Philosophical Meaning in Housework

Compared with other affairs, housework can never be really finished: wardrobe bookcases can always be more tidy, window mirror kitchen utensils can be brighter, and after floor cleaning and dust removal, polishing and waxing can be carried out.
Simple physical labor is never finished. It is not only infinite, but also can be repeated indefinitely. The repetition of housework also shows the essence of life-living is repetition.
Housework is directed inward, similar to “doing a dojo in a spiral shell.” Just like introspection, tidying up one’s mind or cleaning up one’s computer memory, one can purify and optimize one’s life every time one pushes ahead with one’s housework. If you want to understand the philosophical meaning of housework more deeply, you need to learn to be obsessed with some details.
For example, folding clothes can be arranged according to the color system. When placing bowls and chopsticks before meals, one can move while pondering the distance and angle between the bowls and chopsticks. Even if you cut an apple, you can still choose to cut it into an apple flower or put it into a teddy bear with chocolate.
When tidying up bookcases, some people will arrange books like rainbows according to colors. I put it according to the author’s writing style. For example, I would definitely not put Updike and Shubieg together, but I think they would not mind putting Alice Munro and Jane Austen together.
My friend Tom said that she didn’t expect cooking and housework to become a good medicine to heal her wounds. One morning when I woke up, I caught a glimpse of the cat staring at her, but it was usually her boyfriend who fed her cat food. Only then did Tom suddenly realize that they had separated. She began sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, wiping the table and cooking breakfast by herself.
People can’t control other people’s love for themselves, even their love and hate. What they can control is only the food they have in their hands. The only thing they can control is the land they are sweeping right now, which will give back to them in a shiny way, comfort and live up to them. The warmth of life miraculously returns when it is filled with trivia.
Artistry and creativity in housework can ease people’s anxiety. During the time when I was a visiting scholar in a foreign land alone, it became a great hobby of mine to think about how to make reliable Chinese food in the absence of kitchen utensils. On one occasion, I spent three hours making noodles: kneading the flour into a ball, kneading the dough into a noodle stick, and tearing the noodle stick into noodles. There were two heavy rains and two big suns.
After the rain, two squirrels raced through the yard. In the quiet afternoon, this squirrel dance performance is a reward for me alone. When I was concentrating on making noodles for this meal, it was not so much time as time seemed to have stagnated. Rather, I seemed to be out of time and space, oblivious to the world, gathering and changing rapidly like a snowball, or crumbling like quicksand.
After returning home, I found that I had a new hobby: no matter who I went to, I was used to working in the kitchen, peeling onions, pounding garlic, filling rice, eating, washing and sharing jokes. Just like the prelude and ending of music, this lively scene is more complete, full and vivid.