Americans who give gifts with invoices

A few days ago, I attended a birthday party for a friend who had just returned from studying in the United States. During the chat, when talking about how Americans give birthday gifts, friends told such an interesting story:
When my friend first entered Harvard University, one night, before falling asleep, I heard two roommates in the same room discussing what kind of birthday gift to prepare for their mutual friend Abigail. Although the relationship between her friend and Abigail is general, Abigail is lively, cheerful, warm and generous, and she is always kind to people. Therefore, she hopes to give Abigail a gift that fully represents her heart, so as to close the relationship with Abigail and become Abigail’s friend.
As a result, friends quietly went to many local shopping malls and finally picked out a beautiful gift that they thought Abigail would like and carefully packed it. On the morning of Abigail’s birthday, during recess, friends found her, handed her the present and wished her a happy birthday. Abigail was not very close to her friends. She was both surprised and touched when she received the gift from her friends. According to American customs, she opened the gift in front of her friends. The friend hoped Abigail would smile happily, but when she took out the present and looked at the bottom of the box, her eyes dimmed. However, Abigail immediately forced her smile to express her thanks to her friends and invited them to the birthday party that night. Friends feel very puzzled, because in China, giving gifts, even if the other party does not like it, will not be obvious.
At the party that night, when the friend and the friend Abigail, who shared his bedroom, talked about their confusion, the other party explained the reason: if you want to give a birthday gift to a friend in the United States, if you want to surprise the friend, if you are not sure whether the other party really likes the gift you choose, you should attach the invoice to the packing box. In this way, the other party likes it best, and if it doesn’t like it, it can exchange it into its favorite items in the store within the validity period.
After listening to my friend’s story, I said with emotion: “Americans give gifts more than the face of the giver, which is worth pondering.”