Mourning greece

  White Night
  clouds in the night piled
  the weight of dream breathe
  while you are in between black and white
  to find resonance frequency band
  walking aimlessly in the wilderness
  picked out one of the stars scattered on the earth
  ugly cracking meteorites
  is a clear echo of bells
  during the day as long sleep
  through this never-ending Sahara
  finally arrived at an unnamed coast
  excited ecstasy or whether
  you remove the perfect mask
  and night light is too harsh
  a gift
  you stuffed me a
  thick pancake
  I fed you a
  soft candy
  you in my door studded with
  burning sunflowers
  me under your window kinds of
  blue moonlight
  since it has been met in the desert
  and why you want to
  tear Sense and Sensibility in the
  wild lily in full bloom in the wilderness
  where the game was played was taboo
  hippie and Knight embracing
  write a cool song crazy and
  people love in despair
  and say goodbye to the impermanence of the storm
  lingering love songs yet End
  Ears it sounded gray Requiem
  Bacchus roses
  destined to wither at the time of the undercurrent
  while they are still hesitate to
  think in the desert to build a
  short-lived Babylon
  soul moored the ferry
  does not require
  several leisure travelers
  say has been come to an end
  not to say
  you will never unspeakable
  to tomorrow to take out a huge sum of money
  to pay off yesterday
  because of cowardice debt owed
  outside the road is still the way
  God be patient
  lost by a final decision
  moonlight season withered
  maiden in water hair combed side
  on their way from home
  took a handful of singing daffodils

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