Mother’s humble wishes

How long is the mother young? I’ve always been curious about this. Every time I talk about this topic, my mother angrily blames me: “If it weren’t for you, I would have had a photo of my youth, and then I would have been beautiful.”
According to my mother, I was one year old when the incident occurred, and there was no photo studio in the small town. A neighbor’s son came home from a big city and brought back a camera. Just then, his mother held me in her arms and stopped by the neighbor’s house. The neighbor said, “Take a picture, too.” Mother naturally requested it. Hatefully, in the face of a strange uncle and the camera I had never seen before, I cried and danced. In order not to affect the beauty, my mother, under the persuasion of her neighbors, decided to put me down and take a single photo. However, I held my mother’s leg tightly and refused to leave her for anything.
My mother had to give up the plan of taking photos in embarrassment. Even today, she still sighs: “I wish I had a young photo.” And every time my mother feels this way, I feel guilty and chagrined except for being silent. Alas, if my mother had ignored my crying and insisted on throwing me aside and taking a picture of herself, how nice!
My sister-in-law is married in a foreign country, and she seldom returns to her home once a year. Every time she is mentioned, her mother always feels extremely sad: “I am only one sister, and I was not with her when I gave birth to the baby. How sad she must be without friends!”
In the year when the young aunt gave birth to the child, the mother was ready to take the bus to the young aunt’s house to watch the children and adults be safe, and then to serve for a few days at the head of the bed to do her duty as a sister. The mother even sewed up the children’s clothes and prepared some local specialties. Everything was ready except the east wind.
Unfortunately, when “Dongfeng” came, it was just when I was taking the college entrance examination. After several days of intense examination, who made me nutritious meals and washed my clothes when I left my mother? My daughter’s future is very important. My mother can only push back the date of visiting my aunt. However, after the college entrance examination, my mother has to fill in the volunteer form and all sorts of messy things. My mother is also busy earning my college tuition. My plan to visit my aunt can only be postponed indefinitely.
Every time I mentioned this matter, my mother felt very guilty, and I felt a twinge of sadness in my heart. If my mother had insisted on going to my sister-in-law’s house regardless of my college entrance examination, she would not have left behind these irreparable regrets.
“Alas, several neighbors have gone on a tour, and I am the only one who did not go!” Every time my mother mentioned this, I knew it must be because of me.
That year, my sister and I both took part in the work, and the family’s burden was lightened. My mother responded to the invitation of several old ladies and prepared to travel. My mother looked forward to this trip. She not only checked the travel strategy, but also prepared several sets of clothes and borrowed my camera to bask in the sunset at the tourist attractions.
The day before departure, I broke up with my boyfriend and locked myself in the house without food or drink. My mother knocked at the door over and over again and walked up and down the living room in a hurry. When I opened the door the next day, my mother was still sitting stupefied in the living room. At this time, she should be on her way to travel. Needless to say, she certainly couldn’t rest assured of me, so she cancelled her travel plan temporarily.
Every time my mother talks about this regret, I want to shed tears. If only she had ignored the small matter of my lovelorn love and left me to cool off and see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland herself!
Take a picture, look at my sister and travel once. These are all my mother’s wishes. How small and humble these wishes are. They can be realized as long as they are willing and effortless. However, such a humble wish cannot be realized by my mother, because whenever she wants to indulge her wish once, her children will always drag her around and make her unable to take her steps. She would rather leave behind a lifelong regret than injustice her children.
My mother’s humble wishes have shown me her selfishness and cruelty. I have occupied all her life in such a domineering manner. But what have I returned to her?