How to prevent social love from being hurt

Recently, due to several incidents, several charitable organizations and platforms engaged in social assistance for serious illness have been questioned by the public, causing some discussions on ethics of charity.

First of all, it should be said that it is very regrettable that public love is hurt due to violations or improper operation of some charities that are engaged in social assistance for serious illness. The public’s love is the foundation of social mutual assistance. The damage of public love will have a fatal impact on the development of the entire social assistance and mutual assistance system. In this regard, relevant institutions and platforms should reflect on it, deal with it promptly, and restore credibility.

However, we cannot deny the need for social assistance for serious illness. Judging from various data, there are about 4 million patients in the country each year spending about 100,000 yuan to see a doctor, and among them about 50,000 patients have an annual medical cost of about 400,000 yuan. China’s current medical security system can reimburse the vast majority, but some people with difficult family lives are really unable to afford it, and even lead to family poverty. Some of these patients are asking for help from charitable organizations to make up for the shortcomings of the current medical security system, which is both necessary and absolutely necessary.

The biggest difference between charity organizations and government departments when they are providing assistance for serious illnesses is personalization and timeliness. Therefore, charity organizations are more directly facing individuals, have more personalized standards, and have more diverse ways to handle donations. Problems often It happened at this stage. Whether or not to raise funds, how much, and how to dispose of the donations are difficult to regulate and difficult to monitor. In developed countries, due to the widespread establishment of a system of medical social workers, such incidents are rare in charitable organizations and institutions. When encountering doctor-patient contradictions, including general treatment of serious diseases, medical social workers must be involved. Fundraising is not required, and how much money is raised must have the participation and guidance of medical social workers. In such management mechanisms, similar doubts do not usually occur.

We currently lack a system of medical social workers. Generally, doctors and charitable organizations deal directly with patients to discuss medical costs and assistance. In our social work education system, the professionalism of medical social workers is rare. In some hospitals, even if a medical social work department has been established, the actual degree of specialization and responsibilities are quite limited. Various types of contradictions in the rescue of serious illnesses, if the hospital’s medical social workers are not deeply involved, still maintain the mechanism for charitable organizations to directly face patients. In any case, various contradictions will continue to arise. Because, firstly, the charity can’t accurately find the patient, which will cause information asymmetry; secondly, the disposition of donations often happens to a certain difficulty, all to the hospital, people will be afraid of over-medical, all to the patients, and afraid to use Misconduct.

Relevant government departments have made arrangements for the comprehensive establishment and popularization of the medical social worker system. However, in the absence of professional talents, there will be certain challenges to quickly popularize the medical social worker system. In such a process, at the same time as relevant government departments strengthen coordination and supervision, the construction of a critical illness social assistance information platform needs to be strengthened as soon as possible, and private assistance and the government’s medical insurance and critical illness assistance systems should be organically linked in terms of information exchange. A comprehensive information platform for social assistance for serious illness has been established.