Gold Coast and Slave Castle

Ghana has always been known as the “beautiful coastline”. Its most beautiful coastline is the west coastline of the Gulf of Guinea. If people who let go of this long “coastline journey” that contains cultural connotations, I’m afraid that their trip to Ghana will remain Unfortunately.

In Ghana, in the early morning of summer, the sun always rises quickly. Before six o’clock, the sun is completely exposed in the sky, and it can’t bear its heat. Felix, who filled the car with fuel, went back to the hotel to pick me up and Selena. By the way, I would go to the fast food store to buy some dry food and water on the road. Maybe we all spend the day in the car.

In Ghana, transportation is not very convenient. As far as roads are concerned, they often walk into the loess. If you want to travel long distances, you must either find an old driver to get on the road, or sit in a type called ” “trotro” minibus. However, waiting for “trotro” sometimes takes a long time, and there may be many people waiting, so if conditions permit, it is better to rent a car.

Ghana’s road is so backward, there are no traffic lights, cameras, speedometers, and drivers here rely on self-discipline. Although the traffic conditions are not very good, there is not much traffic jam. When pedestrians appear on the road, the car will be stopped and beckoned to let others pass by. But on some sections with better road conditions, Ghana’s drivers often push the speed to 100 to 120 yards, which is equivalent to the speed on China’s highways. It is worth noting that Ghana’s “trotro” is basically used cars that were eliminated in Europe and the United States. Many of the cars are not even tightly closed. Full cars crowd passengers like canned sardines. In addition, some areas of Ghana are all the way down the hills and mountains The landform, many turns, such a high speed, such a broken car, really make people nervous. I pointed to the “trotro” driving at high speed in front of me and asked Felix, “Would you just throw people out like this?” Shrugged and said, “This is trust in the driver. Do you understand?” ? ”

Today Selina is very quiet, frowning, looking at her cell phone from time to time. It seems that her cell phone is also abnormal. Someone always sends her a message or makes a call. She turns off the sound and lets the screen flash. With his eyes on the window.

The car was quiet. Felix’s school bus radio had long since broken. He didn’t like listening to the radio, so he didn’t bother to fix it. Felix first broke the quiet atmosphere and said, “Hey, the road is still long, let’s chat, otherwise the driver will fall asleep when you are bored … Do you know ten things about Ghana, it is important That kind of? “I shook my head, but wanted to hear him talk down. I moved my position closer to Felix, and wanted to hear more earnestly. Next, it’s time for Felix’s science.

The first is a brief history of Ghana. Ghana has existed since the Middle Ages. Its name comes from the former West African Ghanaian emperor. “Ghana” is the title given to the emperor. In 1471, the Portuguese arrived in Ghana, calling it the “Gold Coast”, and began selling African products to Europe. Due to its superior geographical conditions, Ghana became the center of the cruel trans-Pacific slave trade, and was later colonized by Britain and the Netherlands. At that time, many Ghanaians became slaves and were held in coast castles such as Cape Coast, waiting to be trafficked. The struggle against the British Empire reached the 20th century. In 1956, Ghana became independent, and the Republic of Ghana was officially established on March 6, 1957. Nkrumah was elected as the first president after independence.

“Hey, we have this in our elementary school textbooks, which is something that every Ghanaian will know.” I said with a smile.

Second, freedom of religion in Ghana. Ghana respects all religions and has written religious freedom into the Constitution as an inalienable right. In a 2012 UN report on international religious freedom, it was mentioned: “Generally, freedom of religious belief in Ghana is respected.” Ghana has 71% of Christians, 18% of Muslims, and 5% of indigenous religions. Another 6% believe in other religions or non-religious beliefs.

I said seriously: “This is where I think our country is particularly good, respecting everyone, including his religion and beliefs.”

The third is the freedom of the media in Ghana. Ghanaian media is considered one of the freest media in Africa. In 2010, Reporters Without Borders, the agency that tracks global media freedom, ranked Ghana as one of the freest places in the media, ranking well above the United States, Britain and France. The Ghanaian Constitution, promulgated in 1992, clearly regulates media freedom and strictly prohibits censorship. Criticism of politicians and their parties is not uncommon in Ghana news. Many people believe that such a free media voice is also an integral part of promoting Ghana’s democracy.

I said, “This is a very important part of democracy. If you don’t even give a voice, this country is a country of imprisonment and a country without ideas and opinions.”

Fourth, Ghana is the most peaceful country in Africa. In terms of the Global Peace Index, Ghana ranks 40th in the world’s safest country-it has become one of the safest countries on the African continent, and its capital, Accra, is also known for its security. In fact, Ghana’s army has also participated in United Nations peacekeeping operations, including operations in the Congo, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

“I absolutely agree. So far, at least one small thing in my family has not been lost, and I haven’t heard of the lost thing near the place where I live. Of course, I have heard of it elsewhere, but relatively For other African regions, it is really much better. “I commented.

Fifth, Ghanaian cuisine is delicious. In Ghana, there are sub-Saharan African staples.

“Like cormorant, cassava, yam, plantain,” Felix and I said in unison. Felix continued with a smile: “There are also seaside fish foods such as fried fish and grilled fish, coupled with a variety of local condiments. It is delicious. I love fish!” I made and drank Gesture, saying, “Don’t let go of this trip.” Both laughed.

Sixth, Ghana is a football crazy country. The Ghanaians are fascinated by our own Ghanaian stars, especially when they easily lift the trophy, and the fans are crazy about it. Ghana’s two international teams are the men’s Black Star (who won the African Cup 4 times) and the women’s Black Queen. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Black Star team even reached the quarterfinals, becoming one of the three best African teams in history.

“Unfortunately, it’s boring to miss the World Cup this year!” I leaned on the back of Felix’s chair and said.

Seventh, Ghana loves parties. Many international cities have their own way of entertainment, and Accra is also a very dynamic city in Africa. Osu is the heart of Accra, a bustling area. In addition to restaurants, there are also many bars and nightclubs here. Many people, in their free time, like to meet with three or five friends to have a drink here, or to have a hot dance.

I said, “I don’t have to go to Accra. My mother also likes to have parties at home. They are separated by three to five. Sometimes I can’t just be quiet.”

Selina laughed aloud, and I turned around and said, “Hey, you are overhearing us.” Selena said, “The three of us are in this car. You speak so loudly, you blame me for stealing Listen? I have heard of these things, and I can say the next three. ”

Then Selena spoke.

Eighth, the local language of Ghana is particularly interesting. Although English is the official local language, it is also good to learn a little “Twi”. “Tuayi” is the main dialect of more than 60 languages ​​in Ghana. Learn some basic terms to communicate well, such as Eti sen? – How are you? – How are you? (Very important greeting, used very frequently in Ghana); Maa chi! Maa ha! Maa jo-Good morning! Afternoon! Evening! – Good morning / afternoon / evening! (General greeting); me daa si-thank you-thank you (can be used on many occasions).

“Yeah, that’s a good word. This is our local Ghana dialect. If you learn, you are a qualified Ghanaian.” I praised and said, Selina smiled, a little proud.

The ninth thing, sit “trotro”. Selena pointed at the “trotro” driving ahead. The word Tro-Tro is also one of the most important words in Ghana. Tro is one of the three major words in Ga (another widely used Ghanaian local language) and is a public transport widely used during the colonial period. Without a fixed time, this mode of transportation can be regarded as “random”. About 70% of Ghanaians rely on it for their daily travel.

I sighed and said, “Seriously, I’m a little scared to sit on it.” They all looked at me and smiled.

The tenth, Ghana’s famous “fake lake”-Lake Volta. It is about 400 kilometers long and has a storage capacity of 153 billion cubic meters. Lake Walter is a large reservoir and the largest man-made lake in the world. Walter Lake is located on the prime meridian at 6 degrees north latitude and occupies a very important intersection, with a very advantageous geographical location. It can be used for swimming, boating, and fishing, and it is also close to the national park. It is a leisurely resort in Ghana.

“I saw it on the way back from Moeller Park. Did you notice?” I said. Felix said, “I want to concentrate on driving. How can I see it? But I used to fish there. The fish there are so delicious. Now I think of it as drooling.” Notice that I’ve been in a daze. ”

The car continued to move forward, getting closer and closer to the west coast. At this point, looking from both sides of the road on which the vehicle is traveling, you can see some large potholes. Felix had to slow down and drive carefully …