“Rainbow Project”: Enter another time and space

   In the middle of the last century, for superpowers such as the United States and the former Soviet Union, whoever took the lead in occupying the highest military and scientific and technological heights would gain a huge “cold war” advantage.
   In October 2000, the U.S. Navy destroyer Aldridge, which had served in World War II, was transported to a shipbreaking plant, and its legendary “Boatman” was declared dead. However, the mysterious story that happened on this warship in 1943 still haunts people like a mystery.
   In 1943, the US Navy conducted an experiment to make warships invisible, at the time the experiment was called the “Rainbow Project.” The experiment was conducted separately at the Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia and at sea. The test object was the small destroyer “Elderridge”. The purpose of the experiment was to make the warship invisible and make the enemy undetectable.
   The Rainbow Project is said to be part of a research project to apply Einstein’s “Uniform Field Theory of Gravity and Current” to electronically disguise ships at sea. Einstein was said to have published the unified field theory in a scientific journal in Prussia between 1925 and 1927, but it was later retracted because the theory was incomplete.
   The original purpose of the Rainbow Project was to allow ships in the water to use strong electromagnetic fields to interfere with and avoid the attack of enemy torpedoes. Later it was extended to generate similar strong magnetic fields in the surrounding air so that the enemy’s radar could not detect the presence of the ship. The principle of the experiment is to generate an incredibly powerful magnetic field around the warship, which will refract and bend the radio waves of light or radar, which is very effective compared to the mist formed by heated air on the road in summer. Similar.
   Dr. Gisop, who participated in the experiment, believes that strong magnetic clouds can rearrange the molecular structures of humans and matter, allowing them to enter another spacetime.
   Since June 1943, the Aldridge has been successively installed with several tons of electronic experimental equipment. At the front turret of Aldridge, two large magnetic field generators with a power of 75 kilowatts were installed. The magnetic force generated by them was distributed by four huge coils mounted on the deck. In addition, the ship also has 3 RF transmitters (2 MW equal-amplitude radars), 3000 6L6 power amplifier tubes (used to drive the field coils of 2 magnetic generators), special synchronization Modulation circuit and a large number of special electronic equipment.
   Experts participating in the experiment at that time believed that after proper control and adjustment, the light and radio waves around the ship’s hull could be bent to achieve an invisible effect. However, the so-called invisibility at this time is not to make the ship completely disappear, but merely to achieve “stealth” on the radar to achieve the purpose of not being detected by enemy patrol radar detectors.
   However, no matter how good ideas are put into practice, there may be more than expected.
   At 17.15 pm on October 28, 1943, the last experiment on the Aldridge began. Under the watchful eye of the experimenters, the power of the magnetic generator on the “Alderridge” was switched on, a strong magnetic field began to form around the hull, and a green mist slowly surrounded the “Alderridge” . Immediately afterwards, the Aldridge disappeared from the radar detector!
   The experiment was successful! What didn’t surprise everyone, however, was that the disappearance from the radar was just the beginning of this experiment.
   Slowly, the “Alderridge” became more and more transparent and nearly invisible. In the eyes of the experimenters, only the outline of the destroyer could be seen faintly. Everything seemed normal in the first few seconds, but then a dazzling blue light flashed, and the entire warship, the entire “Alderridge”, completely disappeared from the water!
   This surprised the experimenter, who was surprised by fear. According to theory, the destroyer will only be invisible on the radar, and will not be truly invisible from the naked eye.
   What’s even more incredible is that, a few seconds later, “Elder Ridge” reportedly appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, and stayed there for a few minutes.
   In order to prevent greater changes, the experimenter immediately cut off the power to the magnetic generator and stopped the experiment.
   After the green fog cleared, the “Alderridge” mysteriously disappeared from Norfolk, and returned to the experimental base of the Philadelphia Shipyard, returning to people’s vision.
   After this experiment, the scene on the ship was even more shocking. When the crew on board returned to the shore, they discovered that the crew had lost the ability to distinguish directions, and they all expressed feelings of nausea. Some crew members disappeared mysteriously and have never returned. The weirdest thing is that the body of five crew members is actually fused with the steel structure of the ship’s body!
   After the experiment, the surviving crew members became the same as the original. They could not remember what happened. Regardless of their actual physical condition, they were later judged to be “not fit for service”. He was forced to retire. In the decades that followed, terrible experiments entangled them like a nightmare, lingering, and some crew members occasionally disappeared for no reason, and then reappeared, no one knew why.
   The US Navy subsequently closed the news, and all records of the experiment were also classified as top-secret documents. Then, all the relevant information of this experiment was sealed up and destroyed by the U.S. military, and it wasn’t until a person named “Alan” leaked it out in a letter that people learned the truth about the “Rainbow Project.” However, no one knows what happened during the time when “Elderridge” disappeared. Perhaps some day after that, the mysteriously missing crew members will come back and tell us what they experienced and what they found during the disappearance.
   An electronic camouflage experiment actually led to the long-range “migration” of the entire warship and all crew members. Such a strange thing happened in just a few minutes. This incident happened in the 1940s, it was a bit of a nightmare. However, in the era when the atomic bomb was born, such cases were not impossible. The reason for this, whether it is visual errors, parallel universes, or magnetic field shields, cannot be determined at this time, and the results of scientists can only be awaited.