Some suggestions for reading

  With regard to reading, the only advice one person can give to another is: don’t listen to any advice, just follow your own nature, use your own reason, and draw your own conclusions.
  If we can agree on this point, then I feel that I have the right to put forward some opinions or suggestions, because this independence is the most important quality possessed by a reader. Because, after all, what rules can be made for books? On what day was the Battle of Waterloo fought-for sure, but isn’t Hamlet a better show than King Lear? No one can say. For this issue, everyone can only take their own ideas. If you invite the authoritative experts in thick leather robes and large dresses into our library, let them tell us what books to read, and value some of the books we read, then destroy the spirit of freedom And the spirit of freedom is the breath of life in the temple of books. Everywhere else we can be bound by conventions and conventions-only here we have no conventions or conventions to follow.
  It seems simple to say: Since books have various categories (fiction, biography, poetry, etc.), we just need to classify them into categories and find out what they deserve to give us. But few people ask the book what they can give us. When we read books, our ideas are often vague and contradictory: we require that novels must be authentic, poetry must be false, biographies must beautify people, and history must strengthen our prejudices. When we read books, if we can eliminate this kind of prejudice first, it is a start worthy of praise. Don’t give orders to the author, but try to become the author himself and be his collaborator and associate. If you recoil from the start, hold a reservation, and criticize yourself, you are preventing yourself from getting as much meaning as possible from the books you read. However, as long as you open your mind as much as possible, the subtle signs and hints in the zigzag sentences at the beginning of the book that are barely noticeable will take you to a character who is very different from anyone before. Immerse yourself in these things and keep getting familiar with them, and soon you will find that the author is giving you something, or trying to give you something far more specific.