Party at Station B, Records of “Development” of Secondary Culture

Station B has been in existence for 10 years, and the active secondary youth have slowly grown up and entered the field of vision from outside. They will bring aesthetics and entertainment belonging to this generation into the mainstream.

A new year’s eve party, let bilibili this name is very “two dimensional” website break dimensional wall, successfully out of the circle. Although there is no mention of the New Year’s Eve party held by major satellite TV stations, the Bstation party undoubtedly received the highest attention and the most topics in the New Year’s Eve party war, even driving Bstation’s share price to soar by more than 18% in the following two days.
In fact, there are contradictions in this evening party. The slogan of the party is very loud: “a party for young people.” However, the stars appearing on the stage are more like “middle-aged people”: richard clayderman, Zhang Qiang, Mayday, Hu Yanbin, Zhou Bichang … This list is really a bit “outdated” compared with such traffic stars as Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Rocket Maiden 101 and TFboys. Similarly, the huge orchestra, the overall structure of put in order, and the host’s serious visit all give people a sense of tradition and conservatism.
In fact, a party that goes live on “the last night of 2019” is a ceremony. This is not only the crossing ceremony of the time node, but also the crossing ceremony of those “non-mainstream” contents-because in a traditional classical scene such as “evening party”, these contents are “canonized” and recognized to a greater extent together with classical singers and works. When the theme song of “Zhenhun Street” played with great momentum, and when Tianyi Luo and folk music masters sang together, this two-dimensional animation, this pure virtual idol, thus gained some “identity” and merged into the main vein of popular culture. It can be said that this is a secondary cultural “rite of passage” represented by AGC.
From this point of view, Station B shows the development law of popular culture by going out in circles with a party. Over the years, we have been seeing the emergence of such extreme street sports as skateboarding into the schedule of various sports events. Street dance in which young people shake muscles and joints can compete with ballet. Graffiti works on the walls of streets and alleys are sold at sky-high prices at auction … from the minority to the public, which enriches the expression of the times and is also the charm and strength of popular culture and popular culture. Since Bob Dylan’s lyrics can be affirmed by the Nobel Prize for Literature, who can guarantee that Heroes League, World of Warcraft, Animation OP, ED and BGM will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame of AV Culture one day in the future?
This is also an inevitable change of generations. Station B has been in existence for 10 years, and the secondary teenagers who are active here have slowly grown up and entered the field of vision from outside. In the past 10 years, the form of cultural products, which may have appeared rough in the past, has been refined and even standardized, and has been tamed by “wild”. On New Year’s Day in 2020, the most popular segment is the year when the “post-90s” came into being. The “development” of this large group of people will also bring the aesthetics and entertainment belonging to this generation into the mainstream. This is probably due to the diversity and richness given by time.
From the broadcast of congratulatory messages from all over the world on the Spring Festival Gala to the wave after wave of lucky draw at the New Year concert, the audience’s connection is strengthened through interaction. However, Station B has strengthened such a connection with countless barrages, giving people the feeling that “human joys and sorrows can be interlinked”. In such a party, society, culture, art and aesthetics merge into a core field, and everyone is in such a “community”.
From the anthropological point of view, some people think that TV is the media center to organize a kind of structural ritual behavior that deeply cuts into people’s daily life. The party at Station B shows that such ritualistic behavior, under the Internet circle, will become a social behavior. Perhaps, a party is just the beginning, and more changes will be proved by the future.