Shake those things

  When you sit and eat well, you find that the table is shaking constantly, and if you take a closer look, it turns out that the person opposite is shaking their legs; when you sit in the classroom to study, the air seems restless to make you uneasy to study, It turned out that the people next to them were shaking their legs; when you typed in front of the computer and found that the entire table was moving, you thought it was an earthquake. It turned out that the colleague was shaking your leg.
  How annoying is shaking legs, annoying that Liang Shiqiu even wrote an article specifically about it: “When you sit quietly and watch a movie, you suddenly feel that the chair underneath is shaking … if you Determined to find the source of the earthquake, it was soon discovered that the fault was probably on the thigh of a nearby gentleman … his toes stepped on the front chair stays, stretched his feet, and used the elasticity of his hamstrings to relax. There was trembling. If this deceptive movement was due to an outbreak of a disease such as sheep epilepsy, we must forgive him, but unlike, he does not spit foam in his mouth … ”
  Not only Liang Shiqiu hates shaking legs, China even There is also a saying that “men are shaking poor, women are cheap, and trees are shaking to death”.
  Obviously it can be annoying, but why do people always shake their legs?
Where the shaking of the legs is most disgusting

  Think about it, when do we really hate shaking our legs. It is often those occasions that require concentration. The more we want to concentrate, the more excited the other party will be.
  But this thing, although a bit annoying, really can’t stop others from shaking their legs. Because when people are nervous, they may shake their legs. Shaking legs, like biting nails, blinking, sniffing, and turning the pen, are all body language and can reflect people’s inner changes. For example, in the interview waiting area and the background of speech contests, we often see many people walking around or shaking their legs while sitting. Actually it’s all because of tension.
  In addition to anxiety, shaking your legs is often related to your inability to concentrate.
  When we are studying or working, the body will have a sense of discomfort because our attention is too focused on the current task, but we will ignore these discomforts because we are too focused. But as our concentration time increases, our attention becomes more difficult to concentrate, and the previous discomfort will become apparent. When the spirit relaxes, so does the body, and we shake our legs happily.
  This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in class. For example, at the beginning of the class, everyone listened to the lecture and took notes carefully. At this time, these small actions often do not occur. But after half an hour (maybe at most ten minutes), you will find that the classmates around you shake their legs and shake their pens and pens, and they are very busy. This is the signal to begin to “go away.”
  Imagine how annoying you would be if you were just sitting around such a person.
  Therefore, shaking your legs is often considered a sign of inattention. And the more often you shake your legs, the less you can remember about what you were reading.
There is no harm in shaking your legs

  If you just see here, you may think that shaking your legs is a bad habit. Especially when teachers see students shake their legs, they must be even more angry.
  But in fact, in addition to making others feel unsightly, it is not too bad for people who shake their legs. Even if you keep shaking your legs because of tension, it won’t delay your talk in interviews. Moreover, shaking the legs will temporarily distract the stars. But in the long run, it can help people stay focused and improve overall work efficiency.
  Because ordinary people shake their legs, they are actually “resistance” measures taken by the body to refocus.
  For tight nerves, when you shake your legs, your brain will be free from the task you are currently paying attention to, and you will use shaking your legs as an alternate task with the current task, so you can extend your concentration time and increase your efficiency.
  This is like when you were in school, your Chinese teacher said to the class, “Do n’t do math problems all the time, if you are tired, recite ancient Chinese and relax.”
  And when you are too focused on a certain task that caused you When your memory and concentration decrease, your brain will say to you, “Do n’t do this right now, shake your legs when you are tired, and relax.”
  Not only that, shaking your legs can also increase blood flow in your brain Keep your body awake. After all, we haven’t seen anyone who can shake their legs while still sleeping.
  In addition to keeping the brain awake, shaking our legs can also keep our bodies in a state of alertness and keep our leg muscles from becoming stiff.
  This may be closely related to our primitive ancestors.
  Primitive people walking upright often choose to sit high on their feet when resting, because this sitting position can free their legs while maintaining high vigilance and observing the surrounding environment.
  Not only that, such as shaking legs, or even energy consumption methods recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), they are called “NEAT” (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)-non-exercise heat generation Exercise can increase energy expenditure in a way.
  Of course, shaking your legs doesn’t help you improve your cardiopulmonary function or achieve weight loss, so do n’t count on shaking your legs for exercise.
  There is no harm in shaking your legs, but if one does not consciously control their shaking their legs, the end result is that they are happy and affect others, which is not good.
Another kind of frequent leg shaking is sick

  As everyone knows through the above content, shaking your legs is actually just a habit, and the overall impact on health is not bad.
  However, if you have the following symptoms when shaking your legs, then you need to be vigilant, because at this time you may not only be habitually shaking your legs, but you are suffering from restless legs syndrome.
  Restless legs syndrome is a circadian rhythm disease with unique clinical characteristics. It mainly has the following symptoms: 1. It is difficult to suppress the urge to shake the legs; 2. When the legs shake, the legs have discomfort, such as: burning Burning, pain, tingling, ants walking, etc .; 3. Occurs when the legs are stationary; 4. Occurs at night; 5. Leg exercises or massage can reduce symptoms; 6. Patients are often accompanied by Difficulty falling asleep or insomnia.
  The disease is currently thought to be caused primarily by low levels of iron in the brain and dysregulation of dopamine.
  Restless legs syndrome can also occur in some cases, such as low blood iron levels and renal failure. In addition, the use of certain drugs, mainly antidepressants and dopamine blockers, can also exacerbate symptoms.
  If you have some of the above symptoms, you need to consider whether you are shaking your legs or are suffering from restless legs syndrome.
  Mild restless leg syndrome can be alleviated through proper exercise, leg massage and hot compress. However, in serious cases, we should remind everyone to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
  However, for many “shaking legs stars”, shaking legs is only a habit of them, not a disease. As for the rumors on the Internet that “leg shaking is a neuropathy” or “leg shaking is related to kidney deficiency”, it is either a rumor or restless leg syndrome, anyway, it does not refer to the habitual leg shaking of most of us.
  Of course, this may also be a Jedi counterattack against shaking your legs-you can’t hold your legs to keep you from shaking, then you have to threaten you, and you will be sick if you shake again.

  Whether shaking a leg can get other people even a little bit of benefit, it may depend on science. Some people have invented a “shaking leg generator chair” and a “shaking leg energy storage table” that can convert the kinetic energy of shaking legs into electricity, allowing people to generate electricity with shaking legs.
  Shake the leg charging chair, charge while shaking, and recharge for others. This may be the last weapon that makes Shaking Stars not annoying.