The “culprit” of skin aging

Aging is a natural process. As people get older, all aspects of the body will be degraded, and everything that is important will feel tired. In fact, although aging is an inevitable process of life change, if you “care” well and slow down the aging, you can still have a flexible and strong body when you are old. How can maintenance slow down aging?

There was a report some time ago that caught people’s attention. A 69-year-old long-distance truck driver, after driving the truck for 28 years, his left half of his face is more than 20 years older than the right. It is caused by the left half face being exposed to more ultraviolet rays for a long time than the right half face. The human body’s skin naturally ages with age. Did you know that 90% of skin aging is caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun? Doing sun protection is equivalent to delaying aging!

When it comes to sun protection, sunscreen must be mentioned. Sunscreens are divided into physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. The ingredients list behind sunscreen, many will have two components of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and they are the main active ingredients of physical sunscreen.

The other is a chemical sunscreen. Its principle is to first absorb ultraviolet light and then convert it into other harmless light sources or release heat.

In addition to sunlight, oxygen also ages our skin. To be precise, a small amount of oxygen that is absorbed into the body, also known as free radicals, will attack our genes and affect the repair of cells, thereby accelerating skin aging .

Want to slow down aging? In addition to our own antioxidants, we also need to obtain it from the outside world. In fact, some natural antioxidants are hidden in the food we eat every day.

First, fruits and vegetables
Diverse colors, try to choose dark fruits and vegetables.

Red peppers, green small pine nuts, and purple eggplants are all dark-colored vegetables. They are rich in polyphenols, and their antioxidant capacity and dietary fiber content are different. Choose to diversify the variety of vegetables as well.

Dairy products
Choose low-fat dairy products for blood glucose adjustment.

When you eat dairy products such as yogurt, blood sugar rises slowly. Especially people in their forties and fifties are prone to consume too much neutral fat from dairy products they eat every day, so low-fat products are recommended.

Third, fungi
Fungi are a treasure trove of dietary fiber and the main force against metabolic syndrome.

Grifola frondosa can suppress the rise of blood sugar, Pleurotus eryngii can reduce visceral fat and improve metabolic syndrome. The health effects of these fungi on the human body have been confirmed through various experiments. Fungi are not only rich in dietary fiber, which can improve constipation, but also reduce cholesterol and enhance immunity.

Fourth, nuts and legumes
Recommend soy, camellia, sesame, almond.

Nuts such as beans and almonds are rich in dietary fiber and have a good effect on preventing constipation. At the same time, the saponin contained in soybean can prevent the accumulation of aging protein, and you can get a sufficient amount of saponin by eating a piece of tofu. In addition, vitamin B6 rich sesame is also one of the highly recommended ingredients.

Adhere to sun protection and antioxidants, I wish you always stay young!