Pose joyfully to life

A friend came to the studio. I was wearing an apron stained with pigment and smearing it on the canvas. After greeting her, I went on drawing. After drinking tea, she said to me after a long silence, “you look really good when you paint. it’s so joyful.”
I think she wants to express that it is beautiful to do things seriously. When drawing, you must be focused, leaving aside your mobile phone, computer and all distractions, staring at the canvas with your eyes and your heart moving at random. The world is only you and you can be the world.
For me, painting, handicraft, making clothes, cooking and so on, do these is to give my heart freedom. People in simple work, the heart will have great relaxation and rest. They all bring me joy of the unity of body and mind. “Unity of Body and Mind” is the four words we can say at will, but it is not easy to have it.
It doesn’t matter whether the craft is good or not, and whether the painting is good or not. As a friend of mine said, “it doesn’t matter, love matters.” Put your whole heart and soul into one thing and enjoy it, then in the process, you have actually begun to reap.
When I was very young, I learned to draw, but at that time I learned “drawing skills”, not “making myself more sensitive, more capable of understanding beauty and love through drawing.” Speaking, the real love of painting began with Monet. The first time I saw Monet’s “Water Lotus” was when I was 15 years old. Xinhua Bookstore in a small town suddenly appeared a large-format picture album from a pile of pre-exam tutorials. The cover had the big two words “Monet”, and the background was several water lilies that seemed to be piled up randomly on the water surface mixed with light and shadow, but seemed to be “absolutely necessary”.
“Oh, I can draw like this.”
At that time, I was filled with various dogmas every day, and all my studies pointed to one standard: the art college entrance examination. However, this beautiful water surface gives me a kind of smooth mood, as smooth as poetry or music. At that time, I could not understand what this emotion was, but the feeling of “originally being able to paint like this” was a real stimulus. It turns out that painting can be done like this. Painting is not for examination, not for image. Painting makes instantaneous light and shadow permanent. Painting keeps time. Painting touches life. Painting is an irresistible impulse at a certain moment. Painting is painting …
A few years ago, one of my books was to be published. I assigned pictures to the text and bought a bunch of colored pencils for random smearing. One of them was directly used as the cover of the new book. In this picture, the little girl is lying on the edge of the pond watching a pool of water with water lilies. her eyes are wide open and her hands are stretched out far away. Many people can see that this painting is a tribute to Monet.
Later I went to Shanghai to see Monet’s exhibition. I have watched the printed matter too many times, but I never thought that the original work still gave me such a strong impact, so familiar and so strange. The painting is very big, a whole wall, and I saw the brush strokes, the biting tenderness, the decisive speed and the brilliant brilliance of life. Looking back, it was so quiet that lotus flowers blossomed.
Then I took my new book to Monet Garden, an hour’s train from downtown Paris, where Monet lived in his later years and completed the water lily series, the small town of giverny. The small town of giverny is located in the middle of a small hill, more like a small village, the kind of small village in fairy tales dreamed of when I was a child. All the way to the inside, all kinds of flowers open in various places, roadside bushes, cracks in stone walls, half-open residential fence. At the end of the road is Monet Garden. Enter through a small door. The large garden appears like magic. Everything is like a dream. Every scene, every tiny thing is showing the world the beauty of life and the wonder of nature.
It began to rain. Raindrops hit the water lilies in the pond under the Japanese Bridge in Monet Garden. The water was colorful and reflected the green branches, flowers and sky on the bank. Not far away, in the misty smoke, we can see Monet’s two-story house with light blue walls, wooden window frames and white curtains. It is still like a dream. It is like walking past and you can see Monet in his 70s holding a paintbrush and squinting his eyes, gazing at the paradise of time and emotion.
All this brings me the feeling of Monet’s strong love for nature, his devotion and happiness. Monet experienced much pain and sorrow in his life. Under such a background, the flowers and plants, green trees, blue sky, small fish and worms in the pond, their colorful luster shone deeply into his heart.
Well, it doesn’t matter. Love matters. I think this is the most joyful gesture I can make to life.