Several ways to go to Ergun

  From Hulunbuir all the way to the northeast, out of the city, the companions fell asleep. I tried to wake up to talk to Master Bao. In the early autumn afternoon, the sun was very good, the wine was full, the drowsiness couldn’t help rising, and Master Bao couldn’t help but occasionally nagging.
  Three or five people driving an off-road vehicle should be the best way to get to Ergun. The car is spacious enough. You can sit and lie on the crooked side. You can get out of the car at any time if you have a good view. If you are tired, stop and smoke. When we see the flock, we stop; when we meet the horse, we stop; when a group of cows pass by, we also take a photo with the camera. There are also Shenshan and Sacred Lake.
  But Master Bao said that the most beautiful way to go to Ergun is to ride a horse. I imagined how a few of us rushed on the national road. Master Bao laughed. How could a horse ride on a national road? Of course, you should cross the grassland and take the nearest, straightest road. No matter how hard the horseshoes and horseshoes can’t stand the asphalt, the horses have to run on the soft and vigorous grass. A friend stumbled in and said, “Master Bao was a wrangler.” After that, he fell asleep again. I regained my spirit and chased Master Bao to listen to his talk about his career in horse breeding.
  Forty years later, Master Bao Gang was in his early twenties. The most enviable work type for educated youth on the grassland is to let go of the horse—pulling the wind, riding out and screaming, and ran out dozens of miles. Young sheep-raising, farming, and pig-raising young people see DC Hara. “Girls like it too.” Master Bao smiled. He partnered with another educated youth, 1,400 horses, like black clouds surging on the grassland. “We want to go to Erguna.” He partnered with the educated youth from Shanghai, of course, riding a horse. It’s very troublesome to take a train. I have to go to Hailar first and ride a day’s horse. I don’t know if I can catch the only train. The train was also slow, “kong kong kong”, that’s what Master Bao used. However, in the end the train didn’t go, nor did the horse ride-the production team didn’t allow it. It takes three or four days to go to Erguna. You have to check it out when you get there. A horse per person runs down like this, the horse can’t stand it.
  It almost happened once. In the winter, a snow had hardened and the production team was vacated for a period of time. The two got off the road with the captain’s acquiescence. It was already dark at the time of departure. “That night the moon was so good, the grassland was like a sea of ​​seeds.” Master Bao said, “We have seen the wolf.” I was startled: “Wolf?” The wolf stood in the field, his belly was round and he heard the sound of horseshoe Just run. Master Bao and his partner chase after the horse. They were fortunate to bring a set of horses with them, to prevent it. Under the great white moon, two horses chased a wolf. The sky was high, the horses ran fast, and the wolf walked even harder. The wolf ate too much, and the body became heavier and slower, slowing down. The set of horses has been grasped. The wolf rushed to a high ground, whispered, and vomited. “This is their usual trick.” Master Bao explained. Sure enough, the wolf with an empty stomach accelerated again. I kept asking the results. “As a result, I ran away.” Master Bao couldn’t keep up with his horse speed and was getting farther and farther. The Shanghai partner kept staring at the wolf. Master Bao watched his companion disappear on the horizon at night with his big black horse and wolf. Master Bao looked at the sky, and it was completely different from Erguna. In the middle of the night, the horse was sleepy, and the sweat on the mane of the poor bay horse was frozen before it dripped. He decided to find a place to rest for a while. I remember there was a yurt of shepherds nearby. When he found it, he fell asleep. At dawn, Master Bao suddenly felt that an ice dumpling had been drilled into the bed. At first glance, it was actually Shanghai educated youth. The guy said, “His mother, I’m exhausted!” After that, he pointed to the outside of the yurt, tilted his head, and fell asleep.
  Early the next morning, Master Bao went outside the yurt and saw a fresh wolf skin hanging on a wooden fence. The educated youth in Shanghai finally caught the wolf last night, dragging it out of breath. He wanted to tie the dead wolf to the back of the saddle, and the big black horse didn’t agree—it struck the thing. No way, he found a wine bottle in an abandoned yurt, smashed it, took a glass trowel as a knife, peeled the wolf skin, rolled it up and put it in the saddle, and the big black horse was out of opinion. “The wolf skin must be left,” said Bao Bao. “At that time, the supply and marketing agency collected it. The good fur can sell for eight dollars, but it is a big number.” When the Shanghai educated youth woke up, the two together, the road has gone further. The farther away, Erguna can’t go and can only return.
  Later, Master Bao could no longer ride to Ergun on horseback, and the educated youth later returned to the city. When the story was finished, Erguna arrived. We had delicious bread and enema. At night, we walked on the road and met a man who borrowed fire. In September, Erguna began to be cold at night, with only scattered pedestrians and cars on the streets. The man who borrowed the fire parked the motorcycle by the road and waited for someone with a cigarette. Dressed as a motorcycle, armed to his teeth, he lost his lighter halfway. He had just come over from Genhe, and he had to stay in Erguna. He loves this place, and every time he rides around, as long as the ride does not exceed four hours, he sleeps in Erguna. When he was young, he served as a soldier in Liaoning for six years and wanted to come to Ergun to play. Then he retired and worked in his hometown of Yantai. Now he is retired and can finally come. Alone on a motorcycle and running around the world, Erguna comes every year.
  ”Run while you’re young,” he said with a heart-warming look. “Motorcycles are the first choice. We don’t look at others’ eyes. We listen to ourselves in all our actions. When do we still want to come to Ergun and give our brother a word . Be sure to write down my phone. “I took note.