In fact, you are far worse than you think

Looking through the circle of friends, a friend’s new development is quite meaningful. The main idea is that one of the people in the circle recently asked her, “Why did you never reply to me and blocked me? Although I was a little diligent every day, I did n’t bother you!” The author friend replied, “You always I ’m bragging, I do n’t like it very much, but I have no reason to delete you, so I ca n’t see you anymore. ”Then the friend said with emotion: No matter if you are good or fake, as long as you boast, I will immediately tell you No one was interested. As the saying goes, there is a sky outside. In fact, the world is much wider than you think, and you are far less excellent than you think. In short, while you’re young, be humble, less brag about yourself, and learn more from others.

My friend’s feelings, I also take it seriously. The ancient meaning of the word “boast” is “to exaggerate words because of lack of (loss)”. The Oracle shape is more interesting. It is actually a combination of “Yu” and “Big”, that is, “竽”, a kind of wind instrument, which is loud and loud. Together, it is too hard to blow the cymbals, making the cymbals particularly loud. . This is very reminiscent of words like “brave up”.

However, the word “boast” is still in use today, but it is still justified, but if it is connected with the word “from”, it will make people listen a bit awkward. What’s more tragic is that even if you had only a little bit of excellence, then it would disappear with it.

I can’t help but think of a sentence often used by my grandma when I was a child: “It’s better to say 10,000 to myself, and not to be praised by others.” When it grows up, it means “the gold and silver cups are not as good as word of mouth.” This goodness and reputation in others’ mouths are truly excellent.

There is a saying in my hometown saying, “The callous cricket has no meat.” ? It means that the louder the sound, the thinner and weaker the one. It’s so loud because it wants to attract the attention of others: Look at me, I’m the best! Unexpectedly, it was because of his uncontrollable yelling that he exposed his shortcomings. The so-called deep water flow is the reason. Only shallow water likes the noise of “whooting”!

Not long ago, I watched a TV blind date show. When a male guest came out, he made a high-profile statement that he had read poetry books, and had finished reading most of Chinese classical literature in junior high school. As soon as this remark came out, several teachers on the stage were suddenly shocked, and then the female guests laughed one after another. Subsequently, several savvy female guests began to ask questions frequently to verify whether the man’s “full reading” was genuine or fake. Some chanted a few poems asking the source, some asked their reading tips, and a female guest asked him, what are the residences of Ji Xiaolan, Pu Songling and Liang Qichao? Who knew that the male guest who had just talked about it just now was confused about a few issues, and hesitated for a long time, but he didn’t say that he was ugly. The situation at the scene was very embarrassing. It is conceivable that the final guest of the male guest naturally turned off all lights, and he lost his way out. I thought in good faith that the questions asked by several female guests were probably just catching up with the small part of the male guests that had not yet been read. The unread nature is unknown, which is justified. However, the male guest was busy adding another sentence, “I’m not very interested in classical poetry.” I really do n’t know how big this big part is? Actually does not include ancient poetry.

In fact, today’s society is colorful, regardless of men and women, actively showing themselves on many platforms, showing the strongest points, there is nothing wrong, but it is best to just show, no matter how fancy the display is, at best, it is obvious. Although Xianbai is also annoying, it is just ridiculous and never disgusting, and boasting, especially the tireless boasting, is disgusting.

So when your talents can’t support your ambitions, you can only study hard and down-to-earth; when your confidence can’t support your courage, you’d better not be so confident, because you are really far worse than yourself Think so good.