U.S. passenger plane travels through time and space to Venezuela?

   Myth: On September 9, 1990, on the control tower of Caraga Airport in Venezuela, South America, a long-eliminated “Douglas” passenger plane suddenly approached the airport, and the radar at the airport could not find the aircraft at all. . When the plane landed at the airport, it was immediately surrounded by security personnel. The pilot and passengers stepped off the plane and asked, “Where is this place?” The airport personnel said, “This is Venezuela. Where are you from?” The pilot was surprised. “Oh my God! We are Pan Am Flight 914, flying from New York to Florida. How could it fly to you? The error is more than 2,000 kilometers!” He immediately took out the flight diary and showed it to the airport staff: The aircraft took off on July 2, 1955, after 35 years! The airport staff said in surprise: “This is impossible! You are writing a story!” Later, by wire, it was confirmed that Flight 914 did take off from New York on July 2, 1955, flew to Florida, suddenly disappeared on the way and could not find it. Here. At that time, the airline believed that the plane had fallen into the sea and paid death insurance for more than 50 passengers on board. These people returned home to surprise their families. Loved ones are old, and they are still as young as they were. U.S. police and scientists have specifically checked the identity cards and bodies of these people, confirming that this is not a farce, but a tangible fact.
   Truth: Many readers are impressed with the case of the “Space-Time Tunnel” known as “Flight 914 Incident”, which is often included in books like “Unsolved Mysteries of the World”, and some people think that this The disappearance of the plane may be related to aliens and flying saucers. In Internet forums, posts introducing the incident were also widely circulated, and caused a lot of controversy among netizens. Although the existence of the “Space-Time Tunnel” is still a mystery, there is a lot of obvious evidence that the “Flight 914 Incident” is more like a science fiction story than a real case.
   The Pan American Airlines mentioned in the incident is called Pan American World Airline. It was established in the 1930s. It was once one of the major airlines in the United States. It monopolized more than half of the flights from the United States to other countries. Has a high profile, and even became synonymous with American Airlines. However, from the 1950s to the 1970s, Pan American Airlines operated only overseas operations and did not operate domestic aviation operations under US government control. United States domestic routes are operated by United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, etc. It was not until the United States lifted the Air Transport Control Act in 1979 that Pan American Airlines was allowed to open domestic routes. Therefore, in 1955, Pan American Airlines could not have a domestic flight from New York to Florida.
   Pan Am later declared bankruptcy in 1991 due to mismanagement. This is also the reason why no one has come out to clarify the “Flight 914 Incident”. This incident seems to be “undocumented.”
   Looking through the relevant historical data of 1955 and 1990, we cannot find any records of the two incidents mentioned in the rumor. The website of the World Air Accident Recording Office in Geneva, Switzerland, has recorded major and minor air crashes around the world in recent decades, and even many minor accidents without human casualties have been recorded. The website information shows that on July 2, 1955, there were no air crashes in the world, and three severe air crashes occurred throughout the world in July:
   (1) On July 27, 1955, Bulgaria, a plane carrying An 58-passenger Israeli airliner entered Bulgarian airspace by accident and was shot down by military missiles, killing all personnel on board.
   (2) On July 17, 1955, in Chicago, the United States, an aircraft of Braniff International Airlines carrying 43 people was involved in an accident and 22 people were killed.
   (3) On July 14, 1955, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, a passenger plane of a Mexican airline crashed, and all 22 people on board were killed.
   These three accidents are also completely inconsistent with the “Flight 914 Incident”. If the “Flight 914 Incident” in which more than 50 passengers disappeared did happen, it would not be possible to find no trace in the world air crash record. In addition, a review of Pan Am ’s air crash records reveals that there was only one serious accident with a “Douglas” passenger plane throughout the 1950s. On April 11, 1952, a passenger plane flying from Puerto Rico to New York The crash in the Puerto Rican sea did not reveal any other incidents similar to the disappearance of the plane in 1955. And around September and October 1990, the Washington Post did not have any information on this incident that should have shocked the world.
   Entering keywords related to this incident on the English Internet search engine, only some Chinese web page results are obtained, and the English media, books, and Internet records almost zero on it. Such a big thing Americans never actually discuss ?
   Conclusion: The vividly described “Flight 914 Incident” is just a story made up by Chinese authors.