China’s huge efforts move the world

New confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in China have dropped to three digits. As of 24:00 on February 19, there were 394 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in mainland China, which was the first single day or less since 1000 on January 29. Among them, 349 new cases were confirmed in Hubei in a single day, and new cases were reported outside Hubei. Continue to fall to only 45 people, has been descending for 16 consecutive days. In the face of exhilarating data, Chinese officials and scientists remain calm and low-key, especially avoiding the “inflection point”; however, the domestic and foreign stock markets have long been unable to start the “celebrate ahead” mode. This sudden epidemic has made China stand in the spotlight of the world media without any precaution. This stop has been a month. The Chinese government has also used unprecedented strong measures and a transparent attitude to make the world understand the development status of China more clearly and truly through this epidemic situation. Although the anti-China forces that have fallen from the ground will never miss this opportunity to snub and blacken China, more and more international friends are moved by the Chinese government and the people’s solidarity, courage and responsibility to fight the epidemic, and they are more determined China’s determination to fight side by side.

Good news leads the market upward

China’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic is becoming the most sensitive weathervane in the world’s capital markets after the Sino-US trade war. According to the United States Bloomberg News reported on the 20th, it was encouraged by the latest measures of the Chinese government to assist economic growth, including the government’s rescue policy for industries affected by the epidemic, led by chip makers and banking stocks, local time On the 19th, both the US Standard & Poor’s 500 Index and the Nasdaq Composite Index reached record highs. Even if Apple scared the market earlier this week by warning of slower sales, investors ‘choices show that they still have confidence in Chinese policymakers’ ability to control the new crown virus.

Reuters said on the 20th that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, China is currently working to restore the economy to normalcy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) president Georgieva said in a blog post on the 19th that the organization expects that if the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic ends quickly, China’s economy will quickly rebound. It is estimated that the growth rate of China’s GDP will decline sharply in the first quarter of 2020, but the decline for the whole year will be “small”. The report said that the optimistic judgment that China “has contained or at least controlled the spread of the epidemic” has boosted Asian and US stock markets.

“The data from China appear to show a decline in new cases. This is good news, but it must be interpreted very carefully. Now the It is too early to make predictions for this outbreak. ”

Tan Desai also announced the members of the China-World Health Organization New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Inspection Team. These world-leading experts cover the fields of epidemiology, virology, clinical management, outbreak control, and public health. They come from the National University of Singapore, Pasteur Institute of St. Petersburg, National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan, Seoul National University School of Medicine, Nigerian Centers for Disease Control, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Russian National Center for Medical Research on Tuberculosis and Infectious Diseases, and the Robert Koch Institute in Germany.

AFP announced another exciting news on the 20th: A research team from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health announced on the 19th that they have mapped the first 3D atom of the new coronavirus attached to and infected human cells Scale maps, a key step in developing vaccines and finding treatments.

The contents of the press conference of the State Council and the Ministry of Commerce on the 20th were also paid close attention by foreign news sources. “China has aided enterprises to fight the epidemic, and the three payment periods have been reduced, waived, and delayed more than 500 billion yuan.” Reuters reported on the 20th that at a press conference held by the State Council on Thursday, it came from the Ministry of Finance and the People ’s Social Security Agency. Officials from relevant ministries, the National Medical Security Bureau and other relevant departments explained in detail the policy preferences of various departments in China in response to the epidemic, which has reduced many actual burdens for enterprises in stages. The report also said that the good news brought by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce at the press conference on the same day was that the pace of resumption and production of Chinese foreign trade companies has accelerated, and the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on Chinese companies going global is temporary. Overall Is controllable.

The world sees the superiority of China’s system

An article on the website of the “Republic of Egypt” pointed out that the upsurge of China’s epidemic has become the focus of global attention. Through this continuously rising news, the world has a new understanding and feeling about China, and China’s attitude and approach A series of measures are admirable, showing China’s responsibility and aspirations as a responsible power. The article said that the superiority of China’s system was also vividly reflected in the fight against the epidemic. It is difficult to imagine that with so many people and the ability to coordinate and mobilize such large movements, if there is no commensurate state system for protection, What will happen in the fight against the epidemic.

According to the Taiwan Times newsletter, the Chinese Communist Party’s governance capabilities have made great achievements in the economic field. Whenever natural disasters change, it can also demonstrate the superiority of its system in human mobilization, overall scheduling and various governance. Just the management of the movement of people in the community is not something that can be carried out by the general state. Besides, mainland China is not only public power with a high degree of majesty, but also its innovative technology application capabilities, such as the widespread use of artificial intelligence in the execution of many tasks such as temporary hospitals. And the mobilization of a large number of scientific and technological experts, the use of big data technology to analyze the movement of personnel, etc., are beyond the reach of ordinary countries. And emergency measures such as state-owned enterprises’ profit concessions, price reductions, and delays in collecting receivables from troubled third parties can only work in countries where public ownership is dominant.

The Chinese government’s approach to fighting the epidemic is gaining more and more international recognition. Forsythia, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on the 18th that the “New Crown Epidemic and Global Health Threat” seminar held by the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Think Tank. Unprecedented and strong restrictions on access have ultimately reduced many travel-related cases, thereby reducing many second- and third-hand infections. He said that China’s actions “are really very helpful, even if these methods are extraordinary and harsh.”

At the same time, the courage and solidarity of the Chinese people in fighting the epidemic have been praised by the media of many countries. Egypt’s “Egyptian Today” said that the sudden epidemic affected the eyes of all the Earth people and caused widespread panic, and China in the affected area, especially the medical staff there, showed people unyielding and brave Image and noble professional ethics and professional ethics. Nowadays, more than 1,000 medical workers have been unfortunately confirmed to be infected, and their colleagues are still firmly at the forefront of treatment and saving people. This spirit is moving.

The US “Business Insider” website reported on the 20th that China’s “didi taxi” has promoted the use of epidemic protection panels on vehicles in Wuhan, Shenzhen and other cities, and distributed masks and disinfection water to drivers in 100 cities in China. The company plans to spend $ 14.3 million on protective measures against the new crown pneumonia outbreak. “Didi also brings together a fleet of more than 1,300 drivers to provide shuttle services for all hospital staff in Wuhan. It also has special fleets in 4 other cities and transports more than 17,000 medical staff.”

According to the “Voice of Germany” on the 20th, the challenges of resuming work are limited population travel and corporate debt issues. However, a Zhejiang businessman is not pessimistic. He believes that the supply chain will soon resume and Chinese officials also A series of policies were introduced: “I can’t sit still at home. After all, the pressure is there, and the employees are counting on us to eat.”

The voice of solidarity in China is growing

China’s fight against the epidemic is also supported by more and more international public opinion. The internationally authoritative medical journal “The Lancet” recently published a statement jointly signed by 27 famous scientists from 9 countries. The statement stated that China ’s disclosure and sharing of the new crown pneumonia epidemic data was “quick, open and transparent”, and the statement strongly condemned the so-called “crown virus” that was “man-made in laboratories conducting biological weapons research” conspiracy theory, saying Scientists from multiple countries have concluded through genomic analysis: “The new crown virus, like many other emerging pathogens, originates in wildlife.”

As one of the signatories of the statement, scientist Dasak told the British Guardian on the 20th that they have worked closely with Chinese scientists for at least 15 years since the SARS outbreak. “We are impressed by the openness of Chinese laboratories “. Dasak said the signers of the statement used their reputation to support the targeted Chinese counterparts. He emphasized that Chinese scientists “are trying to save human life.”

France on the 19th airlifted 17 tons of medical supplies to Wuhan. French President Macron talked with Chinese President Xi Jinping twice on the phone within a month, expressing solidarity with China in unity to fight the epidemic. France’s new health minister, Olivier Villain, said that China completed the construction of a large hospital within a few days and demonstrated its strong response capacity.

Italy officially launched the “China, we are with you” Milan Fashion Week on Tuesday to express the Italian fashion industry’s solidarity with China in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Eight Chinese designers came to Milan to showcase their work. For Chinese buyers and designers who were unable to attend Fashion Week events due to the epidemic, the organizer specially opened a webcast to facilitate remote participation. Capasa, president of the Italian Fashion Association, said that at this critical moment, the fashion industry must remain united and “build bridges instead of walls” for China and the world.

“In the fight against the new crown virus, the United States and China must show global leaders’ attitudes.” USA Today reported on the 20th that the former NATO coalition commander in Afghanistan, John Allen, said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, U.S. officials have Most of the public statements have missed the expression of “human beings.” The United States should show global leadership to help China more. The article calls on China and the United States to find “the two great nations” in the fight against this large-scale global health crisis. Common goals and opportunities for cooperation.