New Year’s depression

Affected by various factors such as lack of money, overwork, and loneliness, some people will feel depressed during the New Year holiday. In order to help people get rid of “New Year’s depression”, Russian psychologists have given many ways.

According to Russia ’s “News” on the 2nd, Russian doctor of psychology Oksana Pigureva said that during the New Year holiday, people may not achieve their goals due to gifts, travel, or the quality of life they dream of, and Feeling extremely depressed. In addition, many people also like to summarize the past year during the New Year, and then find themselves a loser in some aspects, which will also give people a sense of depression. And those with loved ones who have just passed away will be even more sad in the lively festive atmosphere …

According to the “News”, in order to avoid this situation, Pigureva has proposed various ways to alleviate the “New Year’s depression”: First of all, you must balance your mindset, find things you like to do, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Do n’t be too concerned about everything that happens; in addition, you can cheer yourself up by helping others, such as giving gifts to the homeless, orphanages; treat yourself well, prepare food and torture yourself. A good way; you can write a thank you letter to loved ones or people who have helped you in the year; list all the good things you have encountered in the past year, and do n’t forget some small things; find out the difficulties Some famous quotes or maxims that made me feel good during the period.

In addition, psychologists also recommend that you make a list of “My 100 Favorites” and include it in the 2020 plan, and don’t forget to make a special plan for yourself, such as comedy watching, and more laughter; At the same time, you should be completely relaxed physically and mentally, and try not to think about those unpleasant things. Experts also recommend throwing away all unnecessary things in the house and making room for new items to give yourself a new sense of freedom. When you are alone, you can dance to rock music, and arms and legs can stimulate self-confidence.

In addition to the above methods, compiling a New Year’s expectation table can also help ease depression. But don’t think about how to achieve these goals, just follow the “I will do my best” principle. Another thing is to do something you haven’t done before to make yourself feel fresh. Russian psychologists said that it is important to remember that even if you spend the New Year alone, there is no need to feel depressed. As long as you maintain a good attitude, many problems will be solved.