Buy yourself diamonds

Diamond earrings are the basic jewelry.
It is a classic that never goes out of date and can be passed on to the next generation of investment.
When I was a child, I watched my mother wear a pair of small diamond earrings every day, and then I snapped my fingers to see when I could “inherit” it. However, my mother’s love for the earrings has not faded, and she has repeatedly warned me when I was eyeing them up: I will always wear the earrings myself!
So I secretly decided to buy a pair myself.
In my first year of graduation, I received my first year-end award. When I went shopping in Hong Kong, I went to Chow Tai Fook and wanted to buy a pair of diamond earrings. In the store, the male salesman took out a pair of diamond earrings for me to try, from big to small, and never tire of it. But even the smallest, I couldn’t afford it at that time.
Probably saw my embarrassment. The lovely salesman resolutely put away all the diamond earrings, took out a few pairs of pearl earrings and said to me, “what diamonds do girls buy, diamonds should wait for others to send them!” Buy pearls if you buy them yourself. ”
He helped me out very well. When paying the bill, he pointed to the tiny broken diamond on the pearl earring and said, “Look, there are diamonds here too!”
Although I haven’t changed the problem of missing three or four, the pearl earrings have been carefully preserved for more than ten years. That is not only my first reward for myself, but also the warmth from strangers, which is worth remembering.
Last year in new york, I finally bought Tiffany’s diamond earrings. The most basic style in his family is also the style I first saw-simple gold-rimmed diamonds. Not too big, but it suits me very well.
It was bought at Tiffany on New York’s Fifth Avenue, where Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was filmed, and I clocked in almost every time I went to new york. Everyone should remember that tender joke inside. He couldn’t afford to buy any ring in the store, exchanged greetings with the clerk for half a day, took out a silver ring he had brought and asked the clerk if he could engrave it. The old man wanted to refuse, but after hearing them say that the ring was bought from chocolate, he helped them to engrave the words. The lovely old shop assistant fell into a tender moment at that time. “It turns out that the old days haven’t changed since we still buy chocolates and send rings.” I have received the same warm treatment here.
The clerk who received me was an old lady who had worked in this store for decades. When I tried on diamond earrings of different sizes, she always told me patiently: your face is small, and wearing smaller diamonds is more delicate; Don’t be superstitious about big diamonds. Big diamonds aren’t necessarily good. What suits you is the best.
Yes, what is more romantic than the old days when nothing changed?
It sounds a little funny. This is the third time I have walked into this Tiffany to try on these earrings. However, on the first two occasions, there were always demons. When I wanted to buy them, I remembered what the clerk in Hong Kong told me: “Girls don’t buy diamonds by themselves, they have to wait for others to send them.”
I did not hesitate to buy it this time. Because at that time I was already clear: I have the ability to buy for myself, why wait for others to send it?
Now I know what I want and I don’t care about other people’s eyes anymore. I can give myself a complete sense of security.