The dangers of diabetes and how to choose a reasonable treatment plan

  It is found through research that diabetes is now one of the important diseases that endanger human health, and with the improvement of our living conditions, the probability of illness continues to rise year after year. The increase of the prevalence has to make us think about it. How does diabetes come about? How harmful can we recognize it? How do we choose a reasonable treatment plan after the illness? These are issues that we should pay attention to and think about, and it is also a time for us to sound the alarm. Therefore, we must pay attention to the occurrence of diabetes in our daily life, always alert, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, using the most scientific Means to prevent and treat diabetes, and build a protective wall for our body.
  1 What are the dangers of diabetes?
  Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar, and the incidence of this disease has spread rapidly around the world, becoming the “culprit” of endangering human health. Hyperglycemia is caused by a defect in insulin secretion or impaired biological effects, or both. The long-term high blood sugar in diabetes leads to chronic damage and dysfunction of various tissues, especially the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and nerves. This disorder is a way for people with diabetes to bring down the body, and it is also a way for us to Key findings during the diabetes research process.
  Through investigation and continuous research, we found that the harm caused by diabetes to us can be briefly summarized as follows. Although only a few are listed, they have spread throughout the body and have a great impact on our overall physical health. . First of all, diabetes is very harmful to the kidney. It can cause abnormal increase in the glomerular microcirculation filtration pressure due to the increase of blood sugar, which is likely to cause renal failure. This is also a major cause of the ultimate death of patients with diabetes. Factors; Diabetes also has great harm to the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and peripheral blood vessels. Cardiocerebrovascular disease is the main cause of disability and death in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes also has a huge neurological harm. We found through scientific research data, In diabetic psychosis, psychiatric diseases have a high incidence of chronic complications of diabetes.
  2 Common symptoms and stages of diabetes
  (1) Sudden vision loss is one of the early clinical manifestations of diabetes. When we find symptoms of vision loss, we must pay attention to it;
  (2) Hypoglycemia symptoms after meals, dizziness within 3-5 hours, Symptoms such as limb weakness, palpitation;
  (3) The symptoms of “three more and one less” are mainly manifested as drinking more water, urinating more, and eating more, but the body gradually loses weight. This is already a serious signal sent by the body to remind you You should pay attention to your own body;
  (4) Exhausted body, accompanied by obesity, these are early symptoms. If you don’t get timely treatment, your weight will gradually drop;
  3 How to choose a reasonable treatment plan for patients with diabetes ?
  We can not underestimate diabetes, because diabetes will have many complications in the later stage, and it is very difficult to treat and control. Therefore, we must not only pay attention to drug treatment, but also use healthy living habits and healthy eating habits. To assist in the treatment of diabetes, use the best state to fight the disease.
  3.1 Note the regulation of dietary
  First we have to recognize the causes of the onset of diabetes in large part because because “eat”, so we make a good diet concept with the right habits and diet concept diet to control diabetes disease To reduce the cause of entry from the “mouth”. To reduce sugar intake and excessive food intake, we must control the diet of diabetic patients, reduce weight and reduce the impact of obesity on the body, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat a certain amount of vegetables at each meal. Reducing the intake of staple foods and controlling the harmful effects of foods on the spread of diabetes are the supporting measures for treating diabetes and the first step in our treatment.
  3.2 Precise grasp of drug dosage during drug treatment
  If the blood sugar level can’t be controlled with simple hypoglycemic drugs, systematic treatment is needed. Insulin injection and insulin injection before three meals is one of the most performed by diabetic patients. Patients must accurately calculate their blood glucose values ​​so that they can calculate the exact amount of insulin and inject it into our bodies. Regarding the goals of blood lipid and blood pressure control and the latest edition of the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Chinese Adults” and “China High According to the latest standards of the Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Blood Pressure, the target for primary prevention and control of blood lipids is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) <2.6 mmol / L, and the target for secondary prevention and control is LDL-C <1.8 mmol / L; the target for blood pressure control is <130/80 mmHg (1 mmHg = 0.133 kPa).   After investigation and research, we found that the onset of diabetes is caused by multiple factors. Therefore, high blood lipids are also the cause of diabetes. Therefore, each of us must control our mouths, open our legs, and exercise more. Eat more foods that help your body digestion and health, so that you can prevent the occurrence of diabetic diseases through a healthy lifestyle change. Even if you are sick, you can treat them in time.