Call the winner of the Nobel Prize

Is there anyone who can be mistaken for a liar, actually shouldering the most glorious mission? Staffan Nomak is such a person.
Three mornings a year, Professor Nomak, the permanent secretary general of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, gives some people the most unforgettable surprises. If you can get a call from him from the second week of October, you are probably making the most important call in your life. If you receive a call on Tuesday, you may have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. If it is Wednesday, the physics prize; Next Monday, the economics prize. Other awards will be notified by the staff of the other three institutions.
Some awards may be told to the winners weeks in advance, but this is not the case for the Nobel Prize. At 9: 30 a.m. Swedish time, college members began voting. At 11: 15, Nomak began to inform the winners. If you don’t answer the phone, it doesn’t matter. There is always someone who can try to inform you, just like saul perlmutter (winner of the 2011 Physics Prize) who lives in California, USA. He was awakened by a reporter when he was asleep.
Nomak said that calling is his favorite job, although sometimes he is under great pressure. As early as a few weeks ago, Nomak’s colleagues began searching for the telephone numbers of the selected scientists. “I don’t know how they got these numbers,” but what was clear was that Nomak’s office was filled with nervousness when making the call. Nomak prefers to contact himself directly and will make a personal phone call first. Once the committee got the wrong number, so the world’s most important scientific award was given to scientists’ confused neighbors on the phone.
Generally, the person receiving the call will have three reactions. Nomak expects the other person to show great surprise. Serge haroche (winner of the 2012 physics prize) was walking with his wife when he received the phone call. He said that there was a bench nearby, and when he heard the news of the award, he slumped into the chair, “it’s shocking.” As brian schmidt (winner of the 2011 Physics Prize) said, “There are some things that people hope for but don’t think will happen to them. The Nobel Prize is one of them.”
But “sometimes people are completely silent, I don’t know if the other person is still on the phone, the only thing I can hear is the person’s breathing”. There are not many people who guess they won the prize when they see the phone number of Sweden dial in, but some scientists have been pressed by the media for several years, “do you think you will win this year’s nobel prize?” Under the circumstances, the winning of the prize also appears calm.
Nomak is also often questioned by people on the other side of the phone. James Morris (winner of the 1996 economics prize) said: “I politely indicated that I need some proof.”
For some scientists who won the Nobel Prize, perhaps the prize came too late to believe the truth. John gurdon (winner of the 2012 physiology or medicine prize) was cloning a frog in the laboratory when he received a phone call from his Nobel Prize winner. Considering that he had made a breakthrough in nuclear transfer and cloning research 50 years ago, he thought someone was joking with him. However, four days after ralph steinman’s death, his family was told that he had won the prize.
Nomak is not afraid of being questioned. He said his trump card is “a standard Swedish accent.”