The real turning point in 2019 is not trade frictions, not all kinds of trouble, but that young people are too lazy to get married.
  ——The opinion of
  the time commentator Yan Xiaofeng: In the current social situation, you can call a good actor without a mobile phone at the scene, respect your work, devote your emotions, and take the role as the biggest.
  ——Director Jia Zhangke’s
  work to death?
  ——The Japanese government intends to extend the maximum retirement age of 65 to 70 and adopt various methods to achieve a “lifetime non-retirement society”, which has aroused strong opposition from Japanese netizens.
  The author of “Journey to the West” can be promised if he is born today Bell Award.
  ——A Chinese person once asked Ma Yueran, a lifelong judge of the Nobel Prize for Literature, what is the selection criteria of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Ma Yueran answered this question from the side
  ——For the sake of health, some people live a rather sick life. The
  actions of the world are phantoms. They are so busy that they are in vain; they have accumulated wealth, and I do not know who will collect it in the future.
  ——When the former “the richest woman in Asia” was judged, the judge said that the
  former is necessary for human beings to survive in this world, and the latter is the tragic situation of your harvest.
  - the difference between consumption and consumerism
  work first thing / to go to the toilet / calm down
  karoshi / and a raise in the game / to see who wins
  - Japan “humorous poem” contest works “social animal” image
  like Give your eyes cold water.
  ——Camus described a piece of apricot forest full of apricot flowers with
  one hand to donate money and one hand to make money.
  ——A kind heart needs the guardianship of a powerful force.
  Passive and chatty personality.
  ——There is a friend named Schrödinger. If you ignore him, he ignores you. If you ignore him, he can talk to you from poems and songs to the philosophy of life and the
  ——A word proposed by economist He Fan, which means that although everyone seems to be doing things, there are a large number of contributors. You can enjoy the bonus
  bayberry just a little bit ahead of them . Oysters, raisins; oranges, watermelons, salted duck eggs; peanuts, fruit, fennel beans; carambola, lychee, locust flower rice
  -the taste of Chinese textbooks in the eyes of netizens
  . Products that require instruction manuals are not good products.
  —— Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial golden sentence The
  so-called old friends are people you know before using your smartphone.
  ——A fun way to identify friends
  You are my single loop, I am your random play.
  ——It is also said that secret love of
  Yannong people has to be far away, light people can be close, sweet people must be armed.   ——Social
  —— “Ah, I’m dead” is used to express happiness, joy, excitement and other feelings. It was named the “Ball of the Year” in 2019.
  You are you, I am me, we are us.
  ——Aiming at “what is the ideal intimacy in your mind?”, Some netizens answered, ”
  Indecisiveness, quantum mechanics.”
  ——Parents who send their children for “quantum wave reading” training may pay not only IQ tax but also anxiety tax