Music promotion

  A British store conducted a survey on the relationship between background music and the type and sales of red wine. The merchant put a recorder on the red wine cabinet, and then put the same price of French and German wine on the counter. Then, play French music one day and German music one day.
  It was found that on the day when the French music was played, there were 40 bottles of French wine sold on the day, while only 12 bottles of German wine were sold. On the day of playing German music, 22 bottles of German wine were sold and only 8 bottles of French wine were sold. Later, after returning to customers, they discovered that they didn’t realize the difference in background music at all.
  Music has a very powerful effect in creating atmosphere. For example, if you travel to Hokkaido, you will want to eat Hokkaido’s food. When you go to Okinawa, you naturally want to eat Okinawa’s food. The background music has the same effect, making people have an immersive feeling.
  When a business wants to sell a specific product, it can use this tendency of people to play related music. For example, at a counter in the supermarket that sells ingredients, not only must the clerk sell the product to the customer, but also the relevant background music is played to provide potential guidance to the customer.
  When you want to create a “comfortable environment” for customers, not only pay attention to the color scheme of the interior decoration, but also work hard on the background music. Even the same song can create a different atmosphere by changing its rhythm.
  Especially the soothing tunes can make people feel more comfortable. Such a tune is very suitable for cafes with the theme of comfort and relaxation. Some cafes only play music on the radio. In that case, you ca n’t decide what song to play. Although you do n’t have to think about it, you ca n’t create a unified atmosphere in the store. Because the radio plays music, there is often no unified theme. Therefore, the cafe operators still have to spend some time and choose their own music. In addition, the background music has another effect, which is to block the surrounding noise, which is called the masking effect. When music of a certain frequency exists, it is difficult for other sounds on the same frequency to enter the human ear. For example, proper background music can obscure the sound of others speaking, the sound of air conditioning, and the sound of footsteps.

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