The amount of housework a father does determines his daughter’s career.

Many men do not like to do housework and find excuses to escape, such as busy work, social activities, making money to support their families and creating better living conditions for their children. But do you know that every time you run away, it affects your daughter’s future bit by bit.
In an experiment conducted by Columbia University in England, 326 children aged 7-10 and their parents were observed to study the influence of household chores distribution on children’s career choices. The results show that if the father never does housework, the daughter will have the idea of inequality between men and women in her mind, and then only dare to choose traditional female occupations such as nurses and housewives when choosing occupations. If the father and mother share housework, wash clothes, cook meals, take care of children and do everything, the daughter will not be bound by gender thinking when choosing occupations, and they dare to challenge traditional male occupations such as military officers and CEO. The more housework a father does, the bolder and more varied his daughter’s career choices will be.
That is to say, if fathers do not use equality between men and women as a slogan, but implement it in their daily life, it will be easier to stimulate children’s values of gender equality, thus diversifying their career choices and enriching their future.
The results of this study have overturned people’s traditional ideas. Perhaps many fathers believe that it doesn’t matter whether they do housework or not. As long as they work hard in their career and become a successful person, they will pass on positive energy to their children and turn them into hardworking and enterprising people. In fact, the opposite is true. What really determines the future of children is how much housework fathers do. Details really determine success or failure.
If you have doubts about this research result, you can pay close attention to your surroundings and find countless real cases. Look at your colleagues, friends and neighbors, how many men actually take half of the household chores in the home, and look at their daughters, what jobs are they currently doing.
A brief observation will reveal that men have a very limited amount of housework, most of which is done by women, while girls have a single occupation. They are always willing to choose to be preschool teachers, nurses, dancers and full-time housewives, and seldom dabble in management, finance and other fields. At present, men dominate the management industry and few women are seen, which is the best evidence.
If you stretch the time span a little longer, you will find a more interesting phenomenon. For example, our grandfathers, the men of that generation are omnipotent outside, but at home they are all dissidents who don’t help when the oil bottle falls down. Accordingly, their daughters and our mothers have really narrow career choices and always stick to being conductor and teacher. As for our fathers, they are more or less involved in domestic work for various reasons. Their daughters, the women of our generation, have broadened their career choices and have emerged a number of business executives and successful businessmen.
It is said that mother is the best teacher for children, in fact, so is father. Those fathers who hope that women will become common practice, abandon their wrong thinking and from now on, put down their postures and devote themselves to housework. Let all sorts of excuses go to hell!