The fight against the new crown virus must go beyond international self-interest

The new crown pneumonia epidemic brought an extremely strong comprehensive impact, and China was forced to interrupt its normal schedule and start a full-scale war with it. So far, China has achieved remarkable results on battlefields outside Hubei, the danger of large-scale spread of the epidemic to the whole country has been contained, and the situation in Hubei Province has begun to improve significantly. But whether the epidemic will be eradicated quickly is uncertain. Many experts believe that it can not be ruled out that neocoronary pneumonia has turned into chronic influenza and has survived in the world ever since.

It must be said that we know very little about the new crown virus. Although China seems to control it, so far it has not found a special solution to counter it. Countries in the world should work together with China to establish a system to actively respond to the new crown virus globally.

This fight against epidemics in China has not only greatly prevented the spread of New Coronavirus overseas, but our accumulation of a large number of clinical cases and social prevention and control experience has also provided a valuable cognitive reserve for humans. If human society is unable to completely eliminate the new crown virus, then we will have more evidence and resources to suppress its harm in the future.

Once neocoronary pneumonia really turns into a chronic winter infectious disease, its outbreak in the rest of the world will be inevitable. The situation in Japan provides an angle of observation.

Japan has a well-developed medical system and social awareness of the epidemic is relatively high, but the new crown virus has violently attacked the luxury cruise ship “Diamond Princess” docked in the country. The outbreak of this ship can be compared with the worst outbreak area in Wuhan. In addition, there have been more cases in Japan. All of this reflects the vulnerability of all countries and communities in the face of the new crown virus. Spread, who might be the next seriously affected country and society.

Some US politicians refer to the new crown virus as the “China virus.” The Wall Street Journal publishes a racist article entitled “China is the true ‘Asian sick man’.” Such frivolity, prejudice, and arrogance are very dangerous. At the same time, such high toes may be fatally back-sucked, leading to a heavy price.

Modernization has provided epidemics far more than the hotbeds of the past, and panic spreads faster than the virus can spread. The virus amplifies its destructive power through people’s panic and disrupts the meridians of modern civilization. To curb panic, it is vital for governments of all countries to join hands in scientific joint prevention and control and coordinate economic activities and prevention and control arrangements.

The impact of the new crown virus clearly shows a real aspect of the challenges facing human society today. Globalization is not what we want, and we can ignore it if we want to. Many common problems of mankind will continue to be highlighted, and the whole mankind will become a community of destiny with intertwined interests at some special moments.

There may be some differences between the pros and cons at the beginning of some things, but if you look a little further away, you will find that this is not the case at all. All of us are actually in the same shelter sheltered by various risks. Human society must allocate more attention to those real and potential public crises and refrain from obsessing with other struggles, such as geopolitics and ideology.

The political and opinion elites of the United States and the West are in the position to best influence how global attention is distributed. They must take responsibility for avoiding misleading the world’s public and helping human society to sound the alarm in the direction where new risks are gathering.