire the artistic football they play and turning it into one of Brazil’s symbols.