Streaming rout, Golden Globes upset

The 77th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards Ceremony ended on the evening of January 5th in Beverly Hills, Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino’s “Historical Hollywood” won the best drama in music / comedy. , Best Supporting Actor, and Best Script. In the TV drama award category, HBO’s “Battle of Inheritance” received the best drama series and best actor award in the drama category. There are still many upsets at this awards ceremony: “The Lost Link” defeated Disney’s three annual masterpieces to get the best animated feature film; the streaming platform Netflix’s films “Irish” and “Marriage Story” won nothing at important awards. It’s amazing.

Okafina becomes first Asian film actor

In this year’s Golden Globes film awards, well-known director Sam Mendes reproduces the first world war film “1917” and won two awards for best film and best director in the drama category, while Quentin’s “Hollywood Story” ”Won the best film, best screenplay in the music / comedy category, and won the best supporting actor award for Brad Pitt. The best actors and actresses in the drama category are Joaquin Phoenix in “The Clown” and Renee Zellweger in “Judy”. Okafina defeated Kate Blanchett, Emma Thompson and many other acting celebrities for her rustic performance in “Don’t Tell Her” and won the best actress in a musical / comedy movie, becoming the first to win the award. Asian shadow.

As the winner of the Cannes Golden Palm, the Korean film “The Parasite” won the “Best Foreign Language Film” award. This is the first time that a Korean film has won this honor and added a lot of weight to the film’s next impact on the best foreign language film of the Oscars. Director Feng Junhao said when receiving the award: “If the audience can cross the walls of subtitles, they will find countless wonderful movies.” Feng Junhao later said in an interview with the media that the reason why Parasite resonates with American audiences is that “this movie is essentially about capitalism, and the United States is the heart of capitalism.” At present, Parasite has set the highest box office record for Korean movies in North America. The Yonhap News Agency said on the 6th that the award of “The Parasite” shows that Korean films have been recognized in Hollywood and their international status has been further enhanced. Feng Junhao has also successfully ranked among the mainstream Hollywood directors. After this award, Feng Junhao is expected to soar in value. If time goes by, his reputation may go hand in hand with Li An.

In the TV drama award category, HBO’s “Battle of Inheritance” won the best drama series and best actor award in the drama category. Olivia Coleman played Queen Anne in “The Beloved” last year and won the best actress award (movie). This year, she played Elizabeth II in “The Crown” and won the best actress award in the drama. (TV). The popular “London Life” won the best drama series and best actress award in the comedy category, and another popular drama “Chernobyl” won the best limited drama / TV movie award. The final season of HBO’s self-made drama “Game of Thrones” continued to show momentum at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The show received only one nomination for Best Actor and finally returned empty-handed. The lifetime achievement awards of this year’s Golden Globe Awards belong to the well-known Hollywood star Tom Hanks and talk show star Allen DeGeneres.

“Irish” Grainless

This year’s Golden Globes are frequently upset, and the “Irish” with the highest voice in the awards season has not been collected. The “Marriage Story” and the “Crown” each received only one performance award. These three film and television dramas are produced by NetFly. NetFly, which has previously received 17 nominations, has obtained such results, which makes one wonder whether the Golden Globe Awards judges still have stereotypes about streaming media. “Hollywood Reporter” said that since Netflix entered the movie content production market, the industry has been controversial, and some even questioned its eligibility to participate in the Golden Globes. But times are changing. As the host of the Golden Globe Awards Cervez said, fewer and fewer people watch movies and TVs, and more and more members buy online video site members.

The stop-motion animation “Lost Link” defeated Disney’s “Lion King”, “Toy Story 4”, “Frozen 2”, and DreamWorks’ “How to Train Your Dragon 4” won the best animated feature film, becoming the biggest dark horse. Many people think that the award is already in Disney’s pocket, so the “Lost Link” award also adds a lot of suspense to the ownership of the Academy Award for best cartoon. Compared to several other animated films using the latest motion capture technology, the missing frame used in “Lost Link” is ancient. The studio that produced the film was praised for “Mother Ghost” and “Legend of the Magic Strings”, but when “The Lost Link” was released at the box office, it was horrible and the studio was on the verge of bankruptcy.

“1917” won the best film of the year is also quite surprising, because the film was released late (on December 25 last year), currently only in a small number of cinemas in the United States, small-scale screening, most American audiences have not yet watched. And the movie basically does not have big-name stars, the attention and topicality are not high. But director Mendes boldly used the “one shot to the end” long lens to show the cruelty of the battlefield, and the reality created by the film was very shocking.

Freaks frequently appear at awards ceremony

The host of the awards ceremony, Ricky Reeves, impressed many audiences. This is his fifth time as the host of the awards ceremony. He mocked the stars “Don’t take the opportunity to make political speeches because most of you are not as good as Sweden Environmental protection girl Samberg. ” Reeves, who has always been famous for his words, “floated himself” shortly after the start of the awards ceremony. Infrequent segments frequently appeared, and TV guides had to mute. Many TV viewers even began to suspect that the broadcast signal was malfunctioning. Recipients have also uttered “restricted” words many times, including the best actor award winner Phoenix. The United States “Variety” said that after receiving the award, Phoenix did not seem to know that he would be surrounded by the media for interviews. The organization of the entire awards evening also seemed a little scribbled, and there were many embarrassing scenes where the awarding guests missed words or rushed to each other. In addition, the TV awards first took up most of the time, resulting in insufficient time in the second half of the film awards. Finally, several key awards were announced in a hurry.

In addition, the organizers of the Golden Globe Awards promoted the concept of environmental protection. For the first time, they introduced a full vegetarian menu at the dinner, and did not use plastic and disposable tableware. Climate warming has also become a hot topic during the Golden Globe Awards. Although the first winner of the night, Russell Crowe, was unable to attend the scene because of the Australian fire, but in a speech, he claimed that the Australian fire was a consequence of global climate change and called for people to protect the environment through scientific methods. Phoenix said: “Each of us should start with ourselves, and sometimes need to make some self-sacrifice.”

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