Messenger of winter

Snowflake is the messenger of winter and the love song in my heart.

Stepping into the door of winter, walking through a period of warm autumn and winter, snowflakes drifted in the increasingly cold wind, dancing with the wind, leaving the homeland a sparse and solemn, flying the grace and coldness of winter everywhere .

Standing on the balcony, looking at the snow through the window, the flawless elf danced with the beautiful jade body, and my mood danced with it. Blizzard, sunshine, distant mountains, fields, seemingly surging text, can’t help but make me think about the sky, my mind stretches, and the feeling of pen farming comes to my heart, and the heart spring will flow the beauty and feeling that winter brings to my heart.

With snowflakes, strolling along the river, stepping on the sound of “creak” snow, the patterns printed on the footprints strung beautiful lines of poetry, and the beauty and purity were also reflected in the eyes, and the mood was exceptionally poetic and beautiful. In the romance and leisurely footsteps in the snow, you can enjoy the natural scenery shown by snowflakes.

The mountains in the distance resemble silver snakes dancing wildly, winding and unreachable. The snow-covered branches on the side of the road bloom like spring flowers, and like white corals go out to sea to explore the beauty of the world. The gusts of wind passed, and the falling snow boiled like a fairy, and kissed the cheeks, soft and cool. The snow on the spacious road has been rolled into silver mirrors by the wheels, which is extremely bright and dazzling eyes. The car owners dressed in snow suits also turned into faltering old people. They were gentle and elegant, and lost their former “arrogance”.

In the park, everywhere, the scenes are covered with snow and new looks: the original flowing water bridge is covered with white clothes to show its elegant elegance; the brown old man who was sitting on the bench reading a book has silver beard and white eyebrows. The children who danced in circles holding hands and danced all turned into white teenagers, dancing gracefully, smart and handsome. In the far-sighted neighborhood, the roofs of reddish brown and different heights have been repainted, so that the holiness is scattered and Yami is united. The ice under the eaves is varied, crystal clear, and under the warmth of the sun, it ticks like spring rain, moistening the earth.

I love the moment of watching the snow dancing in the sun, they are lingering, flying, intertwined with other beautiful scenes, seemingly quietly interpreting the deeper meaning and charm of “sunlight in the snow”, it seems to tell People: Life will always be frosty, snowy, and rainy. Even if you are in trouble, you must have sunshine and firm faith. As long as you struggle, you will embrace the happy sunshine of tomorrow …

The snowflakes were falling, the rivers and mountains were more beautiful, the years were quiet, and the songs were revered. I love snowflakes, she is the messenger of winter. I also love the content of the sunshine in the snow, because it is a firm faith, an enterprising spirit and hope for tomorrow.

Hope to accompany you when you believe

The earth is not a dream, but a living body,

Vision, touch and hearing are not lying.

Everything you see here

It’s like a garden seen through a door.

You can’t go in. But convinced it was there.

And if we look more clearly and smarter

We will find it somewhere in the garden

A new exotic flower or unnamed star.

Someone said that we should not believe our eyes,

It doesn’t see anything, it just looks.

They are just hopeless people.

They think that when we turn around,

The world will cease to exist behind us.

It’s like being stolen by a thief’s hand.