Similarly, it is easy for other people to start a business part-time, but you have lost your job?

Is it reliable to make money part-time?

If you now go online to search for “part-time entrepreneurship to make money”, you can see, for example, that two-hour part-time entrepreneurship projects can make money at home, and part-time entrepreneurship earns more than 10,000 a month … but after all, entrepreneurship is risky, and success is a probability event for a few people.

For example, some people make a small business and earn some money. Some people pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelons in the main business, which is obviously worth the money. Some people are severely harvested in pursuit of small profits. These people, you observe carefully, actually have them.

Today, according to Xiaobian ’s understanding, I have sorted out under what circumstances suitable for part-time entrepreneurship, and under what circumstances are not suitable, I hope to give you some inspiration for part-time entrepreneurship.

This condition is not absolute. It should be based on the specific situation of each person. Any inappropriate places are welcome to correct.

Which part-time businesses are reliable?

I have resources around me that can develop other people’s main business or expertise into my own entrepreneurial project
Sometimes, you do n’t need to know everything. Someone around you knows what to do. To be good at discovering the resources around you, it is possible that his work can become your entrepreneurial project. His area of ​​expertise is the content of your project.

Everyone has different resources and expertise, and if they can spark each other, they can achieve the idea of ​​part-time entrepreneurship.

Zhang Yi is the account manager of the bank, mainly responsible for the corporate loan of high-tech companies. His friend is engaged in intellectual property services. His main business is to help enterprises apply for high-tech technology certification and apply for state subsidies.

He usually introduces his customers to a friend company and applies for high-tech subsidies so that he can get referral commissions. Friends will also introduce some companies to him, help companies apply for loans, and friends receive benefits from them.

By developing their own projects in this way, two people do part-time work, but do not affect their own work.

Your spare time can be used to start a business to make money, but also to learn and grow, but it cannot affect your own job.

Second, there is an irresistible urge and desire, even if you do not make money
An interesting thing, some people want to start a part-time business, they are just interested, it has nothing to do with making money.

For example, “The Twelve Hours of Chang’an” before the fire, do you know how this story came about?

At that time, I knew a post that said what would happen if the background of Assassin’s Creed happened in Chinese history? Ma Boyong said, then I’ll write a background of the Tang Dynasty. Do you think his motive is simple? Just want to do it.

Before Ma Boyong became famous, his job was only a clerk in a foreign company. Later, several novels became popular, and his popularity gradually became hot. It was a realization of his dream.

So if you also have the desire to express and share, and have the content you want to show to others, I think you can try it. Life always has to unlock new content, after all, making money is not the only goal of life.

There is a theory called “ABZ theory”, which says that at any time, you need to have three plans, plan A, plan B and plan Z.

Plan A: It can be understood that you are currently working on a relatively satisfactory job.

Plan B: It refers to plans other than Plan A. You give yourself the opportunity to grow and may become your entrepreneurial direction in the future.

The world is always changing. Plan A may change, so you must constantly cultivate Plan B for yourself and create new possibilities for yourself.

Plan Z: A backup plan for the worst, equivalent to your life insurance.

If one day, both your plan A and plan B fail, you must have a plan that can guarantee your survival. The significance of Plan Z is to deal with the various uncertainties and risks in your career. This is the insurance you make for yourself.

Third, low risk trial and error
When you are interested in an industry or field, but your opportunity cost is high, you don’t want to take on too high a transformation risk. As a startup project, you can try something on the premise of controlling trial and error costs.

But you have to understand where your stop loss point is, try according to this premise, get feedback, and then consider whether to continue.

Part-time entrepreneurship is not as easy to control as imagined, and most people do not take good care of it. Which part-time businesses are unreliable?

Want to get something for nothing

Many people think that starting a part-time business, don’t spend too much thought, just follow the boss with money.

Although we often see some celebrities casually pay for some money and open a restaurant, even if they bring their own traffic IP, there are also many celebrity restaurants that are losing money. Shop. As hard as the catering industry, how could it be possible to gain something just by paying for it?

If you change the angle again, even if you can do this, you really only pay for it, and the project also makes money in the end, but how do you think that people who really work can share the money with you? You see, a lot of people who start a partnership are troubled because of uneven money distribution?

2. Want to cash back quickly

The reason why people can be cut as leeks is inseparable from greed, anxiety, and impatience. Countless entrepreneurial training courses and entrepreneurial mentors are people who harvest like this.

You said that I was short of money and wanted to cash in quickly. I think this idea is a bit dangerous and not suitable for entrepreneurship.

Although we said earlier, if you have ideas or interests, you must try more. What if your dreams come true? But we emphasize that what you do is helpful to you and does not delay the work you are doing now.

Just like some writing training classes now, teach you some so-called routines that allow you to make money from the media, but this may or may not make money. If you study with a profitable mindset, in most cases you will be desperate.

Making money part-time is something that many people want to do, but it is not necessary at every stage.

When you are doing something, you should be focused. If you want to start a part-time business, the premise is that you must be prepared, because people have limited energy. If it must be done, first boil the pot of water in the main business before doing other things.

If due to taking into account entrepreneurship, affecting their own work, it is easy to lose more. Therefore, we should look at the stage of doing things, we must distinguish between the primary and secondary contradictions, we must not rush into everything.

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