Watch The Massacre on the Nile

In 1978, a movie of the same name was released based on the British “Detective Novel Queen” Agatha Christie’s classic “The Massacre on the Nile”. The place where the main plot in the movie takes place-ancient and mysterious Egypt, has also become the country that many people yearn for. This film focuses on the thrilling stories of heroines and heroines and a group of ghostly people riding a cruise ship on the Nile. In addition to the Nile, famous Egyptian sights such as the Abu Simbel Temple also appeared in the first half of the story. While promoting the plot, it also showed the audience the splendid civilization of ancient Egypt. As a fan of Agatha Christie, I designed the “Tragic on the Nile” patrol route for myself. I took a cruise ship down the south and explored the beauty of this mysterious land.

Cruise on the Nile

The Nile runs from the southern Sudanese border to the northern estuary and runs through major Egyptian cities. For thousands of years, the Nile has nourished the splendid civilization of ancient Egypt. To this day, more than 95% of Egypt’s population lives on the Nile coast and the estuary delta. Nile cruises are also a great choice for visiting Egypt. If you have a lot of time, you can even spend half a month on a boat to travel downstream and travel all over the country. Of course, most people have limited time, and the flight between Aswan and Luxor has become the most popular choice for travelers. Luxor is an ancient Egyptian capital with countless tombs and temples, and Aswan is a must-see for travelers as a transit point to the world-famous Abu Simbel Temple.

The Nile Cruise may be one of the cheapest cruises in the world. You can enjoy all-inclusive accommodations for dozens of dollars, and you can fully experience the scene of the story of the “Tragic on the Nile”. Of course, no tragedy will happen. After the cruise ship leaves Aswan, on the way to Luxor, it will pass through several temples along the coast, including the two temples of Conwombo and the Temple of Edfu Horus. When the cruise ship docks at these temples, everyone can take a boat tour. In addition, the cruise ship will pass through a sluice, the Isna sluice. If you come to the deck at this time, you can witness a line of cruise ships lining up through the narrow waterway to deal with the upstream and downstream of the Nile Changes in water level. On the cruise ship you will find restaurants, chess rooms and lounges, as depicted in the movie. It’s just that now the entertainment on cruise ships has changed from bridge to belly dance performance, elegant three-course French cuisine has also become a rich international buffet. What remains unchanged is the relaxed mood of people and the beautiful scenery on the Nile River.

Temples along the Nile

There are several famous places of interest in Egypt in the film “The Massacre on the Nile”. In addition to the most famous pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the temples of Abu Simbel and Carnac also impressed. These two are also at the beginning and end of the Nile cruise tour, which can be described as a stunning start and a successful end.

The Abu Simbel Temple (Figure ①) is located on the uppermost reaches of the Nile River in Egypt, close to the border with Sudan, and the situation is relatively unstable. However, due to its magnificent momentum, unique architectural style and fascinating historical stories, travelers are endless. In the 1960s, due to the construction of the Aswan dam, the water level of the Nile River rose. Under the leadership of UNESCO, dozens of countries have launched an international joint rescue operation, cutting the Abu Simbel Temple to a higher level and reassembling it to avoid flooding. The Abu Simbel Temple that people see today is the result of the overall relocation. I set off for the Abu Simbel Temple at 3 am and arrived at the best light in the early morning. After entering the scenic area gate and turning a few corners, four huge statues of Ramses II in front of the Great Temple came into view, shocking. Standing at the same angle of the movie and admiring this magnificent monument, one cannot help but sigh the smallness in front of the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians.

The Karnak Temple in Luxor (see Figure ②) is the pinnacle of the ancient Egyptian temple. This building complex covering an area of ​​more than 30 hectares is magnificent and large in scale. Entering the Temple of Karnak and coming to the row of stone statues of the ram’s head, the writer Madame Ottborn in the movie stroked them chatteringly and immediately appeared in front of the author. Going inside, the colonnade hall consisting of 134 towering giant columns is the most stunning part of Karnak Temple. The middle two rows of columns each have a height of more than 20 meters and a diameter of more than 10 meters. The sunlight on the stone pillars has a variety of light and shadow effects. In the movie, a boulder rolls down and almost hits the heroine of Linate’s classic bridge, which happened here. Strolling in the colonnade hall, while admiring the mysterious hieroglyphs carved on the stone pillars, I looked up from time to time and couldn’t help but see if a boulder would fall.

Legendary Hotel on the Nile

The Sofitel Legends Old Falls Hotel on Aswan Nile is also an important stop. This hotel is 120 years old and was the home of Agatha Christie when he wrote The Massacre on the Nile. She spent a year at the Hermitage Hotel in Luxor and the Old Falls Hotel in Aswan, writing inspirational works inspired by this mysterious land. The Old Waterfall Hotel is located on the most beautiful section of the Nile River. At sunset, you can sit on the terrace and watch the masted sail sail slowly on the river. The temple on the island across the river is looming. In addition to Agatha Christie, many celebrities, including former British Prime Minister Churchill, have stayed here. Every day at 5 pm, guests can take a guided tour organized by the hotel and visit the presidential suite where Churchill and Agatha once lived. In her room was a precious photo of afternoon tea with Churchill in the hotel. I didn’t expect these two British celebrities to have met in this legendary hotel on the African continent! Today, if you want to stay in these two historic presidential suites, you need $ 10,000 a night.

The film version of The Massacre on the Nile was also shot here. Although the hotel has been renovated, the shape and overall layout of the old building still look like that year. The author took a screenshot comparison of the movie and found that the two palm trees in front of the hotel still stood quietly in place, but they have grown from not taller than people to towering trees. They are the guardians of time, telling the legends here.