Is your friends circle playing blind tide?

In recent months, Xiao Ai’s life has added a new content-the blind box. Every weekend, she would go to a Chaowan shop called “Bubble Matt” to take a “Jasmine” and take it away. So far, she has more than 70 “jasmine”, each with different images, wearing flower children’s clothing, the Imperial Palace grid dress, as well as wearing a space suit or transformed into Sun Dasheng.

This addictive little doll is called a trendy toy (referred to as “tide play”). Unlike hand-made models derived from movies or anime, “chaowan” is created by designers based on imagination, and mainly captures people’s hearts with appearance images.

Dolls with different images are randomly placed in sealed boxes with the same appearance and opacity by customers. Customers do not know which one is selected before opening the box. This process is called blinding box.

Blind boxes are not new. As early as 1999, a Hong Konger named Liu Jianwen created the world’s first “tide play”, and the game of blind boxes came into being. After more than 10 years, this trend has blown to the mainland.

The blinding box is addictive. There is a saying in the circle of players: “One blind box looks like the sea, and one box and one box keep buying.”

The 17-year-old Xiaoxue entered the pit three years ago. She has nearly a thousand blind boxes, including “Jasmine”, “Biqi”, “Rabub” and “Pan Shen”. When it ’s the craziest, I will move home in boxes. Buying two or three boxes a month will cost thousands of dollars. This behavior is called “end box” in the player circle. The end box is to draw hidden money. There are a total of 12 blind boxes in each series. There are 12 groups in a box, which adds up to 144. The merchant will put a special hidden model in it. The probability of drawing is only 1/144. Only the end box can guarantee 100%. Bought it.

Now, Xiaoxue is an expert of “Shake Box”. She can feel the small differences in feel and weight of different toys through “Shake Box”, and find hidden models accurately.

The blind box is not just a consumer product, it has derived a series of cultural phenomena and social circles, and has become a cultural product and a social product.

Xiaoxue’s mobile phone has more than a dozen WeChat groups related to blind boxes, most of which are for “changing dolls” and “selling dolls.” “Because it is blind draw, we will definitely draw styles we don’t like or already have, so we have to sell or exchange them.” Because the toys in the blind box are mostly doll-shaped, members of the group call each other “Baby “.

Almost every night, Xiaoxue will organize the baby friends to “drive a car”, which is a set of games invented by them to clear out the extra money: pack several hot and thunder dolls, and uniformly price 49 yuan a ticket Each “doll” corresponds to the serial number of a dice. According to the serial number thrown by the individual and the result of “rock-paper-scissors”, the player gets the “right to play on the car” corresponding to “doll”. The so-called “play on the car” is to send the doll to the winning buyer. If the buyer does not like it within the prescribed time, the buyer can also return it to the organizer at a 50% discount.

The more direct way to exchange and resell is to send a wish list to the group, and the wish list is the money you want and the money you plan to exchange. Other “Baby Friends” see the wish list and can poke the other party to trade privately if they feel fit.

In 2018, in order to change a “doll”, Xiaoxue met with a player. After chatting, they found that the two were very close. The other was in college, and she was just a few years older than her. On. They went to the offline shop to draw boxes, exchanged the feeling of shaking the box, and went to Shanghai to participate in the trendy toy exhibition. Later the two became particularly familiar and became friends.

Transforming the toys in the blind box is Xiao Xue’s recent new fun. “First of all, think of the shape and color matching … because the toy itself is the kind of slush, it will stick together after preheating, especially difficult to separate, you need to use hot water to cook before you can put small parts, such as Take off your face and skirt so that you can spray colors. There are two ways to paint, spray with a spray gun or paint with your hands. “In order to learn to change the baby, she also worshiped” Bawa change teacher “Babala · Z as master.

Today, vending machines for blind boxes have been installed in shopping malls and subway stations. Official data from the second-hand goods trading platform “Xianyu” shows that blind box trading is already a tens of millions market. Why is a blind box so attractive as a toy?

“Its blind draw rules are the same as the set draw cards in the Yin Yang division game, which are essentially a random game.” Xiaoai’s boyfriend said. The “Skinner Box” experiments in psychology show that when people don’t know when the reward will appear, they will continue to repeat the operation. The blind draw reward is the hidden money with a probability of 1/144, which is like a bait, which keeps people buying.

On the one hand, players are constantly pumping, while on the other, blind box manufacturers are constantly introducing new images. Take Bubble Mart as an example. This company has signed over 30 trendy play designers. The huge team of designers guarantees that it can launch new blind box series almost every month, with a total of 12 images in one series. Its update frequency can almost make senior players like Xiaoxue overwhelmed.

In addition to hidden players, there are limited and hungry marketing. The principle that things are rare is completely implemented at blind box merchants. At the end of 2018, the limited sale of a blind box in Beijing Xidan Joy City even appeared at 6 o’clock in the morning with more than 2,000 people lining up. In order to grab the limited edition, Xiaoxue took a tent to stand in line outside the exhibition overnight. In addition to limiting the number of toys released, merchants will set rules to raise the purchase threshold. Tickets for the Chaowan Exhibition are also sold using a combination of priority tickets and ordinary tickets.

But consumers often don’t care about these business tricks, they simply regard the blind box as their hobby and sustenance. “‘Jasmine’s mouth is very similar to my 3-year-old daughter” “When I am happy, I will go to the doll house for a while” “It is a way for me to relieve stress, a kind of life trust” … Yes For most blind box enthusiasts, these dolls are their antidote to their minds.