Do things, start from the beginning

In Tokyo, Japan, there is a car service company called Yellow Hat. After more than half a century of development, they have evolved from a small humble company into the most famous brand car service chain in Japan. Exploring the secrets of their success turned out to start with a humble cleaning.

The founder of Yellow Hat is Saburo Kenyama, born in Tokyo in 1933. At the age of 28, when he was urinating in car repairs, he gave up his stable job, and finally established the car service company through bank loans. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, including Kojiyama Hideburo, there were only 9 people in the game. It is very difficult for such an insignificant company to gain a foothold in Tokyo, which is a strong player. Of course, Kuroyama Saburo knows this.

At that time, the company had five employees who were responsible for the outbound contact business. After running for two weeks in a row, there was no single business contact. As time passed, they were inevitably disappointed. Sometimes when they returned to the office, they threw their bags randomly on the table, and then smoked a cigarette. Dark smoke suffocates.

Kenzan Hideburo sees everything, but he does not criticize these employees because he knows that although they have not yet achieved a breakthrough in performance, they have been working hard. Faced with the impetuous mentality of the employees, Kojiyama Hideburo knew that he couldn’t take it too fast, but what could he do to help them? After a few days of thinking, Kojiyama Hideburo felt that if the company’s entire environment became clean and tidy, maybe everyone’s impetuous mentality would gradually diminish and work would return to the right track. However, this idea is not feasible in the end, and Kojiyama Hideburo has no idea, but he decided to give it a try.

So, from the next day, Kojiyama Hideburo began to clean the company thoroughly, from the toilet to the corridor, from the office to the lobby. However, while Kensan Hideburo cleaned the toilet, the company’s employees often walked past him casually, even directly across the arm where he was cleaning the stairs. Even so, he never complained. In addition to these, he often heard employees whispering: “Our president will not do anything except cleaning.” When hearing such a voice, Kousan Hidezaburo was confused and wanted to give up. But in the end, he returned to such daily cleaning, because he felt that if he occasionally concentrated once, its value would be halved, and only daily cleaning would be meaningful.

What makes Yamamoto Saburo pleased is that his commitment to cleaning up has produced significant changes. Not only has the atmosphere in the company improved, but the internal interpersonal relationships have also improved. All employees have a new look and have joined the cleaning team. . What’s even more gratifying is that those employees who run the business dress themselves up every day. They are very energetic. They go out early every night and return home every day. Everyone at the company is very excited.

Regarding cleaning, Kenzayama Hideburo said with deep feeling: “If everyone can find a way to actively clean the hard-to-clean corners, over a long period of time, this good habit will automatically extend to work, so In the meantime, they will devote themselves to serving their customers and earn their trust. ”

It is precisely because of the uninterrupted cleaning for more than 50 years that Kensan Hideburo has won recognition from customers and won business opportunities, thus achieving stable development. Today, the company has more than 700 chain stores, more than 3,000 employees, and annual sales of 140 billion yen, becoming the leader in the automotive service industry. It is worth mentioning that even Japan’s “business sacred” Kazuo Inamori and the representative of the craftsman spirit Akiyama Tomohiro respected this special work idea of ​​Kenzayama Hideburo, and have started cleaning up in the company. Come work.

Many times, success is not out of reach. As long as you learn to start from little by little, start with yourself, and persevere, any difficulty will be stepped on.