Middle finger thinning is an early manifestation of liver cancer?

Recently, I saw an article by a friend who turned crazy, the title of which is “no pain and no itching in the early stage of liver cancer. Once the body appears 3 abnormalities, most of them have been recruited”, which aroused my interest.

Liver cancer has always been a concern for everyone. Doctors and patients want easy and easy ways to detect it as soon as possible, so this type of article is still very attractive. As a clinician, I hope that this article can bring me some scientific and practical knowledge, but I was disappointed after reading it. The 3 early tips suggested by the article suggest the performance of liver cancer, which makes me look more and more angry!

Yellow eyes = jaundice = liver cancer?

It is mentioned in the article that the sclera is commonly known as white eyes, and yellowing is more common in jaundice or cholestatic hepatitis, infectious liver disease, biliary disease, pregnancy poisoning and some hemolytic diseases. The content expressed in this view is not very problematic, but jaundice is mistaken for the specific manifestation of liver cancer. As the article says, there are many causes of jaundice, but jaundice is not an early manifestation of liver cancer. Just by understanding the classification of jaundice, we can roughly understand the relationship between jaundice and liver cancer.

Jaundice can be divided into obstructive jaundice, hemolytic jaundice, and hepatocellular jaundice according to the cause.

Obstructive jaundice is better understood, that is, the passage of bile is blocked. Possible reasons are stones, bile duct tumors, and bile duct strictures (congenital, acquired stenosis). If it does not pass, it will be blocked, and the bile cannot get out and can only enter the blood. At this time, the blood bilirubin content will increase.

Hemolytic jaundice refers to a disease in which bilirubin is elevated due to a large number of red blood cell lysis caused by blood-related diseases.

Hepatocellular jaundice lesions are in the liver. Inflammation and tumor stimulation cause destruction of liver cells, leading to problems with the metabolism of bilirubin, which leads to an increase in blood bilirubin.

From the above classification, the most closely related to liver cancer are obstructive jaundice and hepatocellular jaundice. But it needs to be clear that causes such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, stone obstruction, and biliary polyps also cause jaundice. Rather than jaundice suggesting early liver cancer, jaundice suggests “precancerous disease.” Because hepatitis, cirrhosis, bile duct stones inside and outside the liver, polyps are all high risk factors for cancer.

Middle finger thinning = fatty liver = liver cancer?

The second point of the article is that the thinning of the middle finger indicates fatty liver, which is a precursor of liver cancer. Nowadays, there are more and more opinions that fatty liver is a high risk factor for liver cancer. There will be two development directions for moderate to severe fatty liver, one is to develop cirrhosis and then liver cancer; the other is to directly develop liver cancer. Therefore, the medical community pays more and more attention to the diagnosis, research and treatment of fatty liver. But so far, there is no evidence that the middle finger becomes thinner in fatty liver, and there is no evidence that the middle finger becomes thinner in the early stage of liver cancer!

If I have to associate the change in finger shape with liver cancer, there is only one disease that I can think of

Paracancerous syndrome, which refers to anatomical and functional abnormalities that are related to tumors but not directly caused by tumor cell invasion. One of its clinical symptoms is clubbing fingers and hypertrophic osteoarthropathy, not thinning of fingers.

Regular liver and gallbladder ultrasound examination helps early identification of liver cancer

The third point of the article is that liver cancer will show signs of fatigue and mental inattention in the early stages. I agree with this point that liver-related diseases do bring physical fatigue.

From clinical experience, liver cancer lacks the typical early manifestations, and many patients experience pain in the liver area, or they stumble upon liver cancer during a physical examination. Although the early manifestations of liver cancer are not obvious, we can improve the recognition and prevention of liver cancer through the following points:

1. Regular liver and gallbladder ultrasound examination, especially those who are obese, have more entertainment, love to eat sweets, and often take drugs, should also regularly check the liver, including ultrasound, liver function, etc .; people with hepatitis B, cirrhosis, pay attention to regular review Or review frequency is higher than the average person.

2. Inoculate hepatitis B vaccine, pay attention to check the situation of hepatitis B antibodies.

3. Do not eat moldy foods, because the aflatoxin contained in it can cause liver cancer.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that health science articles are best obtained through authoritative channels, so as to truly improve self-care awareness and ability.