Fear and freedom

If we roughly draw a outline for Jung’s prototype theory, we can find that the “prototype” that Jung understands is super-era, super-ethnic, and generally coexist at the bottom of the human mind. However, it can be realized that its irrational mind has a decisive effect. As a carrier of collective unconsciousness, the prototype cannot be consciously and described by specific individuals; therefore, to understand the prototype concretely, we must rely on the original imagery. (Intermediary) In the inheritance of the prototype, its extension has changed a lot. The carrier of the prototype can be the original image, but also the myth, ritual, image, symbol, dream, image, etc.

In the story of 11 kings in “N Kings and Their Territory”, it is not difficult to find the existence of complex “primitive images”, such as totemized images of snakes and beasts, vague dreams, mysterious rituals, disasters, bad The natural environment, the illness that humans experience, and so on. These archetypes exist in the hearts of each of us, but they must be perceived by people in the real world. They can only activate certain primitive images with specific emotions and experiences of reality in specific situations, forming a special communication between ancient and modern The relationship enables the deep, previously undetected psychological emotions and experiences of real people to be realized and experienced.

Most characters in the book are difficult to escape from the torture of dreams and nightmares. These dreams are frightening. Some of them are totemized images, and some of the good things become evil and danger. They are activated in dreams, which in turn materializes the collective unconsciousness of “fear”, making characters feel the choking enclaves brought by the incomprehensible “shell” and “stickiness”.

This “difficult name” is the symbolic expression unique to the prototype. The “symbol” of the prototype is different from the “symbol” in the broad sense. Symbols in the broadest sense are semiotics, which conventionally represent a certain thing, and are simply a substitute for known things. The “symbol” of the archetype contains vague and unknown things, and is invisible, it can express things richly and deeply without the full understanding of things.

Therefore, for the “Kings” dream, we can experience more unknown, mysterious and difficult to understand. Combining these mysterious dreams and the different sufferings and destinies of the kings, we can not only see “them” from them, but also ourselves.

It is very intuitive in the works that when faced with the universal experience and fear of human beings, the identity of the king does not hold them back to bring more confidence or more clever means. King A abdicated from a nightmare and abdicated. King B died because of the general’s treachery. King E chose to raise chickens to paralyze himself to escape from reality. King K sought a substitute for his own protection …

So in the face of the unknown and blindness, in the face of death, in the face of betrayal, in the face of unknown and uncontrollable forces of nature and fate, what are they, or us, afraid of?

Investigate its psychological roots, when people realize that they cannot help themselves, the inevitability of death, when they know their loneliness and isolation from the world, and their powerlessness in the face of the power of society and nature-all this makes people This particular and lonely existence became an impenetrable imprisonment of its own. Those who have experienced “isolation from the world” will inevitably have a sense of fear. In fact, isolation and isolation (solitude) are the root of every kind of fear. It means that there is no connection with the outside world, no human power can be exerted, and the world and things cannot be grasped and people. (Ai Frome, The Art of Love)

As human beings become more and more detached from the original ties, the more they are alienated from the natural world; the farther they are from the totem of worship, the more they need to find a way to get rid of loneliness, then they need to establish a connection and exert their energy. Therefore, the existence of “territory” is more and more important. It is a place where we can exert our abilities. For the “king”, “territory” is all the scope in which its sovereignty can operate; for each of us, it is a free area and our free will.

Everyone wants to be able to dominate everything, to be free, and to show their strength with free choices in order to fight against fear. From the choices made by the 11 kings, we can see that everyone’s attitudes towards freedom are different.

King B is naturally belligerent, with violence and a powerful army to infinitely expand his country, facing the fear of being betrayed, his choice is to personally lead a troop conquest. After returning to his native country, King I used the “Teaching of the Sun” to consolidate the army, seize power, and rule the country.

The kings who were captured by King B can only exercise their freedom in the house designated by King B, flattering or paralyzing themselves in order to avoid the fate of death. King F has been living under the “assistant” of the “really not bad” ministers.

The former freedom is positive freedom, which can be understood as “liberty to do”. They remove obstacles to their freedom and hope to become their own masters, instead of being promoted by external reasons that affect them. Freedom rests on them. Self-actualization; the latter’s freedom appears to be negative, and their freedom can be understood as “liberty from”, and can only be left undisturbed within a clearly identifiable boundary. (Isaiah Berlin)

The author, Li Hao, uses stories about “kings” and “territories” to show us the various “fears” that lie deep in our hearts, and the possibilities that can be made to counter them. Each of us has a self-employed kingdom that belongs to our own “territory”, and we are the “kings” who fear at the center. How should we face the fear directly and how to realize our “freedom” in such a situation “N Kings and Their Territory” is also our eternal question.